Looking for advice what to run


So im kinda looking at where to start. Tbh i I don’t really have any female friends and i haven’t gotten laid in like months. I have extremely poor social skills and im dead scared to approach random girls. I also have poor confidence, general anxiety about social situations, have nothing to talk about etc. Im doing my Bachelors in Zoology so i go to the college everyday where i see hot girls walking and some of then check me out also. But thoughts like, she might have a bf or i don’t know what to say etc stop me dead in the tracks.

I need
1)Confidence and alphaness
2)Being rid of Fear
3)Develop social skills
4)Get girls
5) Get multiple girls

What products do you guys recommend that could give tangible results ? Id like to achieve all of this in tandem.


I’d like to ask this question to you:

If NO woman was ever interested in you, how would you feel about yourself?

The answer will inform where you go with the subliminals.


Lighter option: Start off with Ascension and super charger true social.
You will see immediate improvement in all your mentioned concerns.

Heavier option: Khan and true social is a stronger and more dominant option for your concerns . But khan may take weeks or even months to see results, because the results are deeper and more prominent.

My Experience: I started with Khan and got frustrated due to lack of significant results for upto 2 months . But the results did come around 2 months time and are still coming.
So, if you’re completely new to subs, I would recommend Begginng with Ascension and True Social. Then move on to khan. Or start with Khan if you can bear no immediate results.


I cant imagine a world where women don’t look at me. Itll feel like dying.


Will it get me laid. The main problem is having confidence and eliminating fear (FOR) being able to seduce girls.


Theres also a problem. Ive been running a subliminal named DMSI and im frustrated it doesn’t give any results. I don’t notice any change in my sex appeal and i I haven’t been getting any more attention that the girls gave me before: I.e some girls just eyeing me before turning away. It didn’t give me any confidence nor removed my fear of talking to people,nor does it attract the girls.


Interesting, @Moon
That tells me you’re looking to women and sex to fill your gaps. Imagine you get a chick, you’re worried she’ll leave you, how are you going to feel? Needy?

Don’t you feel great just by yourself? Are you the MVP of your own life? If not, that’s the very first thing you need to fix.

Look HERE, then get Ascension.


I don’t care if she’ll leave me. I would just another woman. However the point is how i get my anxiety and confidence issues sorted out.


Okay so everyone is recommending Ascension. I guess ill give it a try. However which version is this and is it the latest version ?


And what about the Sex and Seduction product ?


That hit home. I just read that again and then I realized there actually were girls (strangers mostly but still) who were interested in me. Isnt it funny how the ego tries to hide good memories that prove you are capable?


The complete recommendation would be: Ascension + Primal Seduction

Be warned though - Do NOT expect SubClub products to work like DMSI or other products from any competitor.

You may or may not notice any change in your sex appeal / attention.
SC products do not promise passive attraction.

They are designed to work WHEN the user takes action.
They help you LEARN and ADAPT faster than you would by yourself.

The question I ask my offline friends before they invest in a Subliminal is:

Would you be willing to start TODAY - to do everything it’ll take to achieve your goal,
if there was NO subliminal to support you on it?

If the answer is NO, don’t waste your time here.
You’ll only end up complaining one day that SC subs didn’t work for me.

Ecstasy of Gold Journal: Kether to Malkuth
Raphael's Khan Journal
Ecstasy of Gold Journal: Kether to Malkuth

I couldn’t agree more on this. I’ve tried subliminal’s in the past, which actually made me take action, without even thinking about the action. The ones from Subliminal Club are different… I guess they good make a stacking module focused on taking action for the ones that desire so.

I make myself do the things I don’t want to do, to be the person I want to be. But if you really have to do things that you disgust, you really won’t be able to focus properly on them - subliminal’s could greatly help in this case.


Aaaahhhh yes. DMSI. I too have experience with this particular sub in the past. There’s 2 reasons I can think of why you believe this didn’t work:

  1. After years, it’s still in experimental/trial stage.
  2. You may be lacking action. Looking back on my experience, I’ve noticed that women were sending signals but I never did do anything with it.

Without action, you wouldn’t see results. Do not expect women to jump all over you if you avoid them. And that’s what I think is different with SubClub. My experience with Khan, actually “forced” me to take action. And taking any form of action reinforces the sub’s programming.


If i could take action by myself, there wouldn’t be any problem to begin with, would it ? There are already girls who look at me, i just don’t know how to approach and seduce them. If the products dont compel me to take action and don’t instill anything new inside then what’s the point ?
@SaintSovereign Your the leader of this place, right ? I don’t know if what this guy tells me is true. If so i wouldn’t waste my money if the products do not compel me to change or induce new behaviors. Care to elaborate and maybe recommend on my situation ?



Humans have free will, none is going to compel you to do anything. Unless inner motivation to take actions from thoughts, this can indeed be done with subliminal’s. But its NOT what Subliminal Club focuses on.

Look at it like this way. What is keeping you from taking the action to approach these girls? Self-confidence, self-esteem - the fear of not knowing what to say. Would you rather have a subliminal get you to approach the girls and have not one dime to say and be embarrassed or would you rather have subliminal’s restructure and reshape your self-image, self-confidence and increase your possibilities and creativity to tell stories and impress girls?

Subliminal Club aims for the second option. But still, you’ll have to approach her yourself. Only it will make it way easier and you won’t have any anxiety doing so.

  • Honestly you have to prepare the vessel to receive blessing. Go with option two.


Can i run Primal Seduction with DMSI ? I just have to loop the track 3 times and the rest of the time i can run the SubClubs subliminals ?


Since the creator of DMSI said no, I guess… no.


No. Don’t mix our subs with another producer’s subs. We have no idea what’s in theirs and vice versa. Likewise, our subs won’t “compel” you to do anything – they’ll “urge” you through various techniques, but ultimately, you’ll have to take SOME kind of action to get results. Women are just people, there’s no need to fear them. If you see one catch your eye as you pass by, start out by just saying “hello,” and keep it moving. Eventually, as the sub helps instill new beliefs, that “hello” will become easier and eventually, you’ll have no problem holding full blown conversations that led to your desired goal.


Okay ill try to do as you say. So should i stoo the DMSI ? And get onto the SubClub Stuff ASAP ?