Main Rep. Thread: Sage Immortal (Reconciliation)

Those that are currently running Sage Immortal, write here your experiences with reconciliation (how it feels, what it is like, the strength of it, etc.) on Sage Immortal compared to other titles.

Not a strict research/experiment thread, so feel free to write however you desire.


last night before bed…I ran one loop of Sage Immortal Q…just to have a feel for it…it went really nice…the energy surging and stuff…then I went to sleep…I had a most fantastic nightmare of my life…

In the dream,I went to visit my cousin then I come back home to sleep…just as I was lying on my bed and falling into sleep…three mystic evil entities came and grabbed my right arm…I could see my arm withering physically…feel my life force coming out and my whole body shivering and wetting…I could actually feel the wetness on the sheet…just as I thought I was going to leave this world…three deities appeared …they sacrificed themselves to destroy those evil enemies…they blew up…and disappeared altogether…before I could even make a dumbfounded face,another big evil entity came…it looked like a really bad and evil one…I could not remember how it looks like…all I could remember is the emitting gloomy aura…it didn’t have the chance to get close to me…a glowing general-like deity appeared and confronted it…and they both disappeared …I would have believed it to be real,if I hadn’t seen my cousin rushing into my room with a taoist claiming that he could teach me some self defence technique or something…

the whole time while I was dreaming…every things just felt so real and vivid…I was seeing and feeling from a first person perspective yet…it bit like the meditative state where I could feel the emotion of fear and such and observe it without being distracted…it is so cool and by far the best nightmare I ever have…like watching a thriller from a safe place…safely experiencing the adventure,that is what I will describe it…

Edit:one thing I forgot to mention …while those entities grabbed my arm,I was yelling in my head“I am Sebastian ”and seeing all those symbolic images flashing…it is like the moment that time has been slowed down or frozen…very movie like…


In my one week test of Sage Immortal, I didn’t feel any reconciliation at all.

Maybe one nightmare which surprisingly didn’t scare me. So Sage is making me calm even during my nightmares?

Sage Immortal seriously is one of a kind. Love the calmness and sense of spirituality it brings.

EDIT: am sure Sage Immortal does more but to me it is Spiritual Sanguine :slight_smile:


Been running two loops of Q and two loops of Ultima, and no real reconciliation yet.

However, I’ve had some nightmares/very strange dreams each night and I usually never remember my dreams.


In my case reconciliation with SG is nightmare with a lot of action but I feel that I am the hero of it (is it a mix with Wanted ?) and feel calm. I just wake up without the sweat and fear of classical nightmare.


My week of running, I also don’t feel any reconciliation, rather these days I have physical reconciliation from ultima titles, like inflammation in nostrils , dizziness , pain in knuckles , AND SI helps to offset reconciliation of other titles too .

But this can be too early , I will report if something comes up .

Also SI keeps me so damn in present moment , it takes my meditations too deep ( zen / Vipassana) and usually there are thought about so many things while meditating but witj SI , thoughts are about the process., from no where I started understanding things , my subconscious commenting about truths underneath ……


Sounds like your experience is similar to @xingliao’s?

so with me, a few hours after my loop I had a very weird type of a headache, where it felt like something in the middle of my forehead was like pulsing or something.


Third eye, pineal gland activation?


That’s what I was leaning towards as well, especially since it’s in the middle of my forehead


I agree 100% its been like that for me too, in a little more than a week Ive been using it.


are you using the 1 day on 1 day off schedule?

5 days on and 2 off for Sage, but Im gonna change it for 1 day on 1 day off schedule.


Is getting teary eyed and almost crying while self-reflecting and then suddenly feeling extreme relief result and recon together?

i’ve never experienced this before, this happened twice now, once was regarding my body and how hard I am on myself and then now regarding how im always going through different circles of friends all the time and they’re all temporary, like I don’t have a single best friend, as i’m always hopping from one group to another, which showed me how lonely i was in reality, starting tearing up a lot, after which I bought inner circle and then felt extreme relief.


Beautiful insight about yourself, a lack of real connection and vulnerability. Seems you are connecting with yourself, so important and beautiful.

I notice a pattern here in our community most guys don’t really connect well(emotionally), everything is so heady and hardened.

One of my closest befriend once told me he liked me more when I was heart broken, because I wasn’t trying to be so put together, I was just real… I was about to tell him f*CK you. Then realized that with a broken heart I was more me, in my body, alive…my best friendships have never been intellectual.


I guess trying to chase the perfect social life made me focus so much more on trying to meet new people, while neglecting the previous friends i made, which was really stupid of me.

i’m glad i got SG though, at first I thought it would be good just for inner calmness and euphoria, but what I feel with SG is just amazing. I don’t even think there’s any actual recon, it’s more like; realization → emotional response → self-acceptance → euphoria.


Amazing! I’m in awe of your insights :sunglasses:
Real growth

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I’m convinced to give SG a test run next week :slight_smile:


One label for this is ‘Catharsis’ or ‘Emotional Catharsis’. (You may already know this, but I wanted to share this just in case.) Apparently, the term is originally from a Greek term meaning ‘purification’.

If you google ‘emotional catharsis’, you’ll find interesting info.

There’s more to life and healing than just cathartic release (so don’t get addicted to it), but it’s still pretty important and helpful sometimes.

Here’s a link that just popped up when I googled it:


Been experiencing recon for like a week. I’ve been running Emperor for over a year, not consistently… all because I’ve been hitting a glass ceiling. Every time when I had everything right, I’d sabotage it and I didn’t know why.

Recently when I started with SG and I’ve been looking inward and working on myself, childhood traumas and all… will be posting more about that on my journal very soon.

And I realized I hate being uncomfortable. For the first time ever I realized what my blockage was, all this time I knew there was something standing between me and greatness but now that I’ve become aware of it… things have shifted.

Every time when I’m about to sabotage myself, I just remember that I’m now venturing into being uncomfortable. That alone is so powerful, allows me to go through it either way.

This wouldn’t have been possible without SG.

Edit note: sharing this just made me light headed in a good way, it’s like I’m high.