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In January 2020, the Subliminal Club staff flew to Paris, inviting a multitude of experts and individuals with deep knowledge from all over the world, with the goal of utilizing their expertise to advance human potential. We met with a historian who has devoted much of his life studying financial and political dynasties. We commissioned him to study a number of prestigious family empires and provide us with the deep nuances of how those dynasties rose to power. We wanted to release this earlier, but the COVID-19 crisis placed our plans on hold. Now, we’re ready to share those findings with you in a series of groundbreaking titles, beginning with Emperor: The House of Medici.

This title is inspired by the numerous deeds of the influential Medici family of Florence, a family known worldwide for its Earth shaping rulers, endless wealth through banking and trading, as well as their far-reaching influence. A family who gave the world many kings and queens, were patrons of the arts and had their dynasty and family name recognized in nearly any part of the then modern world.

How did they accomplish this?

Foremost was their incredibly powerful ability to forge deep relationships with whomever they desire, be they family, friends or lovers. With Medici, you will intuitively be able to know who would make a good partner (in any area), how to get closer to them, and will easily have a deeper and deeper relationship if you so desire.

But not all relationships are the same. Using a number of powerful new modules, including the profound Transcendental Connection module, you’ll be able to consciously influence the depth of the relationship, and Medici will automatically help you make that relationship a fulfilling one that fits you, your desires and your needs perfectly. If you ever desired the ability to create loyal, strong relationships that truly make you (and your family members, friends or lovers) feel good, whole and happy, Medici will help you, be they short or long term.

Medici will also help you with organizing and managing yourself and those around you in the most efficient way possible, helping you become a shrewd and sharp leader that is always prepared. Shrewdness is another trait that was essential to the Medici’s enduring power. They were political, social and financial masterminds. Their ability to understand the deep, hidden forces that drives societal changes and financial markets, then proceed to analyze, outplan and outpace their opposition is legendary… And now, it’s at your fingertips.

Of course, the Medici is most known for banking, trading and making beneficial financial deals. With Emperor: The House of Medici, you’ll gain the ability to accurate predict the results of your stock trading and other financial deals. The more you listen and the more you trade, the better you’ll get. The script aims to enhance your “trading intuition,” with your skill (and profits) growing at an exponential rate. Not only will you manifest deals and opportunities for your trading, you will be able to close these deals, owing to the Medici’s extensive diplomacy, sales and deal-making scripting.

You will find your analytical, mathematical and pattern creating abilities are becoming stronger and stronger, since one needs to have these in order to excel in trading and finance on the same level the Medici did.

Finally, Medici has a powerful family component to it. If you are an individual who desires to focus on their family and ensure your family name becomes legendary and lives on in the annals of history… or at the very least, that your family is united, respects each other and each member finds their purpose, then Medici is definitely the subliminal you have been waiting for.

Emperor: The House of Medici does NOT replace Emperor, but most definitely expands it. Both titles have a bit of crossover, but the end result is different. Emperor is known for cultivating a strong “lone wolf” entrepreneur vibe. The House of Medici is much more social with a powerful aspect of positive, long lasting beneficial relationships, with a strong focus on financial markets, trading and brokering business deals. The two will stack magnificently, however, due to our new “subliminal interlocking” technology we developed for custom subliminals created at the Q store.

For those with Emperor, StarkQ, EoG, or a number of wealth generating modules in their custom subliminals, you’d be doing yourself a profound disservice by not adding The House of Medici to your stack rotation.

Will the world remember your name?

Find out…

Order now.


This is quite an unexpected one! Almost completely out of left field, looks like it is an adjunct to some wealth titles. I am surprised that it uses the “Empreror” moniker at all. Based off the description the product is really completely different can be called just The House of Medici (THM) or even House of Medici (HoM). Thoughts? :wink:

I hope we can see this in the Q Store. When is it coming? (@Fire) I’m imagining how this might connect with Inner Circle :O. This module’s descriptions feels like something I’ve long needed in my relationships.

This is brand new, I haven’t seen a subliminal that addresses this topic before. Pretty cool to see a family-oriented type feature in a sub.

Could someone really manage to go through all 4 stages of EoG and then do this? Well, anything is possible. It seems like an adjunct subliminal. I see this pattern across SubClub products:

Alchemist - Mind’s Eye
(Social Sub) - Power Can Corrupt
(EoG) - House of Medici

All in all, I’m a fan of how this centers a financial goal while simultaneously incorporating other goals. It’s a hybrid much like StarkQ is. :slight_smile:


Oh my god, would be sooo good! Pretty sure it would go well with Stark’s fame builder!

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The Godfather is here. :yum: :ok_hand:t2:



So will this help in determining which start-up companies are worth investing in?


Yes. It’ll also attract / manifest them.


Sonofa… I just did my wealth custom.



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Bold move, doing that so soon after they announced that new modules were coming :joy:


Stack it :wink:


It’s fine. I can reconfigure. Still…

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Many of these modules sound really interesting.

Will we be seeing the first Q update to previous titles?

The Transcendental Connection module would look great in Primal Seduction for example, or even Regeneration, as strong connections are an important part of being mentally healthy.


You have seen my 3 custom, Aegis, Ultima, Mind’s Eyeapolooza right? :joy: kid in candy store, it me.

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Meh, if I add this to my stack it’ll be 4 hours long, and I dont want to drop any of my customs for at least 6 months :worried:


I’ve been working on the concept of stack rotation for about a year now and it seems to work exceptionally well. It actually helps me with plateauing. I’m currently updating the support center and instruction manual with this information.


I cant wait to read it.


Excellent, thanks.

Will this be in the new batch of Q modules coming up? If so I’ll definitely rebuild my wealth custom.


I’d imagine so. @Fire is in charge of that, though.


I did not see this coming. I am waiting on my wealth custom and stacking this together with it will fit in very nicely.
@SaintSovereign @Fire Thank you so much

It’s worth mentioning from experience family does not necessarily mean blood related


Awesome. Would be good to know how often we can switch.