Khan combined with libertine


I dont know who he is neither i know what shadow means


In general, Shadow is a repressed parts of the psyche, parts that were denied and unacknowledged.


Thanks for the input


I am not a jealous type of guy but since started Khan, i am getting a bit jealous here and there with nothing out of normal. In the past i rarely felt jealousy but if i did i was exploding. Today something happened and i talked with the other person which was kinda suprising because i was trying to suppress it but i discussed it in a very calm way. I hope it will remain that way, if this is a change and not a random fact


It’s reconciliation.

Check out this:


Can you explain me how you think my case is reconciliation? You mean the getting jealous here and there? From my point of view i am quite happy how i handled the situation because i talked in a mature manner. Maybe you mean something else i dont get


Yes, the new feeling of jealousy when before you never felt it.

It’s probably some emotions you need to process and go through, so it makes you extra sensitive, until it’s completely done, then you go back to normal. A kind of “irritability”.


Ah makes sense. Still positive even though never felt isnt completely true, i rarely felt it but i get the point. That was very helpful thank you


I decided to buy limitless. I will use v2. My goal is to help me with my work and my language learning since i am studying an asian language the last couple weeks. Khan goal is 9 hours listening rest will be limitless except date nights. I am curious to see if i will feel more or less tired when i am studying or working. I cant run Khan during those hours since it is very taxing and i cant really concentrate

Also i am thinking to run 1-2 loops of spartan masked during my gym sessions. I read the script is huge so i dont expect anything when i will run it for few hours every week but every step forward is a step forward

A bit side note. I dont plan to drop Khan ever. It has everything I need and if i produce actual results my base will be Khan and then adding/removing subs depending what i need in my life


Not sure what is going on but recently i have the desire to create a playlist of

4x Khan
2x Muay Thai
1x Spartan
1x Limitless
1x Sex Mastery

I think it is an overkill in my mind but again it seems that Khan works synergistically with everything. Muay Thai and Spartan work for the same purpose. Limitless boost everything above


Overload …too many major programs


Stacking that amount of major subs can also be reconciliation, in that you are trying to avoid facing the scary parts of your mind. Sooner or later, you will have to look at the monster.
Something to consider.


That is a great insight thanks. I already created a new journal having EoG-Khan-Limitless. Eog is weird for me and definitely considering reducing to 2 subs. I never thought what you wrote thank you