Khan - emperor v3


Could someone explain me what is the difference between Khan and Emperor v3? I am reading both products and they seem similar

Khan vs Emperor

Besides the fact that Khan is multi-stage and Emperor is single-stage? Khan has more social and sexual scripting in it, less entrepreneurial scripting. Those are the main two differences, I believe.


It seems both have same goals thats why i am asking


They are definitely similar. Many see Khan as a bigger Emperor, plus DareDevil and a bit of Iron Throne.


khan is emperor but with more testosterone, JK haha that how i see it and that is way overly simplified . please dont take that seriously!


They are VERY different.

Khan is primarily a Social Power sub, with quality relationships & sexual conquests being high priority.
Money making is more of a side-effect because people like & trust you more, and your confidence makes you come across as someone who can get shit done.

Emperor is primarily an Empire building sub, meaning Business building is it’s highest priority.
Women are more of a side-effect because they’re attracted to men of high potential & drive.
While social life is almost an anti-priority for Emperor - meaning you won’t even feel like hanging out with friends, let alone building relationships.

To me, Khan is like Ascended Mogul on steroids, while Emperor is a totally different beast.


It covers me, thank you very much


What you assume will happen if you stack the two?


Try it. \o/ :wink:


Wonderful things.


Stacking effects depend on your personality and situation, best not to guess.

In my case, I have tested stacking Emperor v3 with Khan Stage 3 - Total Action.

By themselves, Emperor’s confidence has the texture of an aloof Sigma Male, while Khan’s is that of a Social Charmer.

My internal state was overpowered by Emperor, even though my behavior was still influenced by Khan-Action.
This was actually a problem, because I didn’t feel good chatting up people, yet I would talk to them, and then say something judgemental and turn them off. :sweat_smile:

So, no. I don’t recommend stacking them.

Besides, I can’t imagine any set of Goals that would fit such a stack.
If someone wants to build a business while running Khan, it’ll make more sense to stack EoG than Emperor.

Moral: Choose your goals first, then the stack. Random testing of stacks is a waste of time. :+1:


You will turn into a modern day genghis khan and take over the world


Looking back I found khan stage 4 and Emperor almost the same apart from what someone has already mentioned there was a charm element that helped temper the cold serious emperor persona.

The most powerful component of khan is stage 1 which helps alot of people kick bad habits. I mentioned in another post that emperor is a “light weight” version of khan this is how I see emperor.


I think you can stack Khan st2 and st3 since both are in st4 so i dont think thats a problem. It can also get you ready for st4 since both are in it along with other subs


I just skimmed through the thread 3 times and did not see any mention of this combination. Given how you woke up this thread for it however, let me address it.

Anybody considering stacking ST2 and ST3, I recommend you do ST4 instead. ST4 has both previous stages woven together in a way that is smoother and more effective than running the previous stages together.

Of course, the recommendation is still to run the stages on their own long enough first. But if you’re impatient…


I prolly posted in the wrong thread :expressionless: someone mentioned how st2 and st3 dont work well together i was thinking they would compliment one another if one were to choose to stack both because they find st4 to powerful


A case of premature posting it is. :wink:

No problem. I doubt they’ll work against each other, they may even complement each other. I do however believe ST4 is a better alternative.



I have posted about this before on the main Khan thread…


I agree with you st4 is better than combining st2 and st3 and putting them in a stack. I just think they would be no harm if a person felt that st4 was to much and combined st2 and st3 Instead


I added my thoughts on them in this thread: Ultimate sexual, masculine, laid back alpha stack

Real results, not description based. Your experience might vary of course.

I’m running them together now…