Khan combined with libertine


DAY 8 Khan ST2 hours 93.75
DAY 3 Sex Mastery X2 hours 7.5
DAY 0 Libertine Remastered Loops 0
DAY 0 Beyond Limitless Loops 0

I feel like a failure today. It is a combination that I couldn’t be any productive, my nutrition went to hell as I ate 2 pizzas+dessert all day. I think it is the first day the last 5 months that my procrastination took over. I couldn’t sleep at night(I didn’t listen the subliminals during nighttime) which was a major factor on this shit day

Also the last few hours I am having an ‘’I am getting old crisis’’ since I spotted a bald spot on the back of my head. I am searching for hair clinics in my area

I saw a dream that earth were attacked by monsters. Not sure what monsters as I didn’t see them. I saw only the news, the rain, lightinings and the thunder which was a sign that the monsters were arriving. I tried to pickup a dropped sign and then a lightning hit the sign and I instantly dropped it. Then I laughed and I said ‘’phew, that was close, very close’’ looking at a stranger. Stranger looked at me like I was a mad man because I was very close to death and I was laughing

I decided to drop Muay Thai -x even though it is working. There are multiple reasons behind this

-I need to reach Khan ST4 as fast as possible following the rule 350 hours or 30 days, whatever comes later, every stage

-I want to focus on as less subliminals as possible in order to get real results

-I don’t plan on fighting within the next 9 months. When I will slowly fix more important things in my life. I will add a hobby subliminal like Muay Thai-x

I don’t know if it is khan st2 that make me question many things ‘’ Total Reprogramming will make you question yourself and your deepest aspirations, emotions, beliefs, personality traits… until you come out reforged with a purpose akin to steel’’ but I need to focus my life in what really matters and muay thai is just a hobby. Also I will use only 2 superchargers

Listening Routine

Xx Khan ST2 as many hours as possible without getting tired
2x Sex Master X2 loops if I have a date then I will listen up to 6-8 loops on that day
2x Libertine Remastered one in the morning after I wake up / one time randomly in the date, I will restart the days of counting
2x Beyond Limitless one time before work / one time before sleep or nap


DAY 11 Khan ST2 hours 126.75
DAY 6 Sex Mastery X2 hours 11.25
DAY 3 Libertine Remastered Loops 4
DAY 1 Beyond Limitless Loops 1

I did meditate every time i listened to superchargers. I did fell different

Productivity is up and down. It is the first time in Khan that i am thinking to switch over to another subliminal completely, emperor v3. Not sure why. I am a bit confused on this. I cant understand if it is Khan pushing me to Emperor since i need to focus on being more wealthy or it is just me being me

Sex Mastery is working like charm. Unfortunately many times i am feeling too horny and i am jerking off


Sometimes, reconciliation manifests as a need to switch to another sub to run away from the massive breakthrough you’ll get on this sub.

So, it’s counter-intuitive, but this is a sign you should stick to Khan and not switch to Emperor. That great things are about to happen, just be strong and stay enough time to experience the breakthrough.


Exactly this. Stick to Khan and you should see a breaktrough in the near future, I’ve experienced this with multiple subs. I’m going through the same phase as you. My subconsious also keeps telling me that I should switch to Emperor and tries to come up with different reasons to justify the switch. I personally think it’s great, since it means my subconsious is losing the battle and uses this tactic as a last resort.


Thank you both. I will stick with Khan and maybe add more hours


I played Khan st1 for 20 days and then switched to s4. It was very difficult to play(anxiety and other strong emotions) and I didn’t see much difference in productivity. I Then switched to s3(contrary to what was recommended by @DarkPhilosopher lol) and surprisingly, till now I haven’t felt 1 single sign of reconcilation whatsoever. I have become VERY PRODUCTIVE aswell. The urge to get massive work done is stronger than spartan’s kick to workout(atleast for me). And I know there’s more to it cuz, my stack also contains limitlessv2(which I run for quite a long time) so the results are a results are “less pronounced”.
So I think you should consider S3 aswell. It might be just what you ever needed(like it was for me)


If i stay in Khan which i will possibly do, i prefer to do each stage as it was designed. I already have many hours in ST2 no reason to rush


ST3 is easily the best one if all the stages for me.


Khan ST3 is Khan Iron Throne.

So it’s 100% focused on action. Less on reprogramming or healing etc. That’s why there isn’t much reconciliation.

It doesn’t mean that ST4 isn’t the most beneficial, because it’s what will change you on the inside at deep levels. While ST3 is ACTION, ACTION, ACTION


Yeayeayea no doubts s4 will be amazing.

I didn’t read @rising’s journal carefully and assumed that taking action was need of the hour for him(like it was for me).
Hencewhy I said what I said :sweat_smile:


I think when i begin Khan i will give each stage 2 months to really see deep change and rewiring plus it gives each one a good amount of time to sink in !


With Libertine my eyes have different shape, i understand many times my eyes are more closed. My eye contact isnt strong yet or not as strong as before Khan. I always meditate while listening the superchargers since i decided i will use only two


DAY 12 Khan ST2 hours 152.25
DAY 8 Sex Mastery X2 hours 14.25
DAY 5 Libertine Remastered Loops 6
DAY 3 Beyond Limitless Loops 2

Irritation is quite high the past few days. I get annoyed from small mistakes people are making and i respond in a very aggressive manner. Since i started Khan ST2, i feel a need to be in a relationship again. I feel Khan is pushing me to abandon the playboy lifestyle and focus in one woman. I never thought this before. I had two relationships in the past, both under random circumistances. I used to/still love my lifestyle and i dont know why i have this feeling to search for something more serious

I am sleeping with multiple woman. The only woman who really interests me is sending mixed signals. She always responds to messages, when i ask her out she always says yes but she rarely if ever sent messages first which is very annoying as i am used to get many messages from every woman. I tried to drop her so i didnt sent anything for two days but i couldnt resist the third


Theoretically, this means you’re interacting with girls who are less attractive than you.

