Main Disc. Thread - Emperor ZP v2

@SaintSovereign : Any hope for HoM ZP Experimental?

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Tomorrow, will get it out along with Mogul. Then… I rest. :wink:


And Sanguine @SaintSovereign ? :wink:

Was wondering if this new build will make it into the lifecharger app?
also will we be getting a stronger build than terminus squared for the next major upgraded in tech?

With this experimental or with microloops in general
Can I run 30 seconds of one sub/ this experimental sub everyday
and 5-15 minutes of my others subs loops every day?

So EmperorX 30 seconds daily
HOM/EOG 5 minutes (same day) every other day

Please release other titles :grin:

Saint how are you ? can you please release PS tonight.

Kind Regards

You should release some lite titles like RICH and Limit Destroyer maybe Sanguine too, see how they do

Please and thank you



I’m curious if there’s any scripting from CWON that’s been integrated into this new Emperor experimental sub.

I played 3 mins this morning. I was driving outside and I saw a bobcat and I felt a weird spiritual connection to the bobcat when I saw it. Can’t really explain it.

Maybe it’s not the sub and there was just something about that bobcat but it feels like it’s the sub.


Any news about Mogul experimental?

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This. Enough sex subs for now. Limit Destroyer is also an underrated sub!


There is nothing as should


Thats it !!

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If you’re referring to what Alpha said, I assume he’s saying that there’s no such thing as ‘should’. What someone should or should not do.


Um ok lol dumb comment honestly but to each their own


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Come on, everyone. Be nice.


Sorry just thought it was a dumb comment that could have been left out of the convo but i’ll admit when i am wrong

@Alphamale I apologize

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