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STARK Thread - team stark now activated

Great picture choice.
Can’t wait to read product description. And hopefully it will have a module list too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Free SaintSovereign and Fire action figures?


Sneak in some advanced engineering skill subs or anything of the sort


Last chance for requests? What kind of requests?


Feature requests.


Testosterone booster


Will it be name-embedded?



Major focus on charisma (reality-distortion-field known from individuals like Stark and Steve Jobs), full scripting of QL.

Also please make is suitable not only for people doing mechanics or programming but also for people who are studying medicine or are pursuing science in general

And please don’t forget the seduction part


Will this be multi stage?


Requested features:

  • succeeding at relationships
  • talent for seeing potential in others
  • Maximizing talents
  • Forging partnerships
  • perdective creaitvity
  • mentoring and empowering
  • winning people over
  • Attracting the loyalties of others
  • Inspiring and facilitating others


Being a very self-driven person. Stark finds motivation within himself to do the things he does while pushing his brain to his utmost limit.

Quantum Procrastination Destroyer and Unlimited Energy through photosynthesis

Being a extremely good orator. Charismatic, funny, playful, serious and commanding.

Being able to “sorta know” what the next big technical or inventory advancement (medical) will be and how to profit or take action towards it.

Be your own person, and express it. Tony’s Stark sets trends by how unique he is e.g in fashion (his glasses and grooming etc)


I think something that promotes/improves/encourages self discipline would be a nice addition, would encourage us to stick to action taking, jumping from sub to sub, and give us more control over our lives


Oh and the ability to enthusiastically tear down just about anyone who challenges one. And not being sensitive to other people’s feelings (not being blind either).

Ohh and this will probably be not possible but an included Lucid Dreaming X where we can control our dreams consciously or unconsciously to learn new things or study.




Ohhhh I’m super excited to hear about this one!


All jokes aside I would like an instant like ability and only attracting the most worthwhile and optimistic of people who’ll help you in your life. Or someone who’ll give you a chance. Even being extremely lucky or at the right place at the right time mechanic in it.


@SubliminalUser I would love something about dreams that is included in StarkQ and not in a separate subliminal. If lucid dreaming is not possible, making my subconscious revisit and work on things I need to learn or did learn the last days automatically. I do feel there is something about that in EQ. Maybe Fire can create miracles here.


I think some element of Power Can Corrupt would fit this.

I am sure there is already some element of extreme resourcefulness already in Stark.

  • The ability to go into different brainwaves at will, such as gamma brainwaves
  • Creative/inventive genius. Just like Tony Stark, the ability to create something with anything
  • Divergent and Convergent thinking
  • Visual thinking like Nikola Tesla
  • Heightened senses
  • Quick and swift offensive/defensive thinking. Being able to outsmart and outmaneuver opponents with ease
  • Find solutions through different methods
  • Excellent orator/witty
  • Ability to sleep less, but still have more energy than others
  • Laser focus/concentration of task at hand
  • Charismatic
  • Confident
  • Success and luck