Male Model With Asperger, OCD And ADHD Looking For Help

EDIT: I just changed the title as i forgot to mention that i also have both OCD and ADHD. I got the ocd from my dad who is your classic super robotic engineer who also gave me asperger. not sure why i have ADHD since no one else in family has it. im on medication for both.

i take vyavanse in the morning for adhd and then 4-5 hours later i take dexedrine for adhd as well to keep me going rest of work day, and then around bed time i take luvox for my ocd. so yeah my situation is very complex. but im not negative about these things at all as i also have major genetic gifts along with these genetic disadvantages so i never complain and always give my best.


i’m a very unique case in the world of self help and i always wonder if anyone but myself can really help me but ill do my best to explain my situation and what im looking for.

i have asperger which i got from my dad who is your classic engineer type.

what is asperger?

this is the video i send everyone when i try to explain what interactions with other humans is like for me: Bill Gates - Microsoft Antitrust Deposition - Highlights - YouTube

anyone with asperger knows bill gates has it too and so does zuckerberg and a lot of people who work in tech and engineering.

but what complicates things for me but i guess makes it easier dating wise is i do NOT look like your classic techy.

i have legit male model looks which runs in the family as my sister is a legit fashion model; not the nonsense instagram model that all hot girls claim im talking legit fashion runway model. she was modeling before instagram even existed. and i myself have been offered several times to do it but have chosen not to as i make way more money at my current tech job.

to give you an objective measure of my looks, there is a website called photofeeler where you can upload your pictures and get them rated by women age 18-24; my pictures on there get rated between 9.7 and 9.9.

more about me, in my 20s, work in fintech, i make good money but the job is extremely competitive and attracts basically the smartest people in the world. a very basic idea of what i do is that its very similar to stock trading in that its basically 100% performance based. if you’re good you can make insane amounts of money in your 20s if you suck even for 3-6 months in a row you will be out of the industry entirely. i know several people who made millions bought lambos and all that then had like 6-8 months of bad performance and never recovered and now have regular jobs making like 80k per year. its brutal industry.

ok so that is my background.

why am i here? what do i want?

well basically im wondering if there is a way for me to become more normal socially?

with asperger i basically overanalyze and overthink everything when interacting with other humans.

the way bill gates acts in the video above is how i basically am in every interaction with other humans including women.

this over analysis is why im good at my job but besides that it is probably the worst thing to have for dating or really even friendship with other humans. unless they are the same of course.

its also very hard for me to understand non verbal social cues or anything subtle which unfortunately is how most women communicate.

this video is another great example of what social interactions are like for someone like me with asperger: The Social Network (2010) - You're Breaking Up With Me? Scene (1/10) | Movieclips - YouTube

the one thing i have is i won the genetic lottery so i have 0 problems drawing women; in fact honestly sometimes i wish i got less attention in public as it makes me very self conscious sometimes because people stare at me a lot. i sometimes purposely dress really down to avoid attention in crowded places.

so i can attract women all day but within 1-3 min of me talking with them they become very very confused and i either get friend zoned or a lot of times the girls almost dont know what to make of me; my personality and the way i talk and act is so much different then what you would expect from someone who looks like me that a lot of times girls kind of freeze as they basically have never been in a situation like that.

i have noticed that i do a lot better with asian girls since a very large % of asian people are asperger/autistic so they are similar to me so they dont find it weird but im not really attracted to asian girls so not really helpful.

honestly, im not too hopeful anything can be done about me, it seems from everything i read that people who are asperger or on autistic spectrum just kind of are like that forever and nothing can be done. ill try subliminals but definitely not holding my breath.

one thing i have considered is trying to find girls who are my physical type who also have asperger which im sure exist.

so that is it, is there anything you guys can suggest for someone like me to be more “normal” in social situations?

also, im looking for something i can try without negatively affecting my job. i cannot afford even 2 weeks of having my mental abilities negatively affected as i work 100% on performance. from researching this world of subliminals i have heard sometimes you can go through mental funks as part of the process; if these mental funks significantly impact my performance with work then i will stop as my career remains #1 no matter what.

