All q: khan | emperor | primal | sm | libertine


Here it is: my journal. I won’t post daily, but I will do my best to provide insightful updates from time to time.
I want to run this stack until end of 2020 at least; I’m already running it for about 2 months or so.


  • 40yo male, in an open relationship, doing great in a corporation money wise currently and a bit of life coaching
  • I’m good looking(but nothing to write home about), very fit(best shape of my life tbh, than you emperor)
  • subliminals: used from the launch of subclub emperor, khan, primal, PSIT, Spartan, Limitless, stark, sex mastery. Before stacking I always make sure to run each program individually.

CURRENT STACK (why this stack? see here: Ultimate sexual, masculine, laid back alpha stack)
KHAN Q- ~8 runs a day (split between ST3 / ST4 based on my daily objectives)
EMPEROR Q: ~4 runs a day
PRIMAL Q: ~3 runs a day
SEX MASTERY Q: 2 runs a day
CUSTOM TERMINUS (ASCENSION | PRIMAL | SEX MASTERY) 2 runs a day (first loop for night and day)
LIBERTINE ULTIMA: 2 runs a day

I pretty much run subliminals during the entire day / night. It’s a bit tiring, but I do take naps every day hehe.

1. build a lifestyle where I naturally have access to attractive women. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE FOR ME. I did become lazy here: and no, COVID thing it’s just an excuse: the reality is that women ARE DYING(figurately) to meet an interesting man.
I was working in a corporate “campus”, so this was a non issue before, now… kinda rough.
2. expand the life coaching business (tied to #1): I already met interesting people via the women that I coach
3. start my own business ( working on definined a couple of initiatives now)
4. fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. I’m 40, I have a good 10 years ahead to still (easily) fuck 20yo or so. I’m ok to delay this to focus on #1, I don’t want to force it

I’ve been running this stack for about 2 months, here are a couple of initial thoughts:
1. LIBERTINE WORKS WONDERS. I went 2 weeks to a beach with my gf and some friends of her (gang 25-30yo). The girls nicknamed me Adonis haha(again I’m NOT that good looking). Even if it’s an aura kind of thing, YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING TO SEE RESULTS. For me, is looking blatantly at every girl that I like and smiling if I like what I see; I think walking around thinking about math and expecting girls to day dream about you it’s not going to bring you any results.
On the beach there was this 22-25 yo with her boyfriend, I stared at her, smiling. SHe started back, smiling back at me… until I GOT UNCOMFORTABLE. Like holy shit, she was in the arms of her boyfriend, completely gazing me - like he wasn’t there.
2. KHAN | SM | PRIMAL: damn, that a stack to keep me on my toes. YOU NEED TO FUCK AT LEAST EVERY 2 DAYS, or you’ll go nuts(pun intended)
3. EMPEROR: super masculine edge, drive for workouts (didn;t miss a workout for about 6 months now - I’m a machine)

Khan vs StarkQ Comparison
Alpha 2.0 custom + emperorQ + IronThroneQ + sexMasteryQ

Nice stack , very similar to my stack , look forward to seeing if your results mirror mine .


Month 2

  1. I got a new client for my coaching business. yaaay
  2. slow progress on the 3 other initiatives to make money so I can leave the corporate world
  3. sexual life if great, I literally have stronger erections that when I tried viagra a couple of times. Morning, evening, even night - my dick is ready in seconds since it feels something will going on. The weird thing though is that I’m more focused on having sex with my gf, rather that looking for other girls. I think this is Primal, that makes me so horny that I only care about fucking right there and then. I’ll keep an eye on this.
  4. Fitness, taking care of myself: increases every day
  5. Productivity: soso. If the same, I’ll increase the emperor loops

Another thing that I realized: I considered a couple of times to change my stack “stark is better, you’ll be awesome if you use stark”. I resisted the urge to change and in max 2 days I felt like a leveled up, clarity in what I want, who I am. So I’ll keep this in mind: every time I feel the urge to change, it means that I"M REALLY CLOSE TO A BREAKTHROUGH and ost likely is the last thing my mind does to fight that.

