Main Dev. Thread - Alchemist


It’s finally coming.

More details will be released soon, but as we enter the final stage of development, we’re now taking suggestions and feedback.

Alchemist will potentially be available in two versions – Standard and Supreme. Standard is a four stage set for $99, Supreme has six stages for $149, with the extra two subliminals focusing on developing a certain set of skills that we’ve been working with consultants on. More information on that soon.

We have scrapped the LHP and RHP concept in favor for our new self-direction technology present in both Khan and EoG. Basically, the scripting adapts to you and your spiritual / mental needs and desires rather than any arbitrary concept of a “path.”

Alchemist contains scripting to supercharge your natural manifestation abilities, and going through the entire program should enhance your results with any of our subliminal titles.

Right now, these are subject to change. This is an exceptionally hard title to script and create. Gotta make sure we get it right.

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First!! 10 char


A first-post? Is that still fashionable? I’m suddenly feeling old. :wink:

For those who haven’t been with you since the beginning, what doth an Alchemist make? The only frame of reference I have is of a guy that can turn things into gold.

Ah, mental alchemy, the transmutation of mind and spirit…
Had to go back a bit, but starting to get it now.

Abandoning the path dichotomy allows for a person to walk the grey area in between? Assuming traits from both?


No fucking way! Yes yes and more yes! And I will be getting Supreme obviously.


This is very exciting!


This sounds like a very unique advanced supercharger, however i know you have done amazing work so far with the other subliminals…primal seduction ,emperor etc…one question will adding another multistage to a current multistage product (KHAN ) delay the results as it would require sacrificing listening time of one product to add another ?

Also would the brain not get overloaded with all the different programs ?
Would it be best to cycle products say every few months or just add this supercharger to whatever major program your currently using ?

Also very excited and keen to hear more in-depth details in the near future !


Finally - manifestation subliminal! Will the full stage of Limitless v3 be inside? I hope this sub focuses on hidden human mental potential.


Can it used alongside a product emperor or PS to help manifestations happen more quickly?


I don’t understand this sub at all


The use of the word supercharger does not mean it is part of the supercharger product-line. This is a major program. Should you follow (and integrate) this product first for a long enough time, it should prepare your mind to accept the other programs better, making them work better and faster after. That is how the word supercharger was intended I believe.

I will let Saint answer this one, although his mind is slightly divided on the issue…

My belief is that you could possibly stack multi-stage programs, but only if you have trained your mental muscles through years of running subliminals. Like Saint has.

For most people, it is NOT recommended.

Second, although my concept of the Alchemist goes little further than Coelho’s book, I feel confident enough to say that the unique set of skills this product works on makes it rather unsuitable to stack with the other products.

I think a person should really dedicate time to run this program on its own.

You said it. Running programs for multiple months has always been the recommendation. But SubClub wants to give you options, the freedom to choose what to work on. You can switch as often as you like. However, for best results out of any program, stick with it exclusively for at least one month. Three’s even better.

A martial artist repeats a movement a 1000 times, so that when the time comes to defend himself, his body knows what to do and he doesn’t have to think about it. Subliminal programs also need time to become a part of you, so you no longer have to think about making its message a part of you. That only happens if you dedicate enough time to it. Like the martial artist, you need to be the mental artist.

Like I mentioned above, you should probably use it before other products. But who knows, maybe one of the stages is meant specifically to enhance manifestation and that particular stage would be helpful here. I guess we’ll learn more in time.

You are not alone. Start by reading the part of the thread I linked to in my previous post. From what I gather from all the posts I’ve read, Alchemist has always been in the background as SubClub’s crowning achievement. It just takes a LOT of research and development before the guys are satisfied with the result.

Perhaps some of the forum veterans will explain what they know about it? @AMASH, you must have an idea.

You know, when I saw a mention of six stages, just for a moment a 1934 500 dollar bill flashed before my eyes. No idea why. Maybe making an extra experimental stage would help alleviate that symptom. :slight_smile:


All I know is what is found in this thread :slight_smile:


Thread absorbed through osmosis. Check.

So you have no other ideas on what makes an Alchemist? I’m halfway through the massive New Dawn dev thread now and in there you’re more talkative (with ideas) than I am throughout the forum. :wink:
Quite inspired, actually.

I’m curious which stack module is the perceiving synchronicity one, I’ll have to go through the descriptions. And one of your suggestions made me consider naming products after Norse gods. They just ooze power and masculinity. Even the female ones. :slight_smile:

You know, right now I’m imagining if we are comparing Limitless to Bradley Cooper’s Limitless, then maybe we could compare Alchemist to Scarlett Johansson’s Lucy. Every stage brings us closer to the surreal ending of the movie. Not the greatest movie in the world, but come on, it’s Scarlett.


