Lifestyle Design

Lifestyle Design

Lifestyle Design - Intentionally approaching the elements and ingredients that you wish to include in your evolving daily life

This is a really important site for attention, for thinking, for (obviously) action-taking.

Being able to just relax with this and allowing it to be a work-in-progress.

All of that is an important link (sometimes a missing link) in how we approach working with subliminals.

Think of it with possibility, patience, creativity, and interest.

Not “fixing a problem”,

Designing a Lifestyle

over time.

It’s okay that it takes a bit of time. And we all do our various experiments and try out different things.

So, I’m putting this here as a kind of personal and communal placeholder for this important area.


What are your thoughts on it and the possibility of a future Lifestyle Design ZP?


The subliminal contributes powerfully to the subconscious elements of lifestyle.

This is the part of the process where conscious reflection can have more of a contribution.