Main Discussion Thread - Khan


Khan has arrived.


Click here to see the sales page. Post questions, comments and concerns here. Enjoy!



It says in stage two that wealth and women will come easily(I understand we need to take action).

But how do you differentiate attaining wealth aspect between Mogul, Emperor and Khan. I want to know how much wealth or what sub conscious ceiling they all do break.

Also how do you differentiate attracting women aspect between primal seduction and Khan.


My soul is ready.


So is my penis!!!:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I just bought it looking foreward to this one. I am going to begin with stage 2.


Okay this sounds fucking amazing! Stage 3 helps out with taking action! And it makes it seem like I wouldn’t need Rebirth or Limit Destroyer.


Khan could be considered more of a social power getter. In businesses where dominance and a certain ruthlessness is needed, Khan will shine. It will also work generally for wealth.

It will also help if you are extremely stubborn with your wealth ceilings.

Primal Seduction is connecting to your primal masculine core, where everything flows and you’re in the zone. You’re not afraid to be a man and to enjoy yourself.

Khan is becoming a man that conquers, that is openly showing his dominance and attracts through it. It will of course have other additions - look into the descriptions of the different stages.


@Fire what is a minimal and recommended usage of each stage(especially of the first 3 stages)?


There is not going to be a strict rule, since there is stacking and individual factors involved.

Experiment with it - the Khan stages will work seamlessly together, as all our subliminals do, so don’t be afraid of doing so.

If you really want a specific number of days to work with, start with 30 days per stage.

We’ll have a Khan specific manual up soon, to answer all how-to questions.


This is a great idea!

Will stacking Khan with Limitless be very beneficial, or for best results, do you recommend to stick to Khan only for a while to build a foundation first?


I’m second to this. Khan contains full Limitless and no additional loops of pure Limitless is needed?


I just started running Emperor v3 yesterday and I was planning to stack it with Regeneration as my sleep time sub. Now I’m wondering if I can use Stage 1 of Khan instead. What do you think of this:

  • Emperor + Limitless (daytime)
  • Total Breakdown (sleep time)


Run Khan for a few days solo first and gauge your reactions. It’s likely gonna be quite intense, especially Khan Complete.

Afterwards, feel free to experiment! While there are parts of Limitless in Khan, it should have an interesting synergistic effect with Limitless in the stack. It’s all for you to discover, the possibilities are… limitless. :wink:



  1. The salespage makes Khan sound like mostly a Socio-Sexual Dominance sub, and less of a Wealth one.
    Is that a limitation of the sales copy, or is the script also more loaded towards dating & social game?

  2. Is all of Mogul (and more?) in Khan, or is stacking recommended!

  3. Does Khan also include Sex Mastery X v2?
    If yes, in which stages?

  4. Does Total Breakdown work on ALL alpha issues - confidence, money, social, sex?

  5. Does Khan Complete also contain the little add-ons that Emperor has - Deep Sleep, Fat Burner, etc.?


Khan IS leaning towards dominance and sexuality more, but make no mistake - dominance, ambition, drive are all parts that are crucial to anyone who desires to build their wealth. This combined with the parts of Mogul and Emperor that are in it, create a serious tool for any entrepreneur, especially if you decide to use Khan solely for wealth.

Conscious guidance will always play a part in how our subliminals work - so if you decided to pursue wealth with Khan instead of Emperor, it will definitely work, but in a different way than Emperor.

Partially, however there are other wealth additions that are exclusive to Khan.

If you wanted to stack it with Mogul, you can. You will get more of a focus on building things up, which can be helpful with the extreme fire of Khan.

Definitely, try and see. :wink:

Total Breakdown is just as it sounds… TOTAL, complete breakdown. Everything that holds you back will be broken down.

In parts, yes.

Main Dev. Thread - Alchemist

“creating a subliminal that will push even the most stubborn of individuals into action and success with women”

Do you guys really mean it? Does the sub activity push towards taking action and seizing the day?


Oh yes. It’s going to light a fire under you. It is one of the main principles we wanted to include in Khan - creating as much drive, fire and ambition as possible.

However, the ancient sage wisdom of Subliminal Club still applies - always be taking action. :slight_smile:


“And if you do not take action, Total Action will make you aware of your failure, again and again, until you do.”

It’s gonna nag you like a bitch until you straighten out or quit playing the sub. :joy:


PS Iron Throne does that :grin:


Great. Let’s see what it does. That sounds promising.