Legacy: Honest Review


So I’ve been using The Legacy since the release and I just wanted to give a little update on my results and experience with it. A little background, I have not tried out Spartan yet, my stack for the last month has strictly been ascended mogul/Legacy pre workout as fitness is not my main goal currently. I’ve been working out consistently for about 4 years now (Mostly weights/Power Lifting) but keep active in general so I already had a really strong base built up. The way I’ve implemented Legacy is running a couple loops at the gym while I’m warming up (Light Walking, Streching, Warm Up Sets) and lightly following along with the visualizations.

Here’s what I’ve noticed so far:

  1. I’ve always worked out extremely hard but the intensity used to die off, where as now Intensity is sustained throughout the entire workout, and I haven’t had a bad workout yet. Even if I go to the gym feeling sluggish Legacy puts me in a killer mindset.

  2. My strength has shot up, which with my expierience/strength level is very rare. I’ve been stuck at a plateau strength wise for months now and since I’ve started using Legacy their steadily going up again. (Repped 90Lb dumbbells shoulder pressing today when I was previously struggling to get the 80s up.). Psyched about this as I had a huge mental plateau around going up in weight.

3). Diet has tighter up. I always eat relatively clean about 80% of the time, but before where I would fill that last 20% with desert type foods I’m getting in good Whole Foods, and I really notice the extra boost in the gym

Really thrilled with the legacy, bought it thinking it would be a nice little addition to my pre workout routine to get focused but I’ve been blown away by the results, and finally broke through a multiple month strength plateau. I was literally considering taking steroids to get through it but I am more than content with how I’ve progressed. Going to keep running AM for awhile but I can’t wait to see what I can do on Spartan.

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