Main Hype Thread - Atlas Phoenix [Request]


First there was Emperor, a subliminal to build from nothing your very own empire. Then, there was Khan, a subliminal to bring empires to their knees. Now there is Atlas Phoenix, where you become the man that changes and rebuilds the world.

From birth on when we are vulnerable, society enslaved us, chained our minds, taught us to live by grief, shame, and fear. Those who didn’t fit, who stood against the narrative, got bound early by the Matrix like an animal in darkness, got tortured until they too began to live by the controlled narratives of low-frequency behavior. Now the world finds itself at a tipping point, a biblical moment in our history, where more and more people start to wake up to the light, melt the chains and connect with their higher selves.

It is time for ATLAS PHOENIX.

Atlas Phoenix will free you from society’s grip and help you rise completely reborn, ready to take on the world. Created with our revolutionary, A.I.-powered Q platform and incorporating the latest scripting technological advancements, we updated the best parts of Stark, Khan, and Daredevil and intertwined them with exclusive scripting to transform you into a God of Gods, Master of Masters, a Supreme Being.

Before you read on, be warned this subliminal is not for the faint hearted – Atlas Phoenix will show your true potential as a divine being, completely shifting your whole world view and self-image. There will be no way back. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Atlas Phoenix will introduce a new spiritual healing component with the power of pure unconditional love. Love, as the only ultimately purifying vibration in the Universe, will illuminate the Shadow Self and restore you to Wholeness through revealing every part of your wounded Self that has denied the Love that you Are. All fears, including all sexual insecurities, will be exposed and purified under the spotlight of pure loving vibrations.

You will notice how you swiftly begin to detach from the ego, which is nothing but a manmade construct to keep you from evolving as it keeps you in a state of lower vibration and separation. Any excuses, limitations, self-imposed ideas, feeling of separateness and concepts will dissolve into nothingness. This will balance out your Karma and ensure you stay on the right path when you will begin connecting deeper with your unlimited natural power.

While this subliminal will raise your frequency as high as possible, to that of an enlightened being and then pushing it further and further, this doesn’t mean you will be sitting all day long meditating in a closed dark room. Atlas Phoenix will get you out there, help you find and manifest your true purpose you came here for. You will feel a new sense of godly drive, dedication, and ambition, going relentlessly after your work and studies. No more procrastination. You will know exactly what you need to do, and will have sufficient energy and motivation to do it!

In addition, you will develop a Titanium mindset which will help you to face the hardest challenges. There is only one thing you can truly rely on, that which is unchanging, that which is not inflected by the chaos by everything around you, and that is yourself. The calm at the center of the storm, which is within you waiting to be discovered. Atlas Phoenix will help you find it. You will gain so much belief in yourself that you can achieve anything and create the impossible every second of the day.

But you are not going in alone.

You will be supported with the newest updated manifestation technology turning you into an unbelievably lucky person in life. You will always able to choose between many opportunities, which will magically open up for you. Instilling all 7 of the Universal Laws depicted in The Kybalion will make you conscious of these Laws, taking complete and utter control over your internal and reflecting that to the external; as within so without.

While this internal dominant, masculine motivation and mindset will be the essence for achieving your purpose, it can be a burden when connecting with other people. Instead of feeling dominated or even fear you, people will love to be lead by you because they like you and connect with you. In fact, you will become so inspiring, so charismatic and so gifted that you will change the hearts and minds of people around you just as effectively as you bend the world to your will. When you enter a room people will whisper your name, not because you invented or created something grandiose (that might become a real possibility with Atlas Phoenix too) but also only by your sheer magnificent presence and personality.

Imagine being in a naturally dominant state of mind where life and seduction simply flows perfectly, where you do whatever you want. You will see yourself enjoying women, enjoying moments, enjoying fun, and enjoying life.

You will navigate conversations effortlessly, regardless of the social status of the people you’re talking with. You will know exactly what to say, and when to say it and simply live in the moment. Even though your social intelligence and intuition will be dialed up to the maximum, they may always be some moments of social turbulence or confrontation. But instead of going down the rabbit hole of lower frequency emotions, you will find yourself having nothing but complete forgiveness and compassion, so that one is able to stay detached from other people’s jargon and low vibrations. This will effectively result in a state of inner power, a sense of calmness, and balance of emotions as none can control you, you’ll be able to forgive them and have compassion instead. You will move on with your life with a renewed sense of purity.

While Atlas Phoenix is an extensive and profound subliminal, it also perfect for stacking or using it as a core for a custom. You want to focus on inventing new technologies? Add Trailblazer. Do you want to focus more on women? Add Primal Seduction: Iron Throne. With Atlas Phoenix, the possibilities are truly endless!

@SaintSovereign @Fire


Disclaimer: This is just subliminal I would love to see in the future. This description is NOT official. Do NOT send any support emails to this company asking about this product. If you are interested in such, you can just post it here in the thread. Thanks!


I’ve been here long enough to recognize the template is from Khan, help…


As above, so below. The template is a balance between the descriptions of Stark and Khan, as is the actual subliminal I am proposing a balance between these two products :slight_smile: Of course with some finer details I like to see


Sigh… Of Phoenix and Fire…


@friday - Now that’s a really creative idea and writeup. Am curious about the name Atlas Phoenix. Did you choose it to mean a Titan being Reborn from the Ashes?


Wheres the perfect 10 Goddess(es), who rejuvenates and support(s) your life mission with utter spiritual and sexual devotion, attraction module!!??!
I’m out if we can’t fit that in there :slight_smile:


This would of course, in all seriousness, be amazing.


In ultima tech :sunglasses: hell yeah! Blaze all your problems!


Yes, basically running this title you will reborn from the ashes while developing the internal “Atlas mindset” (a reference to mythology:)


Hahha I would love that too. HOWEVER, this is not the primary goal with the subliminal. I wanted to create a sub which focuses mostly on building your personality. No added extra scripting, so it is the perfect core, perfect base for any custom. You can just add what you like, and are not exposed to scripting you don’t need or like.

I love Stark but because it deals so much with inventing stuff, being creative etc. it gives me constant slight reconciliation when I am studying medicine at my desk for 8 hours doing “boring work”.


I remember @SaintSovereign mentioning a Multi Stage: Blue Skies title. I was looking forward to see it in the store…

It ended up as a Q store module, I believe.

I suspect there is, a foundational/core subliminal in works. Alchemist is closest thing we’ve got as of now.