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We’ve been getting a number of requests about our roadmap. We’re reluctant to release all of our plans, as we’re being monitored pretty heavily by our competitors. That being said, I’m still going to talk about our plans for the very near future (next two months), which will give our customers time to plan their stacks.

First, an interesting announcement: We’re not just innovative in the programs we create, we’re also becoming innovative in HOW we create our titles. I’m currently working with a provider of artificial intelligence powered software, and we’re going to use their software in many of our future titles. This AI will help us produce more effective and powerful titles. Unfortunately, the software is incredibly hard to use and only works via command line, adding a significant amount of development time. So, we won’t use it on ALL titles.

Next Up – Community Rewards:
We want to grow our community here. Our long-term goal is for SubliminalClub to become an actual lifestyle brand – that the members embodies the ideals of constant self-exploration and self-development. That being said, we’re going to give PERMANENT discounts and special titles to those that continually engage with the community. We haven’t figured out the exact tiers yet, but it’s something like – once you get 200 posts, you’ll receive 5% off all future purchases. 10% off at 500, up to 50% off. We’ll be rolling this out hopefully within the next two weeks. Your current posts DO count. Low-quality posts designed just to get your post count up does NOT. We’re laid back about this, so we’re not going to be counting characters, but don’t abuse it.

Moving on – here’s what I’m (tentatively) working on next:

  • Libertine (Subliminal Supercharger for Primal, Sex & Seduction, and the sexual elements of Ascension, Ascended Mogul, Emperor)
  • Beyond Limitless (Subliminal Supercharger for Limitless)
  • Beyond Alchemy (Tentative name, Subliminal Supercharger for The Alchemist)
  • Updating Ascension, Ascended Mogul and Emperor to PrimalTech & Dominion
  • Finishing up development of SubClub PRIME

Here’s what to expect from @Fire:

  • The Alchemist (LHP)
  • The Alchemist (RHP)
  • Evolution (Stacking Module)
  • Anti-Stress (Stacking Module)
  • Godlike Masculinity (Stacking Module)



As in Left Hand Path and Right Hand Path? :slight_smile:


Good work Subclub


Sounds good, looking forward to subprime. I hope to see all your subs updated to primaltech, especially the X series, looking at them all especially the gaming one but need masked


Masked, I’ll add to the list. Not sure if the Weapon X subs will work with PrimalTech. Weapon X platform has it’s own codebase. Dominion, however, will work with it.


I know I said it earlier but I really like how ambitious you guys are. You guys really try to make this a brand and keep inovating. This is something is don’t see other sub makers do. They stick to their standard subs.


I’d be tempted to run a playlist going back and forth between right hand and left hand path.:innocent::smiling_imp:

So if you purchased would you get both LHP and RHP or would they be separate products?

How about

The Alchemist (Non-Dualism)


Due to the nature of the subliminals, they’ll be two separate products. But, we’ll either make a version with both, or sell a discounted combo. It’s up to @Fire


12-17-18 @ 10:20 PM;
Wow, I gotta say with so many new products in the works by Sub Club, I’m starting to get confused here by all these new titles in the roadmap…:woozy_face:


Hi @dorfmeister and subliminal club family

I signed up to the forums to give power to and to second everything dorfmeister said in his last post about the upcoming alchemist releases.

I’d also be highly interested in running both versions of the alchemist. It would be amazing to have a version for folks interested in non duality as well.

SubliminalClub are the best out there by far. Don’t stop what you’re doing guys. If you keep going like this, nothing can get in your way. Normally I’m not that enthusiastic about anything but you guys more than deserve it.



Think of it like this –
You have five tracks – Personal power track, the wealth track, the romance track, the alchemist track, Weapon X (skills based) – each with unique titles, while some overlap. Each track will eventually have it’s own supercharger and stacking modules so you can make your own stacks.

Personal Power:
Ascended Mogul

Wealth Track:
Ascended Mogul

Sex Mastery X
Sex & Seduction
Libertine (Supercharger)

Alchemist Track:
Alchemist LHP
Alchemist RHP
Beyond All Limits / Beyond Limitless

Weapon X:
Muay Thai Mastery X
Gaming Mastery X
Sex Mastery X


12-17-18 @ 10:40 PM;
Thanks SaintSovereign for posting some clarification. Also wanted to ask if you received the email reply I sent you on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 9:14 PM. I know you’re busy with the production of your latest developments, just wanted to check in with you and make sure that you did received it. Thanks for your time and help.

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Apologies, didn’t even see it. I just took care of the situation and responded. Thanks!


Great roadmap! Personal power subs definitely are needed to be upgraded to latest technologies & masked version.

Any clues what stack modules are planned? Btw, I saw that Saint said that ReBirth is 35 minutes long, but it seems that it is 30. Is this correct?


What is the difference between RHP and LHP? Is it really about which hand is dominant? And why would this matter for spiritual growth?

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Here is an wikipedia article that explains it a bit, it does not have anything to do with your hands.


So the LHP is for people who want to develop more Dark Triad attributes, while RHP is for people who don’t?

Yeah, they’re around 30 minutes. I was building it when I said 35 and was estimating.

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Think of it less in terms of good and evil and more of two different paths of self-development. With the LHP, the self is the center of consciousness. In other words, the essence of your being works for the benefit of yourself, not necessarily the good of all people. That does not make you a bad person – but it definitely goes against traditional societal teaching, which attempts to train us that self-sacrifice, restraint and self-poverty are the keys to being a “better person.”


And RHP…?

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