im hoping there is something i can do to be at least 20-30% more normal in social situations without lowering my performance at work,

so far best option seems to be a product called true social ultima.

do you guys agree i should start with that?

also, just to be clear i know some of you reading this might find my post arrogant like im just using this as an excuse to show off how im really handsome and have great job. its not. thats juts how my brain works. i give factual data. if im gq level good looking i will say im gq model good looking because that is the actual data. and right now im giving you guys data so you can analyze and make suggestions that can help me. accurate data = better suggestions so its not bragging, i just have to tell you the truth good or bad for you to make best suggestions.

and i would gladly be less physically attractive to be more normal socially; its actually very ovverated being really good looking if you also have something like autism or asperger along with it so really not bragging since my Asperger kind of negates most of the benefits of having won genetic lottery looks wise.

anyways, if you guys have any questions i promise to be 100% honest (good or bad) in replying.

thank you for reading.


Stark is the perfect subliminal for you. It has everything you’d need for social interaction, Seduction, confidence, productive, romance, etc… plus an insane cognitive boost and creativity that will be ever-so helpful for your work.

True Social Ultima As a booster if you still feel like you need a boost or which to take it even further. Stark contains Daredevil and other modules that will turn you into a social butterfly with a dragon’s tongue. Combining both will give you great results.

Libertine and/or Love bomb when you’re on a date or getting dates, or just drive people nuts for the fun of it.

You could also add WANTED to Stark and True Social Ultima for a killer combo, or if you wish to take that rating you got up :stuck_out_tongue:


i want something specifically on social skills.

i do not need help with my career or other aspects of my life.

im looking for something that will allow me to be more spontaneous and intuitive in social interactions instead of over analyzing every little detail like i do normally.

i also have problems understanding subtle signals or non verbal cues. i need things said explicitly or i will miss them. a lot of times girls will give me a look like they just gave me an obvious non verbal signal and i usually have no idea what they are talking about.

again, i understand that chances are i will be like this the rest of my life and will probably never be 100% “normal”, im just hoping a 20-30% improvement is possible.

daredevil seems like a great option based on what you recommended so i think maybe daredevil and true social are a good combo and i should just start today with those.

do you think these 2 can be used without experiencing any significant mental funks that could disturb my job?

also, how soon do you think i can see progress with these 2?

thank you for the help

Man. I need to get that into my head, 80k being regular :rofl:


It didn’t come across that way for me, at all.

I’m going to suggest Stark for your needs. It shouldn’t affect your job performance negatively, it’s social, brilliant, and so on.

You might find your lady through Heartsong. It’s built to find people specifically for the user


I completely understand what you’re saying. Stark has other aspects that will aid you, its specially made with other subliminal woven into the main script. An example would be Primal Seduction Iron Throne, which will release inhibitions and metal worry and improve your dating game tremendously. The scripting in Primal Seduction has a lot of teachings about picking up non verbal cues and other things that would come in handy when dating and when socializing.

StarkQ is a subliminal like no other. We upgraded elements of Limitless, Emperor, Daredevil, Primal Seduction: Iron Throne, etc. and created 75+ of pages of exclusive scripting, tailoring those scripts to meet the specific goal of turning you into a billionaire, genius playboy (or girl — yes, it can be used by everyone).

