Mecharc ZP Public Testing

My stack:

  1. Wanted, Paragon, Diamond QV2 Custom
  2. Diamond ZP
  3. Chosen ZP

Edit: Chosen to Regeneration

Day 1.

Chosen X 1
Diamond X 1

Nothing different to note. Feel like my usual self.

My Stack in

  1. Regeneration
  2. Diamond
  3. Paragon

Felt drowsy or energetic?

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I felt no difference what so ever.

Did you felt any body sensations?

@Dmitry So far nothing at all

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Perhaos you could try taking a nap?

@King I’ve been on my feet the entire day. Unfortunately couldn’t find the time to nap today.

I guess no need to worry.

You had to take a break between one 15 minute loop, if I remember correctly?
Maybe that’s not exactly following the instructions.

On the other hand, maybe the results will come with the processing time. (Rest day tomorrow)

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Probably bro… Let’s see what happens

It’s really difficult to run a 3 title stack. OMG!

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I ran 1x Wanted and feeling the same. Maybe it will be gradual increase as we listen?

I guess you are right

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Where did you find the information, I don’t think we need to take a break in between.

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I got the information that mecharc did have a break because he had to do something important from here:

I found it a bit odd that he didn’t wrote about it in his journal because in my opinion it is important information.


Such a temptation to run them ALL :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: but yes… 3 titles max.

Need to choose wisely.

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@Matt thanks for pointing it out… No idea how I could leave that out

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Day 2.


I don’t feel lathergic after waking up today. Usually, I don’t get out of bed right after waking up. Snooze for sometime.

Other than that, everything is the same.

Had an uncomfortable dream that was borderline nightmare.

I felt a momentary burst of energy right after waking up.

That last for about 30 mins.

Now I’m slipping back to my feelings of drowsiness.

Difference is that I’m already up!

While Going to sleep, I’m just having a thought of realisation run through.

“Perhaps chosen isn’t a title for me, not at the moment. Maybe for the future, but not at the moment”

These are 15 minute titles. A very short runtime, easy enough for almost anyone to find a time when they can listen, and yet you just happened to run it where you’d be interrupted halfway through, right at the point where the Zero Point Perceptual Shift could occur. For most people, it becomes very profound at around 15-17 minutes, but many will start to sense it beforehand. 10 minutes is when the calming effect hits for me, which then progresses to the ethereal sense that something amazing is happening.

But you… the moment it hit, “something” pulls your attention away, so that you couldn’t listen for another 5 minutes. Then, you failed to report that while saying “nothing is happening,” without elaborating at all.

Then, you say “everything is normal, nothing is different,” which is odd, considering the sheer amount of information alone being pumped into your subconscious should trigger some kind of reaction, even if it’s just mild drowsiness.

Then, you report waking up to a burst of energy (the energizing effect) before shutting that down too. And then finally, you say that Chosen just isn’t for you.

Look at this summary with objective eyes, and ask yourself what you think is going on. What are you running from? What do you not want to discover about yourself?