Main Disc. Thread - Regeneration ZP v2

Upgraded version now available! If you’ve purchased Regeneration in the past, the upgraded download will be available within an hour of this post!


Thank you Saint .

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Why is this thread empty? :thinking:

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Just seems like Regeneration is not really popular or used. people go for “light” healing such as SE/LD etc or go straight for Dragon when full healing is needed, i don’t understand its purpose either.

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I’ve just started with Regeneration. The first time around I stacked it with Dreams and now I’m stacking it with Revelation of Dreams. The intention was to release things that held me back from achieving my aim of being able to have lucid dreams. So far the results have been amazing, and have extended way beyond that single goal. So many things have come up from the past and basically begged to be released. I’ve had new perspectives on some stuff that’s literally 50 or 60 years old (I’m an old bloke). And I’ve started having lucid dreams as well! I’m very pleased.


Finally someone is sharing results and using regeneration … Looking forward to read your journey with that sub :muscle::muscle::muscle:


I thought I was the oldest one here at 55. It’s weird yet liberating to work through and resolve issues and trauma that have been with you for that long. I understand how it could be considered a spiritual awakening.

My mind just randomly went in that direction. Possibly because I was just reading the sales pages for Revelation of Mind and Revelation of Spirit. Seems like the most plausible path to profound growth and self awareness.


Yep, I may be the oldest one on this forum.

Regeneration has had a tremendous effect. I’ve done lots of things over the past decades in search of ways to release a lot of stuff that goes all the way back to my childhood.

I did the whole Holosync course and other things, which were quite useful and kept me going. Plus I’ve been meditating for about 50 years as well. But looking back on it from my current perspective I can see that these things have only kept me coping. Regeneration has actually shaken a lot of things loose and now I can see things that I had overlooked. I’ve been studying Zen for the last 20 years or so and I find now that my meditation is tremendously rewarding. Things about the mind that had only been theoretical before now make sense to me.


Have you considered Dragon Reborn?

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I’m more inclined to work through Revelation of Mind and Revelation of Spirit I think. These days my focus is on developing my Zen practice, which involves seeing past the self, whereas Dragon Reborn seems to be focusing more on strengthening the self, at least on some ways.

On the subject of self, or selves, one of the things that Regeneration has clarified for me is how many selves we have. There’s one for talking to your wife, another for your boss, your friends, strangers etc. We put them on and take them off like garments. In fact, every thought is a self that briefly arises from our network of past experiences and associations and then falls away again. And by the same token, every self is a thought. This insight came directly from Regeneration, and has completely changed my view of things. My interest now is seeing more clearly into the space between these thoughts / selves. In Zen terms that’s Buddha Nature, I guess.


After reading the masterclass on subliminal healing, I was convinced by the script to run Regeneration ZP2 with Sanguine Elixir for one loop, ended up doing two loops of each.

Regeneration immediately brought up sadness in the pit of my stomach with recon hitting quite strongly, before Sanguine Elixir came on and neutralised it. Like the article suggested I felt quite lighter and clearer headed. Trauma makes someone behave and think in irrational ways, although the survival strategies made sense as a child.


Anyone done this for more than one cycle?

What were the effects if you have?


You’re not wrong. I tend to think this is the exact reason for some much of the world’s issues

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I wonder what New Healing Experience will be, if it be released…


We have ideas. One is exceptionally promising. :wink:


Excellent :star_struck:

I’ve just restarted using Regeneration after being on DR St.1 for 2 months. My reason: dealing with trauma. I began my 3rd cycle of St.1, and the very same sticking points (traumas) hung on me, not moving. So, I followed support’s suggestion of using Regeneration to tackle the traumas. I had my first listen yesterday, and today I feel much more confident. Greatly so.

I’ll admit I avoided Regeneration for a long time since my prior experiences brought me some intense reconciliation. It literally opened the box I’ve been desperately trying to keep shut most of my life. And most of this was pre-ZP, when I never considered I was overloading myself. I just thought I had unique traumas and coping abilities.

But I did a 5 minute loop of Regeneration yesterday, and nothing majorly upsetting has surfaced yet. I’d done 2 months of DR St.1 using 5 minute loops, and it was much, much smoother than my prior 2 DR runs. And much more productive, by a long shot.

For suggesting and making noise about shorter loop times, thank you. It’s allowing the subs to work successfully in me. For that, I’m extremely grateful.


The New Healing Experience

If it was ever possible to give a person lots of positive experiences in stark contrast to whatever they’ve had to grow up with (gaslighting, abuse and cynical outlook), I’d be in favour.

I can see Rebirth being the first of the NHX titles to use this new scripting, but hope to test a Regeneration version.


I would think that Dragon Reborn would be better for the trauma that is sticking but they’re support for a reason


Rebirth is going to be updated under Dragon Reborn similar to Limit Destroyer