Main Disc. Thread - Emperor ZP v2

… is now available. If you’ve purchased Emperor in the past, your download is already to go. Just head over to “My Account” and “Downloads.” There are no special instructions, run this like you would any other Zero Point title. Try not to mix the Experimental with the Major Title, however – choose one or the other.

And it now it begins. The first prototype of what we believe will open the door for us to create all kinds of new products. Until we get some feedback, I want to remain a bit quiet on what to expect from this version. The objectives of the script are exactly the same, so you won’t be missing out on anything by trying the new version.

I will say that those who use the micro loop strategy will find themselves incredibly satisfied. :wink:


Oh man I had to double check I thought it was monk mode sub :rofl:

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haha. It’s coming soon. From what I understand, @Fire has completed a close to final draft of the script. Give the experimental a try, however. We still have time to incorporate new technology into Emperor Black.


Definitely will try this.

Hopefully can act as tryouts for emperor Black Hahah

(Please pick me and read my journal lol :joy:)

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Yo this is goin to be perfect for my post washout stack! I have been wanting to do Emperor again since I am finally done with school and can work in my field soon!

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So THAT’S what that file is…damn it, I’m committed to Khan. I LOVED EMPEROR.


Alright, I’ll bite! I just started a washout. When the washout is over, I’ll add Emperor Experimental to my HoM + EOG stack (for two rounds) and I’ll see where that gets me.


Same here, so I’ll be running the other one this time.

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I wasn’t even aware that there was already an experimental version of Emperor.
@SaintSovereign : What is the difference between Emperor ZP Experimental and Emperor Experimental 2022 ZP ?

emp ex

Throat Singing
Galluping Horses Approaching


Crap, I’m going to have rename the files. The top one is the current version, just in the experimental FLAC format. The 2022 ZP is the one I just released. I’m going to take “experimental” off the flac version, since we know it works.


I’m currently running Emperor, so will give this version a test run and compare.


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I’ll be pairing Khan ST2 and LBFH experimental and BL. Reading @Luther24’s journal is what pushed me over the edge to run LBFH and these drops are coming in at the perfect time.


I liked LBFH quite a lot for the one cycle I ran it. Sounds like a sick stack, man!

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I’ll test drive this one.



Please, kindly come back to us to brag about the results a little. :blush:



Hey bro, I know you’re running Emperor, maybe you’ll want to test this out!

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Interesting. So you would say Emperor Black is a Monk Mode kind of thing? Because honestly from the description I read originally it sounded more along the lines of a darker archetype, who builds his Empire alone, with ruthless determination.

Monk Mode for me, has a huge emphasis on Zen, tranquility, etc. EBlack didn’t sound like that :smiley:

Most noticeable initial effects are lowered Hunger and Quantum Focus mode.

Once I get started on something, I keep doing it until I feel done for the moment,
When interrupted, I come back to focus quickly, and
My meals as well as rest are … smaller portions.



Better overall then?:thinking:

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