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There are many ways of becoming a man of legendary caliber…

But there is one fact…

One irrefutable fact that is clear to any that succeeded…

You must let go of everything that holds you back.

You must be reborn in the fires of tribulations, healing and cleansing.

You must become the Dragon Reborn.

Dragon Reborn is a 4 stage subliminal designed to completely change you - it will shatter and purge, heal and rejuvenate, release and liberate all of your negative emotions, traumas, beliefs, energies, conditioning and negative blocks, on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

It is too often that healing focuses on just one aspect, usually the emotional. This is an approach that, while effective to a degree, has limitations. To become the man you desire, you have to take into account the physical and spiritual aspects of your being as well. Furthermore, there is a tendency to focus on just a few emotions or methods, and while this too will help you immensely in your journey, you must go through all your emotions and make use of all approaches.

Dragon Reborn is a subliminal that does exactly how it sounds like - it is about helping you break down, heal and let go of all that holds you back, so that you can be reborn as something more.

Someone that clutches destiny in their hands.

A Dragon Reborn.


Crushing all your deepest fears, emotions, traumas, beliefs and energies is the prerogative of ST1: Dragon Fire. Similar in function to Khan’s ST1, Dragon Fire doesn’t have the limit of removing only that which is standing in overall execution of Khan. No, Dragon Fire will breakdown every single part of your being, from the physical all the way to the deepest levels of your spiritual being.

Every single part of your being will be cleansed by the flames of the dragon. This includes energetic blocks, negative emotions that you are holding on to, tensions in your body, conditioning, traumas, as well as any harmful subliminal influences you might have picked up on during your subliminal journey.

This is a profoundly wide effect. You will experience changes throughout your whole being, and you need to be prepared to go through the challenges that this entails. It is not an easy path - be ready.

Dragon Fire will also help you become immune to future conditioning from your environment and others, while helping you increase your sensitivity to positive subliminal influence.

If you are sensitive to energy, you will likely notice the powerful purifying flames of Dragon Fire coursing through your body.

Feel the breakdown, let yourself be cleansed in the fire and then continue to…


After purifying yourself with Dragon Fire, you will now heal and recover yourself from all that plagues you.

Dragon Blood will help you heal and recover from everything that ever wounded you. Your innermost scars and wounds will tighten up and heal. This is comprehensive, full scope healing of the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

All the traumas, negative beliefs, blockages - you will be healed from all of them by the blood of the dragon, helping you rise to your true stature.

You will also feel a powerful physical, mental and spiritual strengthening in such a way that any future wounds will not be as debilitating. Any traumas or negative situations you experience in the future will have less of an impact on you, massively decreasing the need for healing after such events.

Similarly to ST1: Dragon Fire, if you are sensitive to energy, you will likely notice profound healing happening in your body, your mind and your spirit, helping you become a man of great power and bringing you into a state which not many people have experienced in their lives.

Having taken your first breath after being rejuvenated by ST2: Dragon Blood, it is time to…


Take flight.

You will take to the skies and see all your remaining issues, tensions, conditioning, beliefs from afar. You will gain true understanding of what holds these blocks together, and you will gain true wisdom in knowing that they are simply holding you back.

Dragon Flight is all about going beyond your blockages (of course, all types - physical, mental, spiritual) and realizing that you are so much more than them. You will acquire profound knowing of your true, limitless potential. You will see how insignificant they are in comparison to what you could be.

You will feel deep within the absolute meaning of letting go and letting the wind guide your flight.

With ST3: Dragon Flight, you will integrate all the healing and purification you have gone through, piece them together in a complete way and let go of anything that is left after experiencing such trials.

You will gain much greater vision and knowledge of yourself. You will learn more and more about your inner self, how you tick, how you function, what drives you. Never again will you have clouded vision - for you will be guided by ST3: Dragon Flight.

You will reconnect with those deepest parts of yourself you have learned about, and start the journey of constant self re-discovery and learning of the innermost secrets you hold. Dragon Flight will furthermore help you gain complete control over all your conditioning, emotions and beliefs, helping you shape yourself into a great man faster.

Deep realizations await those who run ST3: Dragon’s Flight, as well as constant, profound releasing and relaxation of the old. You can expect yourself to feel more and more relaxed as time goes by, with greater and greater levels of energy and knowledge of the self.

Possibility, ambition, vision and wisdom are what you will grow and what you will use to soar to ever greater heights. In this, you will also be supported by the Dragon Flight’s energy that opens your mind to grand possibilities… and if you are sensitive enough, you will feel it coursing and affecting every atom of your body, just like ST1: Dragon Fire and ST2: Dragon Blood.

After you have learned how to take off towards your limitless potential, it is time for…


The final stage, the stage that unifies the previous three stages, unlocking the full power of Dragon Reborn.

Utilizing the Dragon Reborn, your subconscious mind will automatically use all the methods possible for you to keep growing and to get you closer and closer to the man you desire to be.

