Khan combined with libertine


Thats a very good point and i am thinking the same but my main focus is Khan. I might even drop the loops from Spartan even if it means i will get minor results. Sex Mastery does sex a bit better so i dont really want to drop it. What do you think? What you suggest? @blackadder


Khan ST3 and Khan ST4 gave me effects equal to Sex Mastery.

And either way, you can run a couple of loops before sex.


Yes i read your journal. One of my favourites. Yes sex mastery is more like am on the day subliminal rather than major in my mind. From my point of view i am running st2 and spartan atm with 2 superchargers


Yes, that’s why I don’t think you’re running too many subliminals.

I think you’re doing just fine. I think you’re doing mostly Khan, with Spartan.

Sex Mastery I view it more as a Stacking program. And 2 superchargers is just sweet


Some realizations about the subliminals I am running. Sex Mastery works better when I listen 1-2 loops every day and on days i expect to have sex listening 4-6 loops rather than listening only on days that expect to have sex. Its near impossible to read a book or study for my work if I am running Sex Mastery. With spartan x seems I am losing weight faster but I feel more tired. I didn’t see any increase in strength and it feels more difficult to complete muay thai training sessions BUT my sleep was bad the previous day. Its not like Spartan X decreased my strength and I will have to wait more days. Finally I feel more alert during Spartan’s running time. I felt less energized but I listened to Spartan I felt more awaken. Muay Thai X had obvious results with the less amount of running time while I cant see any obvious results from Spartan X so far. I will run Spartan a few more days but I will possibly return to Muay Thai X

Khan ST2. I am a bit jealous of people running ST3 ST4 and reporting amazing results but I want to do everything in order. No rush. After the first 230 hours ST2 seems lighter and less draining but I am still in my least productive month. I get incredibly jealous sometimes which is unlike me. I can control myself, showing nothing but it eats me inside that I am getting jealous. Its near impossible to run ST2 while working. I am working 10-12 hours and I am very sharp for 8-10 hours. If I am running Khan I feel less sharp after the first 5 hours

Superchargers. I always meditate with superchargers now but I am not consistent. There are days which I didn’t run any loops. I feel my eyes more closed with Libertine and my mood more flirty. Beyond Limitless makes me more creative and more focused while working. Also I feel more ready to work


@rising, maybe Legacy could be a great way for you to get the most out of Spartan, and get it to the levels of Muay Thai X?


@amash I was running Legacy in the past and it is my favourite supercharger because background music is epic. I dropped it because i wanted to use less superchargers (no apparent reason) but i will try it again. Thanks for the suggestion


DAY 24 Khan ST2 hours 265.5
DAY 8 Spartan New Dawn X loops 31
DAY 18 Sex Mastery X2 hours 28.5
DAY 16 Libertine Remastered Loops 14
DAY 13 Beyond Limitless Loops 8

It seems like every time I am gonna make a breakthrough in fitness I am sabotaging myself. For example I was on a really nice pace for 13 days, I was eating healthy and I was training hard. The last week my nutrition went downhill, I was hitting the gym but I was skipping Muay Thai sessions. The last three days I decided to hit the restart button. I was losing weight but body transformed and I could see some difference in the mirror and again today I ate 9 donuts when I went for groceries. This is the 100th time I am doing this to myself. I was hoping Spartan Dawn X could help but I am not sure if it does. I feel like the frequency of sabotaging went down but still I am not happy. I should be less than 10% body fat with the consistency of training but I cant keep my fucking mouth shut

I feel a slight headache when I am listening Spartan X for 4-5 loops after 12 loops of Khan ST2. I am not sure if one intereferes with the other (which wouldn’t make any sense) or I should listen less Spartan loops or maybe listen after few hours. I will propably drop the loops to 3-4 which was the same as Muay Thai. Maybe my brain needs time to process the info from Khan and Spartan