This is what you’ll get from Primal Seduction, which is in Stark in the from of Primal Seduction Iron Throne (IT means no healing scripting, so less reconcilliation and lighter):

Sex and Seduction objectives
automatic knowledge of how to seduce anyone you desire, as well as intuitive execution of movements required to do so,
betterment of your physical looks,
improvement of your body language in a sensual, graceful way, masculine way,
complete release of inner problems you might have around flirting, seduction and sex,
comfort with being sexual,
subconscious seduction,
sexual and verbal disinhibition on others,
relaxation and excitement when approaching others (be it cold approach or warm),
lightning fast learning of all things seduction,
development of all areas required for maximum effectiveness in seduction (be it physical, mental or spiritual),
shifting of your energy to a more masculine, sexual state,
euphoric sex,
ability to decide your relationships with women – short-term, long-term… you have the power to choose
Dominance that comes naturally and is loved by women,
Charismatic demeanor,
Extreme nonchalance and enjoyment of everything you do,
Relaxed optimism and knowing that all is well,
Ability to have fun and be fun,
Highly sexual, sensual, sexy, carefree attitude with women,
Lack of social shaking (mental worry and anxiousness over every detail in the interaction)
Freedom to be a highly sexual, sensual and sexy man,
Masterful automatic calibration in social situations,
Lack of sadness over rejection,
Ability to be sexual and sensual in a way that is just right,
Easy kino and verbal escalation,
The uncanny ability to be physically and mentally completely relaxed at any moment,
Development of wit and charisma,
Automatic passing of social testing,
Social intuition,
Betterment of social status,
And more..

Yes, you shouldn’t getting any funk as long as you follow the recommended listening pattern, and make sure that you eat well and hydrate.

The Ultima works pretty quickly, usually within two hours. The more you’re accustomed to the title the faster and better it gets. I’m able to feel the state shift while listening to the track before its done.

As for Daredevil, you should notice some results within a day or two, and will increase as you continue on your journey. The technology’s getting much potent now.


yeah 80k per year is terrible in my world.

i know people in their 20s who have had periods where they make more then that PER DAY

and i have personally had months higher that

but i do not like talking about these things with people outside the industry because most people get very very angry and accuse me of just showing off when im just a very matter of fact person who states things as they are not because im trying to show off or impress.

but yeah you should think much bigger if you think making 80k per year in your 20s is a lot; it is NOT at all.


then you are a much more confident and secure person then the average human. i have had so many bad reactions to these subjects that i almost never talk about these things unless its with my direct family.

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I don’t know what the exact statistic is but I think people here in America average 50k or 60k per year, so to me that’s amazing numbers lol. I could do very well for myself making just that.

Now that you’ve said it though, it really isn’t a lot of money breaking it down to a monthly and then weekly basis.

Best of luck to you, I’ll be following your journal :slight_smile:

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why stark when it has all these aspects non related to social skills?

why not just do daredevil which is 100% focused ​on what im looking for?

also, just to be clear my goal is not to find a girlfriend or anything like that. even with my massive social awkwardness im pretty sure i could do that with online dating pretty easily.

i just want to be more normal; its hard to explain but i just do not want my 20s to end like this. i want to be able to go out with my friends, go to parties , just be in social situations and not feel like a robot. i just want to be able to go with the flow more, dance, flirt, tell jokes and just not be analyzing every little detail of what is happening.

again its hard to explain why im here but this is best i can say right now as im typing this after a very long day and being awake for like 20+ hours.

Daredevil and True Social does seem to fit the bill in what you’re looking for.
Since it’s a simple stack it’s gonna produce quicker results and reduce the chances of incoming reconciliation in the future. It seems you’re good to go with these two subs.

think much bigger man.

its the same thing i tell my younger friends and family members.

most people have no idea what some young people are making so they have limited imagination.

you should adopt the mindset that 80k per year is nothing; i think that is first step to making much more.

but on a more rational and less “tonny robbins you can do anything nonsense”…just keep in mind that this is all performance based.

so i know guys who made like 2-5 million in a short period of like 6-10 months and thought they geniuses that where going to do that forever and then never made anything close to that again and had already blown all the money and psychologically they never recovered and are now basically permanently depressed. its a really fucked up world. because these guys tasted such a high level at really young age but now they most likely will never make anywhere near that and they are mentally fucked forever.

i have so many fucked up stories like that. but then there are also like real super geniuses like i remember hearing of a 23 year old indian guy running a small hedge fund inside a big bank and he was making like 14 million a year.