I enjoy this stack so much, that I’m considering a change in my custom: instead of ASCENSION | PRIMAL | SEX MASTERY to move to EMPEROR | PRIMAL | KHAN ST4 | SEX MASTERY. It’s what feels like naturally me.


Awesome, stuff, looking forward to hearing how it unfolds.

If you switched your custom would you just run that with Libertine, or
still stack Ascension, Primal and Sex Mastery?


I’ll make the new custom in terminus as well, so I’ll just run it (at least in the beginning) 4-5 times a day. The rest - I’ll run the usual Q stack(khan- with some st3 in there, emp, primal, sm) with Libertine :smiley:
I’m a bit surprised how well emperor and khan are getting along tbh- I was not expecting that.


I think you may take your results even higher with the above stack change,
do you ever take days off? You’ve got a tough brain it sounds like :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I run Emperor and have Khan Stage 1 in a custom and find they go well together as well. I’ve heard differing opinions but overall sound like they don’t mix well for most. But if you ,and hopefully I, can rock the full power of Khan with Emperor -hell yeah :slight_smile:


I only take breaks when I feel super tired, I always listen to my body. Usually is 1 day every 2 weeks or so.

I’m sure the combo will work wonders for you as well :smiley: WE’LL BE TITANS :))


@lovage - very inspiring. Would love to reach the same destination where you are already hanging out. But need to get my finances in order. Good going, bro!


Good to see I’m not the only one who takes this approach. My stack is pretty dense myself, nothing like the recommended listening patterns, but it’s all about listening to your mind’/body and how it reacts, and experimenting. No strict rules. I suspect some peoples brains are different and dont need so many rest days.


@raphael Thanks man. Careful about the finances coming from a good salary though.
Do not get me wrong, I enjoy them money heh, but it’s difficult to get the drive towards financial freedom. The bigger the salary, the more I dragged my ass to actually start something on my own. While I am grateful for everything in my life, I do realize I could get fired tomorrow and my entire life would be shit until I get back on track.
Not a good way to live my life.


If it works. it works. Everything is a guideline here as we are discovering together how things work and like you said we’re all different.

Let’s say thank you to @Fire and @SaintSovereign for making everything possible,and providing us with best practices. Let’s keep the guidelines in mind and if things are not working, absolutely fall back to guidelines.


Which one of the programs do you feel is best suited for a husband/father material ? As you have experience with them and i need some help maybe you could give me a advice what to run.

Thanks in advance


Dude, I bursted into laughter when I saw your username. Derivation from Hercules or something?

Based on my experience, I would definitely recomend khan+sex mastery for someone in a relationship. Whenever I run khan I get more in touch with masculine core, but I get more empathic as well. Also, the partner feels “more in love” and definitely more sexualy submissive.
I would not recommned emperor: I got colder, feeelings meant nothing and my gf felt belittled sometimes by my attitude.
So, I would go with either khan+sm or just sm to get things started.


Haha, something like that dunno where i got it from used it fort 20years now.

Thanks for the answer. Khan is alot sexual oriented if i want something more to get me to some kind of wealth or drive and purpose is that emperor then or what to add to get that side of the coin to ?


That right there is the reason I combined them(with a higher ratio for Khan).
I’ve compared khan and emperor here: Ultimate sexual, masculine, laid back alpha stack
and with my current stack I’m getting the best of the 2. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have the drive/obsession to do things as with emperor alone, but good enough not to feel I miss out on that.
As of now, I think a khan/emperor stack is great and I can play around with ratio based on short term objectives.


That’s weird, my experience with Emperor is like yours on Khan. But then again, feelings meant nothing before I met my girl.

I think this has to do with the impact of the person, if they’re temporary, we don’t give a shit…

But when they’re not, it’s a different story.

By any chance, I’m the only one thinking it’s like this?