I would like to report that I became extreme lazy in reading books the last few days. I am reading Sex Decoded, Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World and one book from my work. I made 0 progress the past few days. I should have finished at least once. Finally I am learning a new language but I skipped the last three lessons with no apparent reason. At least I am studying a lot for my job because I expect to put many working hours next month, more than 250 hours if everything is good

I remaining optimistic since I read that amash had a tough time in ST2 and it felt better when he moved to ST3 and only 6 more days on ST2

New listening pattern
Khan 12 loops = 9 hours
Spartan New Dawn X 3 loops
Sex Mastery X2 1 loop (more if I to go out)


Libertine 1 loop (1 more if I to go out)
Beyond Limitless 2 loops
The Legacy 1-2 loops while warming up in the gym or in muay thai


Yes, I suspect this is all due to the strong reprogramming in ST2, so stay strong because the results are worth it.

In Khan ST2, for 30 days (before I had a breakthrough) I felt lazy, I procrastinated, I slept too much, I felt weak, and I had no willpower.

But the way you will feel because of this, and you will notice it when you move into ST3, it amazing!

If you’re being lazy anyway, and if I were in your situation, I would stop Spartan and add more ST2 loops. I noticed the more you listen, the faster the breakthrough happens. So this can be a tactical short term change until you get to Khan ST3, then see whether you need Spartan or Muay Thai X at all.


I am far from lazy. In my normal mode i work around 60-70 hours per week but i always have issues with my nutrition. I might remove Spartan and play around only with the superchargers just to see the effects. I just woke up from a 4 hour “nap” and still feel tired

EDIT: I sleep 5-7 hours on my normal schedule without feeling tired. There are days that i cant keep my eyes open now


Today is the last day i will listen to Khan ST2 hitting the 30 day mark and around 320 hours. These were the least productive 30 days of my life. I cant wait to move into ST3. I am not exactly sure how reprogramming worked. I feel the need to build a financial empire, i feel more inclined to save money and invest them than spending. Suprisingly i feel a slight need to be in a relationship. I am not sure yet because i love the single life

I am 100% sure that Khan can be super effective stacking with another product and i think subconsiouly i am trying to find which one. I started tracking my business growth. I have a shortterm goal that i dont want to reveal. Since ST2 helps with wealth manifestation i will track my progress in percentages. When the goal is reached i will assume 100% starting from 0%. I can be negative in percentage if i have some drawbacks

More details tomorrow



The third stage of Khan is completely focused on getting you out there. Total Action, similarly to Total Breakdown and Total Reprogramming, is going to be merciless. Day in and day out it will test you and push you to get out there and manifest your destiny.

It will use your sexuality to the utmost degree to have you taking action. You will feel extremely sexual, all the time , and this will carry over into your interaction with women. They will be able to feel your raw sexuality oozing off you. And if you do not take action, Total Action will make you aware of your failure, again and again, until you do.

But you are not going in alone.

Total Action will support you with the newest updated manifestation technology we developed specifically for Khan – you will be manifesting women who desire to know you and be taken by you, and who will respond to your advances. Of course, you will also manifest opportunities for wealth, and Total Action will make you take those opportunities . And finally, you will be manifesting situations that will cause the most growth, similar to Emperor, so you must be ready to face the challenges that come.

All of this, combined with the extreme push of Total Action and the raw sexual aura you will be giving off, as well as the intuitive guidance of Total Action that will allow you to know which women will be the most receptive, as well as guiding you and teaching you during the seduction itself, will be one of the most powerful weapons you will ever have in your arsenal of seduction and development.

No more idling, it is time to ride out.

