Main Dev. Thread - StarkQ


About 65% for a small room. 75% for larger rooms. I don’t keep the phone beside me either, it’s usually on a table or desk. To be clear, I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Not sure if the speakers on that one are different.


Does StarkQ have some way of helping/guiding you to figure out what you want to do in your life like EoG stage 2 and ascension do?


Yes, this is pretty standard in newer subs.


Dose stark q contain mongul or ecstasy of gold in it?


@Shadow2200 - it definitely has wealth affirmations in it. I don’t think they put Mogul and EoG directly in it. But StarkQ does have many of the benefits of running Mogul or EoG plus more (especially charisma)


This was in the Team Stark thread:


I have been thinking about running EOGQ and sticking with it. Especially the first two stages just for that purpose but I wasnt sure if would help or work for someone like myself who is a bit older at almost 52 and trying to figure shit out . What are your thoughts @SaintSovereign ?


It’d probably work better for older people since I’m sure there’s things you always wanted to do and for whatever reason, didn’t. Younger people often lack the life experience to know what they want.


There are for sure. Another big reason why I finally decided to purchase EOG. I’m so over and done with financial issues being the biggest obstacle I always seem to have



Got that right.

I would like to think that a younger me might have had the insight to choose Ecstasy of Gold, but I am pretty sure he would not have.

In my teens and twenties, I’d have started from Alchemist. My energy was trying to ascend to the stars and I hadn’t yet learned the priceless value of the ground beneath my feet.

Connected with that, it’s taking a while for Ecstasy of Gold to work with me. I think there’s just a lot that it has to do. But I’m feeling things happening. Now.

It feels important to stay with the process. I think it might be working.


@Malkuth Just for shits and giggles and maybe to get over my fear of having the existential crisis I mentioned in another thread I am going to run EOGQ and QLQ stage by stage in a stack



I’m going to enjoy watching your success.

I’m planning to start QLQ (and Alchemist) in September. It didn’t exist yet when I started EoG. (But two majors might have been to much for me as a complete noob anyway.)


Thank you. I’m at this really weird place in my life where I’m constantly stuck between wanting to become as mentally and emotionally mature as possible on an ongoing basis and learning to think in new and different ways. Resolving blocks to both . That’s why or a huge reason why I find both EOGQ and QLQ fascinating.


@Malkuth you mean until September?


@SaintSovereign EoG stage1 does it only go after financial and wealth negative programming and break those down or does it work on breaking down all negative programming and beliefs like total breakdown does?


I’m running Ecstasy of Gold and Emperor now. In September, I plan to start Alchemist and Quantum Limitless together. (predictive text changed ‘start’ to ‘stay’).


Not a bad combo in stark q, so it dose have eog core and not mongul


Loved this explanation.

@SaintSovereign @Fire

Because both KhanQ and StarkQ combine elements from PS and DD…

Could you say something on what would be the expected response/experience of the women, when a man is using either KhanQ or StarkQ (and the differences between these two)?

Subjectively, for the man, of course these two products are totally different, and have completely different goals. But in this full month of playing StarkQ, I haven’t had much chance of interacting with women to decipher the difference on the receiver’s end. :blush:



StarkQ leans toward A, since it also aims to make you popular. B type men receives a lot of hate and people constantly challenging you. Khan leans toward B, since it has more of a sigma male vibe. The ruler who needs nothing.


@SaintSovereign But isn’t the one who tries to conform with the hierarchy more often the one to be challenged than the Sigma? I feel like being a Sigma and being a witty, charming gentleman aren’t really detrimental at all.
Of course, this heavily depends on personalities and personal attitudes and experiences, but I’d really like to discuss this because I am a firm believer of true freedom lying beyond social structures and hierarchies and the best way is to just not participate.