Listening to Ascencion Lite

Thinking about Emperor. When you buy it does it include both a silent and masked version? I like both for different circumstances.

Ok, so in looking at more postings on the discussion board I can see that a masked version is included. Great.

Yes – it includes the ultrasonic, Emperor Extreme (experimental), and the latest masked build.

Will Mogul and Ascended Mogul buyers be getting masked and/or experimental programs in the future?

Masked versions, yes.

Yes. We’re moving into our new office next week and installing new, upgraded equipment. Then, we’re going to create the masked versions.

As far as you know will the masked and silent versions yield the same results?

I plan to use the masked version at home while sleeping as I am used to having an audible subliminal running (have used them for years) and it helps to block out sounds that can disturb my sleep.

At work I plan to continuously run the silent subliminal as masked would draw attention to the sound from others who visit my office.

So, the people who already bought the product will have access to the masked versions when they’re added, right?

Yes. It’s very easy to update the download links and permissions.

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It’s debatable. Some people respond better to masked, others to ultrasonic. Volume matters too. We believe it’s down to personality. I have a very natural aversion / resistance to authority and being told what to do – so, masked, low volume works best for me. OR, brute force through everything by playing ultrasonic on speakers, loud. It all depends on you.

I’ve got both going in different contexts.