If you pursue women who are more attractive than you, they will never message girl and they will not send many messages.

But that’s in theory. In practice, how do you compare the girls who message you a lot, and also this girl you like, to your own level of attractiveness @rising?


Its the first woman i met the last 5 years (at least) who doesnt send messages first. I interact with average plus women. She is quite high on attractiveness scale. I am on the higher end of attractiveness aswell. I dont think i am a 9 but i think i am at 8.5 lets say even though most women told me i am higher, i dont believe it because i am not really fit (which i assume if you want to be 9-10 you need 6 pack etc) I had women who were all over me with messages which is annoying and i had normal women who were dropping a message if i didnt send but never two days no contact. Fwiw i always have sex on the first date. That is since i ended my first relationship around 24 age. I am 30 now. I get your point though. I never thought about this. I appreciate the input


Yes. With average plus women, you don’t need game. They are the ones who game you. Which also means you’re getting less than you can if you added stronger Game to yourself.

Women high on attractiveness scale value masculinity and behavior more (Game). So, it’s a sign you should improve on your game. And maybe do something to be around highly attractive women, like become a photographer or promoter or male model.

So, yes, girls high on the attractiveness scale will treat you the way average plus women treat the average guy. And if you want to get them, improve your game skills. But don’t chase her just because she ignores you, that would be needy.


I just realized something. I feel less motivated to train in Muay Thai, i watched much less videos per day and i have a minor injury on the bottom of my back. Also i feel a bit more tired after the sessions. In my opinion these are some very strong indicators that Muay Thai X was working really nice on me. I am considering adding it back since i didnt expect the drop on my overall focus on this area would be so obvious. Again congrats to the creators for this subliminal

EDIT: I would like to add that my nutrtion is a bit off the past few days which wasnt the case when running Muay Thai-X Nothing crazy but small excuses like it is raining, i am already in the mall lets eat here instead of waiting the rain to stop and cook at home. I am taking a look at Spartan, maybe it will be a better overall fit with Khan. I missed two training sessions with no real excuses. Quite big difference on and off sub

Of course priority is always Khan and i will never drop bellow 12 loops = 9 hours daily

EDIT 2: Strong reasons i am leaning towards Spartan than Muay Thai-X

Seems it will help with both Muay Thai and overall healthy lifestyle


DAY 15 Khan ST2 hours 173.25
DAY 10 Sex Mastery X2 hours 14.25
DAY 7 Libertine Remastered Loops 8
DAY 5 Beyond Limitless Loops 3

I missed three muay thai sessions from possible three. Since 15 August 2019, 4 days were off nutrition which was spot on when I was running Muay Thai-X. Also I have a lower back pain possibly from sex

I had a dream fighting with my brother and I was talking really bad to him. I don’t even remember what was the reason and I am pretty sure I hit him in my dream. When we were children we used to fight a lot until I was 16 years old. We never had a physical fight since then and we have a solid relationship the past 14 years

I went out with the woman who didn’t send messages. We were in a club and she asked why I didn’t see her for a week. I said you didn’t send anything and I thought you weren’t interested. She explained her phone is constantly ringing because she has many friends and she knows I am very busy so she didn’t want to get annoying. Fast forward the night, a friend of hers is a bit drunk, I helped her sitting on a couch and then the woman-who-didn’t-send-anything said something which I didn’t quite listen, it was either ‘’do you know what I love about you? That you are helping my friends even though you aren’t thinking to fuck them’’ or ‘’do you know why I love you? That you are helping my friends even though you aren’t thinking to fuck them’’ but it was too loud and I just smiled even though I was very suprised. In my mind I was like what kind of a man will not help a woman in this condition

I observe that Khan ST2 makes me tired much quicker when I use it during my working time. Even though productivity isn’t back to normal, more like 30% of my normal, I feel different. Some of my beliefs are starting to change but not changed yet

  1. I am thinking to save money and invest some. No concrete plan but it constantly nags me in the back of my head
  2. I am starting to get annoyed missing muay thai sessions or eating some bad foods
  3. I am thinking to find a more steady relationship. Not rushing things but my mind is more like would I like to have relationship with this woman
  4. I find I am getting turned on by average women less and less which is really nice
  5. I have negative self talk but most of the time I can talk myself out of it


DAY 17 Khan ST2 hours 192.75
DAY 12 Sex Mastery X2 hours 21 (forgot to write the proper number yesterday)
DAY 9 Libertine Remastered Loops 9
DAY 7 Beyond Limitless Loops 4

Added Spartan New Dawn X to my listening routine. I was hungry when I started my first loop of Spartan but I felt full after the first five minutes. I ate 2-3 hours later without been annoyed by hunger. I have zero motivation to eat anything except healthy food. Even after my Muay Thai session I thought that chicken with sweet potatoes would be really nice

Unfortunately I had a lower back injury when I trained. I don’t know how bad it is. We will know tomorrow but I don’t think I even had such a bad injury before and it was very random. Hopefully Spartan will help me to recover fast

Unfortunately I don’t feel like working. I am studying a lot for my job but money is coming from working. I am kinda jealous for people running ST3 or ST4 and reporting really good results. I am not saying I don’t have results since I can see a difference in my thought process but this ‘’procrastination’’ really bothers me


Dont you think you are ilstening to too many subs ?