Khan vs Emperor


Anyone done both and can compare?

I plan on moving to EoG ST4 soon and after 2 weeks of getting a feel for it, adding one of these stacked.



Thank you!!


Ran Emperor for 4 months (~12 hrs a day, masked mostly during day, Ultras at night). Results included the urge to be doing something productive at all times, otherwise feel miserable.

I’m right at the 3 week mark of ST3 currently. It’s not as “miserable” as Emperor though I felt the urge to be productive that was reminiscent of Emperor the first and second week. It doesn’t feel as much “do or die”. This might just be because I’ve run Emperor in the past so results don’t feel as profound. I’m also listening more sporadically, and haven’t listened to Ultras at night too much (listening about 6-8 hours daily on average). I racked up 4 or 5 “lazy” days this past week actually, but there are a lot of variables currently so I can’t pinpoint ST3 as a cause for this. I’m back on the ball today though, being productive (arguably other than right now lol).

With Khan I definitely feel more focused on interaction with women (and missed opportunities to chat them up), though they are few and far-between (result of my current location and money goals being more important right now ). With Emperor, I ignored women completely and focused 100% on myself and my jobs.


Khan ST4 turns helped me to articulate myself and through the words I choose when I am speaking. It helped to amplify my sub communication to a whole new level compared to emperor.