but again its all performance based so who knows what that guy is doing now. he might be making nothing. so its weird world man but year think much much bigger and hangout on forums with people in tech and finance to change your mindset on what is possible.

thank you for mentioning this.

this definitely sounds like what i need.

i just need to stop thinking so fucking much around women and just act.

my interactions with women is like someone trying to think in a tennis game.

imagine a guy instead of just reacting to the ball, he tries to think and analyze what will happen and he should do, this gives you another idea of my problems. i think in situations where i should just act intuitively.

again, i doubt i will ever be fully normal in this aspect but even a 20-30% improvement i think would be life changing.

wow i did not expect results could be had this fast.

im going to use them this week then.

im doing all this as i want my 20s to end well so part of that is i have been forcing myself to go out more to parties, clubs, get togethers,etc…my goal has been to make myself go at least twice per week to a purely social event like that so ill try these for sure this week.

so you are saying i can listen to true social before heading out on a friday night and notice a difference that same night? really?

if yes, would it be best to listen to true social and the other seduction ultima before going out as well? or one at a time is better?

thank you.

is there a guide somewhere that explains HOW to listen optimally?

my understanding is ultima is shorter process and then others you listen a lot longer even while sleeping?

is there somewhere on here that explains all this?

Here you go

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Sure is, here:

Basically, Ultimas are titles focused on bringing quick, temporal results in some issue you want to tackle, if you seek long term change in mental programming, Major Programs, (such as Daredevil, for example) are the ones who’re suited for that.

Ultima titles should be used with one or two loops, at most per day.
The Major Programs, you can a few hours more of exposure, but be careful since the tech is even more powerful now, so use two loops at most per Major Program.

Here’s more info:

The Support area should be able to clear any more doubts. Cheers!


Hi Alexander The Great.

I would start with True Social Ultima
1 loop and then 1 week rest.
You said : I can not afford that my performance drops
So you have to test it out very slowly and secure.

All other mentioned products will get you to change internally fast and in areas that are underdeveloped in you.
And I see reconciliation coming.

Start with the lightes titel
Don’t jump into the Sexual titels right away.
I think it’s even wise to have 2 days off work after your first loop of true social ultima

Just to test it out and see if it’s safe for you

All the best

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this is very interesting.

can you please quantify all this?

what i mean is this:

my hope is that i can be 20-30% more “normal” in social situations.

obviously i would be overjoyed if more then that is possible but based on everything i know about autism and Asperger that seems like the moist realistic goal for now.

so basically i would like to be 20-30% more intuitive and spontaneous in social situations and also be 20-30% better at understanding non verbal and subtle social cues. all this specifically with women. with men would be great too i guess but not that hard to find friends who are asperger/autistic spectrum like me given my job so its mainly dating and women where it hurts my life the most.

so if you had to quantify ultima vs normal program

are you saying ultima might give me that 20-30% improvement im looking for right away but only for a few hours? but then the main program after maybe 1 year can give me the 20-30% permanently?

is that what you mean?

or you mean the ultima results are both temporary and less significant? so maybe you mean ultima could give 10-15% improvement right away for a few hours?

thanks again for the help.

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I get what you’re saying lol, computing every single possibility and the leading timelines interaction, without shattering the space time continuum. Primal, Khan, Ascension, Emperor Stark, Wanted can take care of that.

You’re already taking action, perfect. Now imagine having your intuition as a coach signaling you of what to do next, whats happening and what you could improve next time, all while cheering you on. The gun’s loaded and aimed, all you have to do is pull the trigger.

Listen to it the first thing in the morning, or some hours before going out. Since you’re socializing at work, even if its “Watercooler” socializing, I’d do it in the morning.

Yes, you can stack it with : Libertine, Love bomb, or Primal Seduction Iron Throne Ultima (which has some Libertine in it, an aura). Take it slow at first so you get accustomed. After a week or two on TSU, add something else. Keep in mind that Auras depend on your internal growth.

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