Main Dev. Thread - Beyond Limitless ZP

We have decided to release a 5-7 minute version of Beyond Limitless to use as a “booster,” but ya’ll know that I find that word very politically charged right now and we’ll be changing it to something else. Now, here’s the “controversial” part, and the decision is already made, so don’t turn this into an argument.

At the start and end of the track, we’re going to place a version of the Zero Point Listening Warning with clear instructions to run the title properly and NOT to overexpose. Given the fact that the loop is 7 minutes, this shouldn’t be a concern, because it’s not like you’re going to fall asleep while listening to the title and be woken up by the warning.

We looked at other options, including only placing BLU on the Lifecharger app and then limiting how many loops you could listen to in a 24 hour period, but we’re not huge fans of that level of control. That being said, we HAVE to protect not only our company but the industry as a whole. So. The warning will be integrated into the track.

Now, what we’ll be testing soon is whether or not running this version will count against your three ZP stack limit. We are hoping that you can use a title like BLU once or twice a week without recon, as once again, it won’t contain the types of scripting that usually generates recon (like healing scripting).

Discuss here.


Instant State Shifters.

Testing soon, or now? Can I run this tomorrow alongside the 2 ZP titles I already planned to run?


Could refer to them as “Buffers” or “ZP +”

Am not running limitless right now but I’ve been looking for something to improve my intuition a bit. It was between Beyond limitless and dreams in the lifecharger app, since I don’t like how dreams really make me sleepy am happy for this announcement.

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Or “Thrusters”, like the tiny engines on spacecrafts.


I think they’re looking to avoid any terminology that could be viewed as a synonym to boosters or even any terms which suggest a linear correlation between classic ZPs and these titles.

Actually, it’s to avoid the modern political connotation of the word “booster,” if you catch my drift. SubClub is and will remain politically neutral.


Oh wow. When you first used ‘political’ I didn’t get it.

My suggestion from earlier stands. Perhaps even shorten it to “Shifters.”

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@SaintSovereign Between BLU and DREAMS which one has more intuition enhancement scripting?


Mind’s Eye ZP is what you’re looking for, though.


Thanks hmmm I took it out been running Regeneration + RICH. I’ll see what happens since I don’t want to be running 3 zp subs.

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When will this be available?

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To be determined.


And I’ve just rushed to my download tab. :rofl:

Can we run it along with our three-title stack like twice per week or do we need to include it into those three titles?

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Not sure yet.

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i genuinely feel bad for you that you have to waste so much energy trying to build in protection mechanisms for [REDACTED].

[ DarkPhilosopher says: we appreciate the support, but it still works without the last part of that sentence ]

my washout is coming in a few days and then im going to a sex focused cycle and sleep around for a few weeks so probably will not test this for 4-5 weeks when im back to money focus 1 cycle from now.

this was my best performing non sex product so will be interesting to see how ZP version goes.

been working on this a lot as well.

have not figured out yet unfortunately.

i feel ill go with what saint said an do either a solo run or MINDS EYE or RICH combo with MINDS EYE.

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That is such a nice compromise! I really like that idea, very happy that you decided against taking full control with the Lifecharger app.

It would be great if you could calibrate the end warning in a way that it is not too disturbing when listening to music.