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I’m a 24-year-old unemployed virgin with Asperger’s, very few friends, & not a lot of money living with his overprotective parents in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada (probably the most locked down place on Earth at the moment). I just started a blog to help others like myself become the best versions of themselves (ironic coming from me), because I’m also a university graduate who majored in finance, I am professionally qualified to teach piano in my country (I have a professional pianist designation known as the ARCT), I have a taekwondo black belt, and at one time, I was a high school valedictorian who also happened to play on the football team. I’m also kinda looking to cure my depression brought on by my circumstances. I tried using subliminals before when I was 18 to put myself to sleep, but as you can guess, they didn’t really work too well. Hoping this does! This is my first time using products with this company.

Btw, I got Ascended Mogul on Saturday. If nothing else, the masked subliminal is a nice relaxation tape for me that helps me spend a lot less time on the toilet than I usually do, because listening to it helps me not waste time reading on my phone while I poop. While I have a lot of problems with my life, I really want to be able to have a rotation of 5-7 girls that I’m regularly fucking, as my lack of a sex life (or prospects for one) is really driving me crazy, & I also want to be able to focus long enough & keep my mind on straight long enough that I can actually get my new website some real traffic & get my sleep schedule consistent (it’s all over the place; e.g. one night I’ll go to sleep at 10:30 PM & wake up at 7 AM like a normal human being, & the next, I’ll stay up until 4 AM playing The Sims 4).

I was recommended this from the SelfConquering blog & decided to take a chance on it. If there’s any suggestions you guys have (or even if you recommend me to stay on Ascended Mogul for the next 3 months as a starter like the SelfConquering guy), I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!


Hi & welcome. I see you are from the Toronto area as well.

Ascended Mogul is a great first subliminal. A good handful of people here recommend that as a first sub.


Considering where you start from I suggest you need to stay on AM for a whole year then think about changing subs.

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Back on topic. Removed pretty much all the posts except those related to the introduction.


Very excited to read more about your journey!
Ascended Mogul sounds like a great choice… could get interesting. :eyes:

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Are you still on this?

Yeah. I’m still on it.

Would you care to share your results in the thread from time to time?

Actually I’m not still on this. I created a separate thread called “Ascended Mogul: From Nobody to Somebody.” It’s where I share my results.