Main Disc. Thread - Inner Circle v2

Now available!

If you’ve purchased it in the past, it should be available in your downloads. If it’s not, please send me a PM or just mention it here. Do NOT post screenshots of your account.


@SaintSovereign , this sub is on my list of subs to run in the next two years. I’m running HoM right now. Is any portion of Inner Circle present in HoM at all?

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Of course. I think it’s listed in the objectives.


Yet another gem.

Many people falter even when on the right track because they lack the reinforcement of an interpersonal context for their work and their path. (and by many people, I mean me.)

Inner Circle is feeling very relevant.

Inner Circle functionality is included in so many of my favorite subs: Emperor: The House of Medici, Emperor, Alchemist, Quantum Limitless, Ecstasy of Gold. All of the “big dogs” have it.

You know it’s there whenever you see an Objective like:

Attract and manifest high value (net worth and knowledge) friends, associates, partners and allies who can help you achieve your goals.

(That one’s from House of Medici.)

Generate an aura of “high status,” attracting positive individuals who can help you achieve financial success.

(That one’s from Ecstasy of Gold.)

Manifest friends, colleagues, partners, etc. who will help you achieve all of your success and wealth goals.

(That one’s from Emperor.)

Manifest friends, colleagues, partners, etc. who will help you achieve all of your self-development goals.

(That one’s from Dragon Reborn.)

Meet those who can teach you and guide you on your journey of developing your mental abilities, learning and studying.

(That one’s from Quantum Limitless.)

Yet, at some point, I hope to have room and time to just run the pure Inner Circle by itself.


@Malkuth : Great!!! My current stack is HoM + EOG4. I’m definitely getting the Inner Circle scripting then. I will still run the full inner Circle for 2 or 3 rounds next year. Just in case…



And yes, I look forward to running Inner Circle later too. Probably next year too. :sweat_smile:

ZPv2 is such a game changer. I ran my Emperor Custom in ZP v1 from August to early December 2022. Then on December 31, 2022, I started playing all three customs in ZPv2. By 30 January 2023, i was in the gym, and have been in since. In the next 5 days, I’ll reach the goal of doing 3-mile runs again. And so on.

And by next year, we’ll probably have ZP v3. Picture that!


@Malkuth : I’ll run HoM + EOG 4 until December. In January 2024, I’ll merge them in a custom that will be HoM + EOG 4 + RICH + all the wealth custom modules available. When that custom is ready, I’ll run it for years!!! Running HoM and EOG 4 this entire year 2023 is just a way for me to build towards that custom. I’m finally being very intentional with how I pick my subs.


Beautiful, bro.

Looking forward to witnessing the showers of prosperity that will be enriching your life in these years.

May your coffers be overflowing. May your bounty spread outwards to enrich the world around you.


Hey ksub
About HoM
Does it help you with being secretive and mysterious at times?
On HoM I was too talkative and sharing
Could you tell me about my concern please?


Absolutely NOT! If that’s what you’re looking for HoM is not the way to go. HoM is actually a pretty social sub even though its focus is money and finances. Because it has a strong emphasis on networking and partnerships appearing secretive and mysterious would be counterproductive. Who wants to be in business or a partnership with secretive people? I feel like HoM help you appear mature and and trustworthy.


I remember at times I was sharing VERY intimate information with some people. And I did not like that really.
Have you used inner circle? If yes, how do you compare the two.

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I am like that too.Which is reason why I don’t run purely social subs! HoM though helps me keep the talkativeness in check. I talk and socialize strategically.


Ahaa, So you don’t talk with anyone.

Oh I do talk. It’s just that. It’s no longer the cheap chatter I used to spread around!!! :rofl:
I’m past that point and also there is a lot more maturity and charisma in how I talk but I’m still very friendly.

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I suspect that what you meant here was:


yes yes
But I think he understood