Last Supper 🍷, a Journal by Amor



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I’m about to break some bread and pour the wine :wine_glass:

For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that speaketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.


Is this a custom journal or major title journal? Please shift this thread to the correct section accordingly. Thank you :pray:

Emperor Lounge it is. :sparkles:

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If you can turn water into wine I will follow you :wink:

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And lead into gold :fleur_de_lis: too, what’s the difference one may wonder… :scroll:

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The Kolbrin Bible, for all those seeking after Higher Truth, there would not be a more suppressed source on this Earth aiding you in this search.

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This is interesting, I will give this a read

Sharing is caring, thx :+1:

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Very interesting. This the first time am hearing about this.

Reminds of this theory of the missing planet which revolves around the sun every thousands or so years. And the last time it was near the Earth was during the Flood when some of the gods wanted to flood the Earth. But one of the them saved Noah, his family and a variety of animal species using a (space)ship.

Also, these were the same gods who genetically modified us to be the humans we know today. At that time, they made us the way we are to be their work force and mine the earth for gold.

I love crazy stories like that and sometimes spend my time wondering whether they are true or not. Truth is stranger than fiction so why not.

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it must be a funny book to read with mix of Egyptian, celtic etc. with the date of 3600 years :rofl: and maybe UFO and more :sweat_smile:

Well, it’s the same planet – most ancient cultures and civilizations have literature on it, and it’s a big part of our history.

Scientist call this Planet X, they know very well about it. Do not be fooled into believing they can detect “Earth-like planets” from galaxies far away but have no knowledge of a planet which is an orbit around the sun.

It’s a proper text, perhaps a little outdated in the sense that what may have been initiately true may no longer be true when it comes to events and dates because timelines change and so does the Greater plan, as the Will of the many changes Destiny.

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Yes. The Planet X theory. But am wondering how it can be proved. That’s the hardest part about these sort of theories.

I admit I do find it an exciting idea but sometimes I wonder whether it’s true.

Will check the bible out though.

Been using Wanted, Love Bomb for Humanity, and Revelation of Spirit-- which I like to call Wisdom of Spirit, just one loop of this has stirred into motion such a profound process of Spiritual unfolding of which I was initially quite skeptical but feels to me now as the most neutral and most “Spiritual” program available today.

To me, it feels like it does not require much knowledge and understanding from the user’s end and that the simple participation in this process will inevitably bring into consciousness the innate Wisdom that lies buried within the participants Soul, treasuring this Wisdom using insight to bridge Divinity and Humanity.

@SaintSovereign has your experience been similar?

Just one loop of Revelations of Spirit has proven to be super effective.



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Has this one been released somewhere?

Well i have been researching on my own even in the astral realm

With proper investigation you will see zecharia stitchens planet is no more than jupiter, gigantic psyop to install fear in the masses.

Also i believe in buddha saying you should always explore these ideas by yourself and not accepting them as true, as such go dig on robert monroe gateway program, my 2 cents.

Yes. This is the target goal of the script. The revelation (unveiling / unfolding) of the spirit.

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Been feeling cognitively sharp, increased productivity, desire to gets tasks done and fulfilment from accomplish said tasks with great executive functioning from Revelation of Mind.

Improved sentence forming when explaining things.

A lot of things I did not expect from Revelations of Mind @SaintSovereign, barely even slept I should not have ran it before sleep, I slept 4 hours and been super productive ever since.

The hunger to get things done and accomplish tasks has significantly increased.

Focus and concentration has improved too.

Kinda feels like Limitless Executive, @SaintSovereign are you sure that you gave me the correct program, lol?

Perhaps RoM is supposed to have these aspects.

No introspection so far with this one.

This is a problem I have with cognitive enhancing and productivity subs though, I can not run Limitless, Executive Limitless, Beyond Limitless because it degrades my sleep and I’m just in a state of hyperfocus and mental tension.

For this same reason I do not use caffeine because it does not have a beneficial effect on me.

I’m a focused person already.

Not sure if I can use this program.

I have the same problem with Stark, the store program when I run it solitary. The cognitive boosting effect causes sleep disturbances for me and I become a machine of productivity and my mind gets unleashed with creative innovative ideas.


Wow nice results .

Are they also Artisan Products ?