Main Disc. Thread - Wanted ZP Experimental

Now available under “My Downloads.”

As with the other ZP experimentals, there are no special instructions, run this like you would any other Zero Point title. Try not to mix the Experimental with the Major Title, however – choose one or the other.

And it now it begins. The first prototype of what we believe will open the door for us to create all kinds of new products. Until we get some feedback, I want to remain a bit quiet on what to expect from this version. The objectives of the script are exactly the same, so you won’t be missing out on anything by trying the new version.

I will say that those who use the micro loop strategy will find themselves incredibly satisfied.



I cracked up.


Mr. @SaintSovereign will this one be OK to use in the experiment I’m doing?
In place of the “regular” Wanted?

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Saint you are a saint



Dunno. I thought so, but seeing the initial results, this may have more impact that I anticipated.

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Immo risk it. I’ll let you know. Are Heartsong or PS/S&S getting this treatment, too?

@SaintSovereign is this your way of persuading me to jump into the experiment :)?

Cause you know very well that WANTED is the one sub I can’t ignore :slight_smile:

I had other plans for what I wanted to run, but now it seems like I’m gonna start an experiment journal tomorrow with both Stark and WANTED, seeing as those are my top 2 “high flow” subs.


what makes new experimental titles special?


The way the subs are built, like the objectives are the same exact thing, but the way you get the expression is different.

So let’s say for example, if you ran LBFH and it made you first go through your blockages, the new one might start with first getting you calm and in a zen mode, and then see how to manifest the other objectives.

Think about it as taking another road to go home, like if there are 2 ways to get home from work, and one is a short way (10 mins) but has traffic, and another is a longer way (15) but empty, then you might as well take the second road right?
Cause even if it’s long, the fact that it’s empty could potentially get you home much faster, right?

That is, in my opinion, the basis of how this new experiment works.



I would compare it to a sustained-release capsule of a medication.


That is for us to experiment and find out. Saint and Fire will be observing how it is affecting us and our results will help with making a couple of new products down the line:


Got Stark and Wanted in my stack so gonna give them both a whirl.

It is okay to run 2 exp titles right @SaintSovereign?


I asked the same question in the LB thread, and this is the response I got.

I’ve used in in the past and after a break, I’m using this one, experimental version / just one minute of exposure now…

Well, for some reason my face is smirking or so? I can feel it a bit painful on my face, without mentioning tingling on my left cheek. A bit calm in my mind at the moment.

Barely 5m have passed on this… the hell?

For some reason I was unusually creative for a whole hour in which I kept practicing personal writing to another level. Now, considering I was putting off something of the sort for weeks…
Hey, nice touch! I do wonder, what probably cause it? Although, maybe I don’t have to dwell on that and just enjoy the path.


Wow, great surprise , didn’t expect this.

I’m running Wanted ZP and Ascension ZP.

Should i do a wash-up or can i switch directly to the Experimental version?

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So I did a full 15 mins loop about 2 hours ago, and here are the notable things I felt (compared to all the different variations of WANTED I’ve used throughout the last 1.5 years):

  • the mischievous demeanor is back; this was one of those things that I used to mention back in Qv2 days, how I felt like Loki and stuff, and how I always felt like pulling pranks on people and stuff haha, but that side kinda faded once we moved on to ZP and ZP customs, so I’m glad this is back cause it’s how I truly know WANTED to be :heart_eyes:.

  • I’m at the service camp at the moment, and there’s a guy here who always looks at me and talks to me weirdly, as if there has always been a certain degree of jealousy, envy or something like that in his heart for me, well, he was the first one to greet me with a huge smile today, I asked him if he’s okay :sweat_smile: and he just said “I’m fine, why’d you ask?”, okaaaaaay…. That’s unexpected (unless he swings the other way :thinking::rofl:).

  • one of the things I have been mentioning in my journal was how I’ve been letting myself get too comfortable and what not, and how I wasn’t taking my life seriously previously, well, I know that it was a direct effect of emperor, and regardless of how good the results, ultimately it’s not the archetype for me, because I’m just not the kind of a person who needs to take life seriously, and well, a loop of this WANTED variation is what lead to me having some mental chatter with myself on this topic, almost as if the sub was talking to me and asking me “why the fuck are you so serious? That’s not who you are.”, so there’s that.

  • and lastly (well it kinda was the first effect), as soon as the loop ended, I had to rush to the toilet and take a huge dump :rofl: but my body felt beautifully light, as if all the tension I had in my body just left and got flushed :stuck_out_tongue:.

  • Nothing so far in regards to any manifestations or auras, but one thing to note is I drove with the AC being on the colder side, and while that might come off as weird, the reason I mention this is because something similar happened back in January and @SaintSovereign told me it’s due to Auras, and seeing as I’m someone who’s really sensitive to cold air, this was something I didn’t expect.

Might not end up stacking with Stark experimental and instead just use my Stark + EF custom with this, but that wouldn’t be optimal as I want to document and track physical changes with this.

Another option is to stack this with Heartsong, as I recently started getting a bit distant from my girl due to the “seriousness” of Emperor making me feel like she’s not right for me, so I assume Heartsong would help me get clarity on that matter.

Choices choices :man_shrugging:t2:


Yes it’s okay to do so.

No need of a washout for using the same upgraded title.

@SaintSovereign is this going to change how the cores in customs store are? Will those ones get updated ?


10 min of Wanted experimental and after an hour 10 min of Stark Experimental feel great no recon. With stark i had the energy to carry some tasks that needed to be done at home, extra energy, extra motivation.