On all stages of Dragon Reborn, you will notice your behaviour changing into a more congruent, confident with yourself state. You will become more and more liberated to truly be yourself, and this will naturally have an increasingly charismatic effect. Do not be alarmed if you start attracting people and opportunities to yourself - while not as effective in this such as wealth, status and romance titles, it will happen due to the rebirth into a more natural, powerful state… and when you do run these other titles in the future, you will see them work in beautiful tandem with the new, thunderous self you have become.

Of course, you can expect greater emotional control, self love, happiness, confidence and numerous other similar effects that come from such profoundly deep inner work.

While you could listen to Dragon Reborn right away (like any other four stage subliminal), it is recommended to go through the previous three stages first. By doing so, your mind will be better prepared to take on the powerful effects of Dragon Reborn.

You might ask - what is the difference between Dragon Reborn and titles such as Regeneration, Rebirth, and Elixir? The difference is in the approach. Each has a specific way of healing you and helping you let go of trauma… and each method can and should be used.

You will also notice an Ultima version of Dragon Reborn. This is ST4 of Dragon Reborn in Ultima, and the same principles apply - take your time with the first three stages before listening to ST4. It is also advised to listen to the normal ST4 before listening to the Ultima of Dragon Reborn – it is an extremely narrow acting version of Dragon Reborn, and you will want to reap the full, wide benefits of ST4 and all the previous stages. As any other Ultima, use it as a supplement to your main stack. Of course, these are recommendations - you are always free to experiment.

Finally, before you decide to purchase, be absolutely sure you are willing to embark on a journey of such caliber - a journey that will take you to the deepest parts of your being, that will lead you through your greatest falls and the most astonishing successes.

To repeat and make it clear:


If you’ve never used any Subliminal Club subliminal, please start from a title such as Ascension followed by a harder title like Emperor. There will be reconciliation, but there also will be untold greatness waiting for you with Dragon Reborn - it will be your worst enemy, your closest friend, your wisest advisor, and one of the most powerful tools that you will be able to use again and again throughout your life, whenever you need another phase of profoundly intense self-discovery.

If you are ready to become a Dragon Reborn and ascend to the ranks of legendary men…

Order now.

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Shout out to Rand al’Thor!

I particularly appreciate this:

If you’ve never used any Subliminal Club subliminal, please start from a title such as Ascension followed by a harder title like Emperor.

People need to hear that.


Oh my god, haven’t look at it yet but there go my plans

Ok read it, looks incredible, thanks @SaintSovereign for unleashing the next powerhouse.

Can this be stacked or would you recommend running this solo?

I’m guessing the Ultimate has it’s roots in Primarch


To bad @friday is taking time offline, the seeds of his sub dream have come to fruition


Main Hype Thread - Atlas Phoenix [Request]

Questions and Comments

Sep 10

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Sep 10

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fridayArch Alchemist

Sep 10

First there was Emperor, a subliminal to build from nothing your very own empire. Then, there was Khan, a subliminal to bring empires to their knees. Now there is Atlas Phoenix, where you become the man that changes and rebuilds the world.

From birth on when we are vulnerable, society enslaved us, chained our minds, taught us to live by grief, shame, and fear. Those who didn’t fit, who stood against the narrative, got bound early by the Matrix like an animal in darkness, got tortured until they too began to live by the controlled narratives of low-frequency behavior. Now the world finds itself at a tipping point, a biblical moment in our history, where more and more people start to wake up to the light, melt the chains and connect with their higher selves.

It is time for ATLAS PHOENIX .

Atlas Phoenix will free you from society’s grip and help you rise completely reborn, ready to take on the world. Created with our revolutionary, A.I.-powered Q platform and incorporating the latest scripting technological advancements, we updated the best parts of Stark, Khan, and Daredevil and intertwined them with exclusive scripting to transform you into a God of Gods, Master of Masters, a Supreme Being.

Before you read on, be warned this subliminal is not for the faint hearted – Atlas Phoenix will show your true potential as a divine being, completely shifting your whole world view and self-image. There will be no way back. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Atlas Phoenix will introduce a new spiritual healing component with the power of pure unconditional love. Love, as the only ultimately purifying vibration in the Universe, will illuminate the Shadow Self and restore you to Wholeness through revealing every part of your wounded Self that has denied the Love that you Are. All fears, including all sexual insecurities, will be exposed and purified under the spotlight of pure loving vibrations.

You will notice how you swiftly begin to detach from the ego, which is nothing but a manmade construct to keep you from evolving as it keeps you in a state of lower vibration and separation. Any excuses, limitations, self-imposed ideas, feeling of separateness and concepts will dissolve into nothingness. This will balance out your Karma and ensure you stay on the right path when you will begin connecting deeper with your unlimited natural power.

While this subliminal will raise your frequency as high as possible, to that of an enlightened being and then pushing it further and further, this doesn’t mean you will be sitting all day long meditating in a closed dark room. Atlas Phoenix will get you out there, help you find and manifest your true purpose you came here for. You will feel a new sense of godly drive, dedication, and ambition, going relentlessly after your work and studies. No more procrastination. You will know exactly what you need to do, and will have sufficient energy and motivation to do it!

