Main Disc. Thread - Heartsong ZP

Heartsong ZP is now available! For those who have purchased Heartsong in the past, the ZP version is already in your downloads.


Nice one guys!

Gonna add this into my stack and see how we get on! :wink:


Sigh. just when I’m taking a break lol. Glad it’s ready for when I start up again

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I was sure I owned this sub :thinking: turns out I made a custom with heartsong core, but never bought the full title.

Well what shoud I do now? Wait or gave in to my craving.


Wanted / Primal Seduction

Finally we can make a stack like this!

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@SaintSovereign Does this also contain ME scripting to help the goals for this baby?

Yes. :wink:


BOOM! It’s finally arrived. Amazing!

The ZP link in the download section simply says:

Heartsong (All Files + Manual)

You may want to edit to add “Heartsong ZP.” :wink:


Boom. I look forward to seeing what manifests.


Perfect timing for this release!!. I just started my rotation with Heartsong so I’ll switch it with this one. I’m genuinely excited with what it will bring especially compared to my previous runs of Heartsong which manifested some nice girls but not quite what I needed.


21 Days before the Valentine’s




Any things you guys here do to help consciously guide the manifesting?

I would like to know this as well. With Ascension Chamber still not out I am left head scratching on this

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I’ve been imagining what it would feel like to wield the Infinity Gauntlet with all six stones activated.

The feeling of all the energy of the universe in my hand and traveling up my arm. Then through the shoulder and into my chest. Reaches the heart and the heart pumps it everywhere in me body.

Then I imagine what I want, build the intensity to the max. Then snap and release. Go about my day


ooh I’ve been wanting to run this one. Stack with Emperor for woman I can do romance and business with. :sunglasses:


I’m considering HS and Emperor. Even if it means it manifests me a more business-minded life partner or partners


What do they say about not indulging in entanglements with clients and coworkers?

"Don’t shit where you eat."




As this is the Heartsong thread … and will be read by those serious about finding a life partner

I felt incomplete with my previous reply.

If you are an entrepreneur dating with the intention of finding a wife, then yes … not only is this a great stack, but also the right plan.

The best test of loyalty a businessman can have for his girlfriend, is whether she will risk leaving her corporate job/career, to support you in your endeavour.

It is also the best way for the woman to discover his levels of integrity and emotional resilience. Nothing exposes a man’s issues as the day-to-day running of a business.

In less than 6 months … both will know if they will choose a lifetime of trust & togetherness.



PS: This is gender-specific. And only applicable to male business owners.


I don’t expect any girlfriend of mine to do that. But also don’t expect her to try and control me either. I’ve posted about it before, but if my wife/girlfriend ever gave me some sort of ultimatum, her or the business/goals, I’d help her pack her shit.

My business/empire stands with me, even if I’m single for the rest of my life.

Forgive my mood. Had an interesting talk with my dad tonight. I’ll post it in me journal.

EDIT: @Simon I’m not intentionally negating anything you said. What you said seems solid.
I’m just venting a bit about shit I think.