You should definitely check out my comments and recommendations on the Primal original dev thread. You would love that one :wink:


Well there is still Quantum Limitless to look forward to. Maybe that will make all of us be like the Bradley Cooper character.


What can I expect? More Clint Eastwood videos? :wink:
Looking forward to your ideas in this thread.

As long as it doesn’t turn my life into Inception or Memento, I’m game.


Will there be an option to “upgrade” from the standard to the supreme version, should one choose to not go all in from the beginning? What about the Supreme version can you tell us goes above and beyond the simple standard edition?


Try getting into contact with the top Law of Attraction people or magicians from become a living god or something like that. If you need recommendations I can get you in contact with some people.


how long would this be, would it be 6 months or more


Hi Saint and Fire i’m really exciting to this particular subliminal.I know you have made a lot of research about the topic.I would like to show you another or maybe different point of view about be an Alchemist of your own Being. They are not mine ideas but i resonate with those ideas :
And now, a short word about soul-man and the sea of energy:
“John, the soul is a cosmic wanderer, which expolres the worlds, in order to experience the variety of life, its physical and energy wealth. She is only the thoughts and emotions, such internal states, wchich show our approach towards life. Nothing more. The pattern, in wchich they are stuck in mutual dependancy, you call attitude or character, they are called by Us : psyche and personality.

In order to be able to walk on the moon or any other planet, the soul is given two suits : existential body and physical body. The physical body you know very well though you underestimate its real value. But for the deprived of touch human soul and human spirit, the experience: taste, smell and touch itsel is the great unique fascination of our Creator professionalism. The soul does not complain that something hurts, she cheers that she has a, at all, possibility to experience it. For her it is a gift, the most beautiful thing worldwide, which she could encountered being in emotionless state.
By taste, smell and touch it enriches belonging to her emotional states with new range of experiences.
But then the existential body, the second of the cosmic suits, creates almost all life situation which aim the soul’s wishes would materialise, that it happens what she was dreaming aout, which constantly is displayed by her mind, what is thinking about. Existential body is powerful and it has its psyche as well: its thoughts and emotions. They are rigid, because it is a robot, but it could be infiltrated by depression, especially when it gonna be covered by low frequancy shroud of destruction (the lack of connection in between the parts of human being as a whole entity).
When the existential body, in cooperation with existential bodies of other people, creates the situation, which for incarnated soul can possibly cause the advantageous change in physical space, then it comes into hers thoughts and emotions, forcing her to take particular decisions. Then, human, as though noone knows why, suddenly wants to go for a walk, go downtown, suddenly wants to call somebody or resign from the departure, suddenly he does “strange” things,that were not plannes before. He even does not suspect that it was planned before by his own existentional body, in order it happens what he is seeking to, for example: to meet a person which can occur to be a partner for the rest of one’s life.
The mechanism is simple and effective, if soul is not lost in madness of listening to itself. Contrary, it would hear only the part of the hint, will get only the particle of these possibilities, which would be accessible, if she would learn properly cooperate with its own
existential body.

Summing up: “man”, unawaere of the variety of his nature, this, that he consists of mutually cooperating one with another shells, self-righteous, he trusts only himself. I never comes to his mind what is Jesus “providence” and that we have to learn to communicate with It. He even does not know that he can talk to his own physical body,to hear what it hurts and what has to be done to make the body healthy and durablet. “Man” simply does not feel his own shells and governs them as if he lived alone in a common house. Havingjust experienced an attack on physical existential body, the man is wondering what had happened and for what reason. He is looking for help asking other people, who the same as he, have no the vaquest idea about the existence of these relations, comparably their knowledge about energy world is poor. Its “size” far more exceeds the dimension of physical world.
Unfamiliarity of connections between the energy and physical world results in not only illnesses and existential collapse, but the most often it makes impossible to come back to health or to recover the relations with people or our own life.

And because 70% of physical diseases have its energetic background, you can easily guess, why the conventional medicine fails so often, there are a lot of diseases, it can not even grasp. It is the same with the whole background of energetic life, which controls not only our biological life through the energetic DNA, but also the faith of energetic soul, energetic existential body, as well as the movement within the coat of thoughts and emotions.
The one, who is aware about these relations, and has enough, relevant energetic and spiritual power to introduce the changes in these fields, this person, can do a lot of good. As well as he can give a lot of very valuable hints on the theme how the soul can control its mind and support the physical body, in order to find yourself in life in the most beneficial for us and for others variant”.

Source :
(translation of the message)