Main Disc. Thread - Sanguine ZP

Available now! If you’re purchased Sanguine in the past, the ZP version is available in your downloads!


Stoked to try this out, will add it on my next listening day!

DEFINITELY going to be adding this into my stack as a results enhancer. Closer to the end of the listening cycle when I start getting a bit more recon, that’s when a loop or two of Sanguine will definitely help steady the course!

Long term as well, of course we all want to become permanently sanguine, so, long term exposure is never a bad idea.


@MadaraUchiha you should try Sanguine ZP anxiety is totally reduced to nothing with one loop ! OMG it is good !


Yes! Thank you :grinning:

thank you for notifying me.

has anyone else noticed a massive decrease in anxiety so far?


Aww yes. I’ve been waiting for this!

Happy happy go lucky here we come! :smiley:

how does Sanguine compare to LoveBomb in regards to anxiety reduction, relaxation and positivity in general?


Sanguine ZP is the best. After 12h I still feel the effects of Sanguine ZP


did you also run Lovebomb? ZP

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Yep ! But somewhat the 2 are different. The best for anxiety destroying is Sanguine ZP. With Love Bomb I feel good and attract people. With Sanguine no attracting people just stress and anxiety free


Currently listening to Sanguine - I was debating between switching to normal Chosen or Sanguine from Stark (I was set on the former until Sanguine came out) and decided that I needed to focus on my own happiness and healing with CFW, Rebirth (until the new version of CFW is out) and Sanguine.

I haven’t even finished Sanguine yet but I felt another overwhelming feeling like I did in CFW - rather than love I felt a beautiful bliss of happiness. To the point I teared up badly.

Last week was one of the worst weeks I’ve had without going into the details of everything.

I needed this. I felt some much needed hope and light from this track so far.

Thank you Saint & Fire - it came at the perfect time.


I’m running it tomorrow with @BlackTiger will post our first impression!


@GoldenTiger decided not too run sanguine just yet will keep you posted.

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Any Sanguine reviews?

Yeah on my journal mate it made me take action on my research paper!!

Also regarding dates and all, it’s pushing you.


I had this moment of Aha today ! When walking after listening to one loop of Sanguine ZP. I had this negative thought coming back again and again. Then I suddenly told myself " Stop having this negative thought". Once I told myself that, I felt like some walls were instantly built in my mind, and the negative thought was expelled and could not come back ! I was feeling free in my head !! After sometime this thought came back but when I realized it was here, it disappeared again ! I became a hunter of negative thought :wink:


I will need to comeback on Sanguine, I’ll try an experiment. Basically when I started Khan St1, I was just finishing my washout from Stark and Sanguine.

From my journal : " Sanguine really helped me with taking action, moving forward, sitting down on my computer and actually doing some work. It also helped me with texting girls online, organizing shit with my friends… Giving my that extra positive vision of the future to take action. Also, my thoughts are a lot more positive…"

I am wondering if Sanguine’s positivity combined with Khan’s high sexuality was the source of my high sex drive. As I wrote in my journal, Sanguine was a great help for me to get me moving, I think that my problem with taking action is not regarding not liking to act, but more in regards of outcome… I don’t see the positive outcome! Why take action if it will fail?

So, starting from tomorrow, I will run Sanguine with Khan St2, make sure to pump my mind full of positive shit and get back into action. I thought the reason I was slowing down and my libido went down after a week and a half (up to two weeks) of not using sanguine was because of the overload of ZP… But as I am doing my washout, my head feels lighter, but my libido is not as high as it was when I started Khan St1!

I still need to remind myself that I was in a big depression few months ago and I might need to expose myself to more positivity.


is anyone currently using this product solo or in a combo with Rich ZP?

if yes, please share your experience.

Sanguine is an extremely powerful “will power” sub which will push you through your greatest challenges.

Legend has it that when our good friend Saint was stuck in the sahara desert in his Mustang. He had given up hope.

Then as he gazed out into the darkness it was full moon. He noticed a spider on the mirror weaving its web. The spider kept falling from the mirror but it never gave up. It rose again to weave its web. It was like the spider had a will of iron.

Saint then realized a piece of him existed in the spider. The spider was reflection of him !!. Never give up…come back stronger !!.

He smiled and the cogs and wheels started spinning in his head…Sanguine was born !!.