Lion - 1 Year and 6 Months of ASCENSION

So i thought long and hard about whether I could do 1 year (EDIT: and 6 months) of ASCENSION to build a rock solid and basic foundation of alpha mindset. And even though I have tried and failed at doing something similar before, I think it is worth a shot again.

All the stacks I had done so far had their hits and misses. Hits like Elixir + Regeneration, Dragon Reborn, Khan, Emperor + PCC, and WANTED. And misses like Limitless, EoG, Khan + RM + WANTED, and various custom stacks.

All of them taught me something but I must admit I am severly lacking in alpha qualities in my practical life. And am sure ASCENSION will help with that.

Plus add in PARAGON and ECSTASY OF GOLD for my health and wealth goals respectively, and I think I have the stack that will help get the job done.

The one (EDIT: and a half) year plan divided into 6 phases:

  1. Jun, Jul, Aug 2022: Ascension
  2. Sept, Oct, Nov 2022: Ascension + Paragon
  3. Dec 2022, Jan, Feb 2023: Ascension + Paragon + EoG ST1
  4. Mar, Apr, May 2023: Ascension + Paragon + EoG ST2
  5. Jun, Jul, Aug 2023: Ascension + Paragon + EoG ST3
  6. Sept, Oct, Nov 2023: Ascension + Paragon + EoG ST4

It has been 3 years since I joined SubClub as @raphael. And I think I have gained some perspective on what I have to do right now to get my life handled before pursuing more libertine goals.


Yeah go for it, I am also planning after my healing/health optimizing 2-3 months to jump on the Ascension train but I am not sure for how long.


Looking forward to your ASCENSION journey, bro. When will your healing stack finish?


Either at the end of July or August.


What about adding GLM to your first cycle?


It’s a great idea but am aiming for simplicity right now.


How about running Ascended Mogul for a year?

I am sure you have some wealth concerns that Ascension cannot cover.


I did consider AM but I prefer to let Ascension handle my alpha mindset and EoG heal my limiting money beliefs and help in creating wealth.

AM’s Ascension is more targetted towards helping its Mogul half and I wanted to separate both which is why I went with Ascension + EoG.


I wish you success, man!
One question is, why do you stack Ascension with Paragon? I mean, it seems nice to have both benefits but afaik Paragon might overshadow the Ascension program since physical healing takes over. On the other side that could mean 80% is Paragon taking over, 20% is left integrating Ascension while healing…


This happens only with intense mental/emotional healing titles in my experience like Dragon Reborn and Khan ST1 which is why i recommend running them solo (except for stacking with something like Sanguine/Spartan/CHOSEN: The Way of Nature to reduce recon if one wants to). This has been verified by my personal experience of 3 years.

Physical healing (Paragon) and physical shifting (WANTED, Spartan, Emperor Fitness) titles won’t overshadow your other titles (alpha, wealth, creativity, etc) since they don’t affect the mind as much as mental/emotional healing products. It is advisable to not fast when running physical demanding titles though and I find that recommendation to be wise.

Once again, this advice is from a combination of listening to SaintSovereign and my own journey so far.

Much appreciated, my friend :pray:


Instead of doing that he could also choose to run RICH as a supplement to the stack

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True but RICH is a better choice if you want to boost manifestations in an already existing career/business.

My goal is to heal my money-beliefs, move away from my current (practically non-existent) career, discover purpose and be filthy rich over time. EoG is best for all these.


Ehhhh in my experience RICH can cause money to simply fall in to your lap… no joke … had a literal and physical 1k fall into my lap :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Am not looking for that, my friend. I don’t have real issues with getting money but am stuck in a situation where am dependent on the family business so it won’t serve me much to manifest more money through family, friends and strangers.

Am looking for direction and independence in my life with regard to wealth. Not just money since my current wealth circumstance makes me dependent on the family and their whims. Not to mention my health circumstance making it even more difficult.

Click on the post below. It will show where am going with this. Even SaintSovereign has agreed to it with his Like:

Have chosen EoG after a lot of thought and after considering the other options as well.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I have run RICH ZP before. It helped increase my salary by 30% but didn’t change my life significantly. I will run RICH (or a cuatom of it) when I am in a line of work/calling that i enjoy.


@Lion Go for it Lion your plans look real good. This seems very powerful to me. I wish you smooth sailing.

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Have you considered stacking Ascension with

Godlike Masculinity - pure Masculinity, better and faster developed of core strengths, makes any sub works better

Chosen - works Wonder for self development and self esteem

Love Bomb - love is a part of healthy self esteem, better and faster development of other traits

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Much appreciated, my friend. Bless you🙏

All very good suggestions, bro. But right now I want to exercise self-discipline and not stack too much especially at the start.

The plan is to keep my first title in this journey simple and foundational. And let my subconcious mind give it all its attention. And hence Ascension.

Plus I wanted to practice what we preach here at SubClub to new users. Which is to run titles like Ascension first.

My first title was Khan (in pre-Q build). And although Khan has taught me a lot, I want to learn from Ascension too.


All the best to your Journey

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@lion When are you stsrting this stack?

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There should not be any shame or fear of going back to simple titles. I think it is mostly the inexperienced people who need to aim for the most complex in the most quick way.

Sometimes you need a break, take a different approach and see what will be the next step after that.

I will follow your journal/journey closely.