This month I expect to work 240+ hours. It is the best month to actually observe how manifestations will work since it will be purely working hours and not studying. It would be nice to observe if I can push my productivity to 300 hours and how Khan will help me to stay focused and full of energy. Also would be nice to observe the reactions of women even though I am very happy with my sex life at the moment

I will track a personal goal in public that I will not reveal. It is a very hard goal. I would be happy if I could reach it in maximum 3 months. I will put the effort for sure. I was at 0% when I started Khan ST2. Now I am at 8.23%. Everything seems promising

Listening Goals:

Khan 12 Loops
Sex Mastery 2 Loops (more before dates)
Libertine 1 Loop (1 more before date)
The Legacy 2 Loops when warming up on training days
Beyond Limitless 2 Loops

Goal completed since started Khan 2: 8.23%

Honest Review of Khan

I just finished Khan ST2

Total Days: 30
Total Listening Hours: 321

Quite amazing that i am sticking with one main sub for so long, especially when the downs are more than the ups so far but it is quite helpful that we are free to add/expirement with more than one subliminals


First day on Khan ST3. I saw a dream that I don’t really remember but it was intense and woke me up. I slept again and then I saw my business friend and myself discussing. Then accidently he hit me with his knee and my vampire teeth broke in half. I was mad and went to the bathroom. I look at the mirror and I observe all my teeth are rotten and ready to fall


Anyone knows if we can listen from bluetooth earbuds or there is a loss? Also the 20khz requirement for the speaker are for ultrasonics only or for masked format too? Thank you


I downloaded Khan ST3 masked and Khan ST4 ultrasonic by mistake yesterday. I listened ultrasonic only without observing that it was ST4. I have to recover those 9 hours i lost the next days. Today i started ST3 but i will count the days since 5-Sept and then i will listen more hours until i hit my listening goals. ST4 felt heavy ST3 feels more light

Listening goals

Khan 270 Hours
Sex Mastery 60 Hours
The Legacy 60 Loops
Beyond Limitless 60 Loops
Libertine 30 Loops

One minor observation even though its too early to say anything, i feel more stronger mentally when i am working. I hope this is Khan’s effect and it will continue to grow


Did you feel this was “too strong” for you? Or did ST4 feel comfortable?


Yes it felt heavy. Definitely heavier than ST3


I saw an insane dream. I was living with my parents and my brother at the age i am now and we were living in a new appartment. I heard noise from the patio and i saw one man looking at our appartment. My parents are coming back and i tell them everything. No need to worry, we have security door and no one can break in they said

I am alone with my brother and i saw two guys trying to break in through the door. They cant open it and they start using a drill to break the key hole. I tell my brother to contact the police but he doesnt know the number. I tell him to contact my mother. The two guys are breaking the key hole and i put pressure on the door trying to block their entrance. I ask my brother if i he contacted my mother, no he replied while writing something in a paper that i cant read. I am slowly losing the battle of the door and we retreat in my room. We try to block my room’s door with the bed but we quickly lose that battle too

Three guys are in. One is massive and the two others very slim. I tell them they can take anything they want, we lost and we will not do anything. I will give them even time to leave before i call the police and they have my word. They take everything including my pc. While they are about to leave i politely ask them if they can leave my pc since i have a very important project for my job. Since you are nice and we know you will keep your word we will do that they said. They gave me my pc and they left. I gave them much time and then i called the police. Then i woke up


That is cool!

If you’re familiar with Igor Ledochowski’s theory of the subconscious, from his seminar Beyond Self Hypnosis, you’re supposed to not run away or resist any internal monsters or attackers you see in dreams or your imagination. You are supposed to surrender to them, let them do whatever they want (nothing happens to you in real, it’s all a dream, no matter what they do), and when they are done, you ask them for a gift.

Those monsters are your shadow trying to reintegrate with you. When you let them hurt you in a dream or steal from you or whatever, it is you becoming more familiar with your shadow. Then, when you ask for a gift, what you receive is the power you have that was stuck in your shadow, and this gives you a mini-breakthrough!

If you want to understand your shadow more, as a man, I highly recommend this book:

Robert A. Johnson - Owning Your Own Shadow: Understanding the Dark Side of the Psyche