Ultimate sexual, masculine, laid back alpha stack


Hi there,

As I’m wrapping up months of running ST4 exclusively - i’m considering my next stack. A couple of notes on the experience:
1) Women: with emperor, I had “something” that made women give me the puppy eyes: like 1-2 seconds, looking at me, feeling a bit intimidated. It was like they couldn’t take their eyes off me. sometimes they would blush. I lost that with Khan and want it back. My steady girlfriend(I’m in an open relationship) adores my khan-like attitude. Not so much with emperor.
2) Drive: with emperor I had a huuge drive to do things, but focusing on short term needs. Khan reduced the daily drive, but made me think long term and focus on doing things to meet my long term needs. A balance between the 2 would be great: huge drive but focus on longer needs as well
3) Productivity: for me emperor was miles ahead of khan in terms of productivity. I was literally waking up 2 minutes before my alarm started. It was amazing and I want that back
4) Physical: with emperor I was working out 6 times / week. with Khan I do lose a day here and there and even up to a week pause. Want that back as well.
5) Communication: Khan is doing a wonderful job for a laid back, rational communication style. With Emperor I as getting a bit aggressive when people did not agree with me and in a very polite way I made it clear that they are idiots.Love the Khan on this one.
6) Joyfulness: life seems super good with Khan, things are better, optimism all around. I do walk around with a smile on my face. With emperor, I was feeling a bit alone - but not in a negative way. I want the Khan from this pov

Ok, so the idea would be to create a stack to combine what I want from khan and emperor experiences. I’ve run subliminals in parallel (headphones and phone), so I’m not worried about an overloaded playlist - I’m willing to give it a shot.

So what do you think about this playlist:
Day (ultrasonic)

Night (masked)


Khan - emperor v3

That’s an excellent breakdown of Khan vs Emperor and i have to agree with many of those points you’ve noticed .
I ran emperor v1 way back in april and then switched to primal seduction/ iron throne and khan .

I will buy emperor v 4 when its released and keep running Iron throne alongside it and see what results they bring .

Amazing post


Why not just run Emperor with Khan ST4?


Khan + Emperor + Sanguine in a 1:1:1 or 2:2:1 ratio


When it comes to drive and ambition wouldn’t emperor and khan st3 be perfect since st3 is all about action ?


@xanderson83 - FYI you don’t need to buy Emperor v4 if you had already bought Emperor. It will be available in your Downloads section when they release it.


Thanks for the feedback. So, how about:

Day loops: 2xST3, 1xsanguine, 2xemperor
Night loops: 2xST4, 2xemperor


I can say thats about the most accurate description on both of those subs. Although I may have not given Emperor enough time, I definitely relate to those feelings with Khan


I like this stack. Personally i like emperor more than khan since i dont have any obvious results with khan


Yeah, because Khan is massive and takes lot more time than emperor… But you could work on emperor, then primal seduction, then daredevil… Then Khan would have a stronger effect on it’s own!