In addition, you will develop a Titanium mindset which will help you to face the hardest challenges. There is only one thing you can truly rely on, that which is unchanging, that which is not inflected by the chaos by everything around you, and that is yourself. The calm at the center of the storm, which is within you waiting to be discovered. Atlas Phoenix will help you find it. You will gain so much belief in yourself that you can achieve anything and create the impossible every second of the day.

But you are not going in alone.

You will be supported with the newest updated manifestation technology turning you into an unbelievably lucky person in life. You will always able to choose between many opportunities, which will magically open up for you. Instilling all 7 of the Universal Laws depicted in The Kybalion will make you conscious of these Laws, taking complete and utter control over your internal and reflecting that to the external; as within so without.

While this internal dominant, masculine motivation and mindset will be the essence for achieving your purpose, it can be a burden when connecting with other people. Instead of feeling dominated or even fear you, people will love to be lead by you because they like you and connect with you. In fact, you will become so inspiring, so charismatic and so gifted that you will change the hearts and minds of people around you just as effectively as you bend the world to your will. When you enter a room people will whisper your name, not because you invented or created something grandiose (that might become a real possibility with Atlas Phoenix too) but also only by your sheer magnificent presence and personality.

Imagine being in a naturally dominant state of mind where life and seduction simply flows perfectly, where you do whatever you want. You will see yourself enjoying women, enjoying moments, enjoying fun, and enjoying life.

You will navigate conversations effortlessly, regardless of the social status of the people you’re talking with. You will know exactly what to say, and when to say it and simply live in the moment. Even though your social intelligence and intuition will be dialed up to the maximum, they may always be some moments of social turbulence or confrontation. But instead of going down the rabbit hole of lower frequency emotions, you will find yourself having nothing but complete forgiveness and compassion, so that one is able to stay detached from other people’s jargon and low vibrations. This will effectively result in a state of inner power, a sense of calmness, and balance of emotions as none can control you, you’ll be able to forgive them and have compassion instead. You will move on with your life with a renewed sense of purity.

While Atlas Phoenix is an extensive and profound subliminal, it also perfect for stacking or using it as a core for a custom. You want to focus on inventing new technologies? Add Trailblazer. Do you want to focus more on women? Add Primal Seduction: Iron Throne. With Atlas Phoenix, the possibilities are truly endless!


So, just to clarify, this is a multistage IN ultima format and not a multistage + bonus ultimas that I’m not seeing, correct?


Wow, this is definitely on my list. I’m glad SC is still releasing major titles like this, I’m psyched.


No. It’s 4 stages plus an Ultima.


Ah okay, yeah I skimmed over that part where it says the Ultima is st4 in ultima format. Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:


A four-stage subliminal dedicated to just healing? Whoah. Now I wonder if I should have avoided purchasing a healing ultima custom :-\ .


Chill fam, you can always alternate to your Ultimas, you never know when you’ll need it. :wink:
Remember, there are no coincidences, for some reason in your path, managed to get a specific Ultima.


Yes please. I’m in.


Indeed, NO regrets man. I also included a lot of healing modules in my custom, but I think it’ll only make it better.

Ahaha edit to be fair I’m asking Saint if it’s still good to include all the healing of my custom if I’m doing ths :smiley: I hope so


Just when I was thinking of going through a healing journey, this comes up…


Gotta say, this popped up with a perfect timing, ain’t it fellas?


Eh, I suppose you guys may be right. Comparing an Ultima to a full-blown title, after all. Still it’s a little disconcerting :man_shrugging:

My question for Saint is a little specific. I ran through the stages of Khan in the past. Now I’m wondering whether running this instead of Khan for prep for a Khan ST4-based custom would help as much as running Khan ST1 for the same amount of time would.


yeah insanely perfect, I’m in a conscious healing phase, designed exactly for just this AND I just finished Dragon’s Dogma on netflix this weekend. (entertaining but not great-disturbing violence)


hahaha. not for me yet. But I’ll definitely be looking forward to it.

On a peripheral note, the descriptive copy has evolved. I think. It’s really helpful.

Another part that really stands out to me is this:

one of the most powerful tools that you will be able to use again and again throughout your life, whenever you need another phase of profoundly intense self-discovery.

This one line helps people to understand how to approach using this and any other multi-stage program.

and this is a good line too:

> You might ask – what is the difference between Dragon Reborn and titles such as Regeneration, Rebirth, and Elixir? The difference is in the approach. Each has a specific way of healing you and helping you let go of trauma… and each method can and should be used.

It anticipates and answers a question that you’d better believe a lot of people would ask. I’m sure some people still will. But it’s good that it’s there. While it doesn’t tell you exactly what distinguishes each healing method, it does encourage you to think about healing titles in a flexible, sophisticated way. Having one type of healing does not cancel out or supersede all others.


I normally wouldn’t jump the bandwagon so fast but when the bandwagon has wings and burns with purifying spiritual fire and oozes physically rejuvenating dragon’s blood it’s hard to resist


LMAO that was a good one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: