Journal: Emperor/Rebirth


I finally bought something :slight_smile:
Bought Emperor and did the OTO upsell for Rebirth.
SO This will be my first journal entry I suppose.
Got both on my iPhone. Will try out masked in bed.

Here’s what I’m starting with
Emperor 3X
Rebirth 3X
But I’m going to alternate them, so Rebirth followed by Emperor, and so on.

total runtime is 4 hours flat (I have the Davy Jones theme, Nights in White Satin, and “Hymn to the Sea” from Titanic I’ll listen to before the subs kick in after that.

Kinda interested to see what dreams I get from this. Hoping it isn’t “too much”…I was actually on the fence about EoG vs Emperor, since I’ve read quite a few good journals about EoG being Emperor on steroids.

But I’ll go this route…My plan is to do this for 30 days, as well as having Emperor and/or Rebirth ultrasonic looping in my office (I work customer service from my home, and have computers in the room I can play that on)

Sorry for all the parens haha. I use that instead of saying “Sidenote” all the time.

Off to the rack now…


Awesome, and I look forward to reading your journal @realbillperry :slight_smile:


Day “0”.

Just woke up. No dreams at all that I recall now. I know I dreamed SOMETHING, but don’t remember any of it.

To be fair, I did stay up later doing stuff, so only slept for 5 hours and 21 mins(According to my Fitbit) where usually I am more like 6-9 hours.

I’ll be looping Emperor/Rebirth today as I work in the office for me job (which starts in 10 mins)


Day 1 (at work)…On my lunch break. Had Emperor and Rebirth on loop alternating. I don’t feel any better in general, nor any worse. Too early for much I suppose.

I feel “normal” which for me is disliking talking to customers on the phone. It drains me…time drags.
I was on the fence about whether I’d include Rebirth after reading how rough other people had it with whatever comes up to work on. Was on the fence about if I’d be able to handle any baggage that comes out interfering with my ability to work through my shifts/assigned hours.

My goal here is to build my own business (eventually an empire of businesses)…100% control over my time as much as possible.

I almost bought AscMogul instead of Emperor since I’m married and don’t need the multiple girlfriends having sex all the time bit. Not that I’d complain about that, but the wife wouldn’t understand :wink:

I went with Emperor since I read Saint and Fire both say in different places that the subs are polymorphic so will adjust to my goals. So maybe sex with the wife will skyrocket in terms of quality.

One thing I’ve noticed about my job is it’s the “being on the phone” part that drains me…when I support customers via the email channel, I’m fine…in fact was consistently top 1 or 2 person in terms of stats/performance metrics.

The company is taking email away gradually I think…so I can’t get back on that side short of manifesting a “miracle” in that regard.

Will check back in later to see if anything new comes up for me.


Regarding Emperor I think you should know that Emperor seems to build up slowly, so we should not expect results too fast. I noticed it again and thought I let you know.


We just need a sub for being patient :slight_smile:


Day 1 (Part 2) Just got my 10 hours work shift done here in the office at home. alternating loop of Emperor and Rebirth…so roughly 4 loops of each playing today.

I feel drained and dead…of course the job does that to me anyway…Can’t say that I feel any worse or better…Only thing I’ve noticed (assuming it isn’t placebo) is my angst about wanting to build my own thing and have my own schedule is slightly more than usual.

First day down…will give it a break and eat with the wife…will listen in bed again…maybe more sleep I’ll get some cool dream sequences to report.


Day 2 (Part 1)
Rebirth 1X
Emperor V3 3X

woke up around 4:30 this morning (wife wanted to use me as a pillow. It’s her “thing”) and did 1x of Emperor V3.

Had a hard time getting back to sleep, so I played with trying to induce sleep paralysis a la Salt Cube method to help me fall asleep faster.

Ended up being in a HUGE building which turned out had everything in it. One of the floors had the set of “Cutthroat Kitchen,” and they were taping an episode. (The show was cancelled a few years back IRL, but in the dream they’d brought it back)

Met Alton Brown, fanboyed on him a bit, then met a chef/contestant having to make 7 really detailed hot dogs are a sabotage (the sabotages either make it harder to cook or take you away from cooking to complete tasks as quickly as possible to get back).

At one point, prior to the Cutthroat Kitchen parts, I was elsewhere in this huge building, and became semi-lucid, maybe Stage 1/2 lucidity, wavering back and forth, but mainly the Stage 1 side…and started popping balloons with telekinesis…tried using that same intent on a random towel I saw, just to see what would happen. Nothing happened to the towel.

Usually the symbolism of my dreams makes sense somewhat, but for now this one eludes me.

Off to the workday now, will be doing 1X Rebirth Ultrasonic and 3X Emperor V3 on repeat mode. throughout the day.


What is that?


It sounds like using salt cubes for auto-erotic asphyxiation just to get into the mood to sleep :smile:


It’s a method to help with lucid dreaming


One thing I want to do is figure out how to have an REM detector both cue me that I’m in a dream ( so I can go lucid) but also start up subs right in REM…I want to see how the lucid dream world would reflect the info on the subs in realtime.


Thats actually a very good idea. Have you heard of mind machines?


Yeah. Mind Machines are cool. The closest I have is the REM Dreamer where even at the lowest light intensity, it wakes me up. But it has a jack on it I’m trying to reverse engineer that’s used to turn on speakers with "You are dreaming’ messages…so using that should make it easy to turn on ultrasonic subs on speakers.

Just gotta disable that damn light on there so it doesn’t wake me up.


Day 2 (Part 2) Work shift is over
I had a loop of 1X Rebirth, 3X Emperor V3…noticed at some point I was REALLY angtsy about hating my job…looked and it was Rebirth that was playing. I removed that so it was just 3X of Emperor looping on infinite repeat, and the angtsy feeling wasnt’ quite as bad over time.

Is it possible that Rebirth is trying to reframe any underlying “traumas” related to disliking my line of work?

I know it’s not realistic to expect these things to make me suddenly love my job…which I wouldn’t want anyway, since that might take away some of the “drive” I have to build my empire.

As for Rebirth…would it be better to listen to it while sleeping? Or would listening during work hours actually hit up whatever traumas or whatever other shit are in there, that are related specifically to work?

I have no plans on being at this job forever, and fully intend to build an empire (main motivator there is as close as possible to 100% control over my time, schedule, energy and attention).

Thanks for reading. I may need to just push through with Rebirth/Emperor so as to see what’s on the other side of all the “bad” shit.


No. I think all it does it take away the emotional charge so you can make a decision about work that is rational and not based on hate :slight_smile:

It’s not exactly about “when,” but more about “how often” do you listen to any sub.

Listen to it as much as I can. I personally let my playlist play near me as close to 24h a day as possible.

This is fear and reconciliation coming up :slight_smile:

Just be aware you will not be the same person anymore 30-60-90 days from now, That person is an empire builder.

So let go and release those thoughts and trust in the process!

That’s exactly it. The only way out in is. You will only make it to Heaven by going through Hell :wink:
cc @Dmitry


@AMASH nailed it perfectly. You see, most of our personalities are based on past experiences which was, at best, not so good. Our identities were forged by traumas and etc. To make life not so unbearable we created Secondary Gains, which means that our current no-so-effective personalities have something positive trade off. Subliminals literally wipe it out and question our REAL selves. When illusions drop its painful, we feel miserable and unworthy. The bad news are - returning to yourself is painful, good news are - it is only in our heads, so when illusions dissipated and pain has gone - we feel anew, powerful, real, authentic, you name it.

If a person with neurotic expectations will use subliminals with a hope of improving his/her neurosis, an expectation hangover will occur, soon or later.

Just be ready for changes and trust that subliminals will do the best. Subliminal Club’s subliminals are questioning you, not imposing questionable affirmations that 99% other subliminals producers do.

I don’t know the mechanics in Rebirth but I feel that it really reframing. If your fear of changes is not so powerful then Rebirth alone can change your life quickly. Even if you planning to run Khan, Rebirth and Sanguine are still very powerful companions.


Thanks for the insightful responses @AMASH!
I’ve been reading plenty of journals on here over the past several weeks. Your responses always seem genuinely curious and insightful, and I appreciate and am grateful for how that makes us all think beyond the superficial in terms of how these things are working for us.


Aye. I think there’s a part of me that worries: What if I DO see changes…what will stop me from falling back into old habits? I figure that’s probably part of what Saint has written about before in terms of the subconscious putting up resistance to preserve the old guard.

This is also why I think listening and running subs daily will help. I’m a fan of the Kaizen approach Robert Maurer uses for for psychology clients in the book “One Small Step Can Change Your Life.”

I’m guilty of wanting quick-fix solutions most of the time, just to escape whatever “shit reality” I am in that the time.

I’m definitely eager to see how far this can help me get before I’m ready to look at new subs.


Day 3: (Part 1)
I just realized that maybe it’s annoying I have multi-parts to these daily entries. I just found it a nice habit to get into where I wake up, and before I start work, use part 1 to talk about the dreams I had from the night before.

Today is a day off…I tend to stay up way later on nights where I don’t work the next day. Last night was no exception. Fitbit has my sleep time starting at 1:49 AM (which is an “early” bedtime on a non-work night)…I got woken up at just after 6 A.M. when my smoke detector started asking for a new battery, even though I just put on in 2-3 days ago.

When I went to bed at 1:49 there, my stack was 3X of Rebirth followed by 3X of Emperor V3 (I did ultrasonic on headphones but made sure volume was only at 25% and FrequenSee showed it at -55 or so.)

Total runtime was 3 Hours 46 mins…My FitBit had sleep time at 3:51 haha. so literally 5 mins after my loops ended, the smoke detector woke m up.

It was only just after e6am, and rather than go back to bed like I normally would have, I was like “Screw it. I’m awake” and came into the home office here and started reading more journal entries on the forum.

As I’m sitting here reading, I’ve had 4X of Rebirth followed by 1X of Emperor.
Total track time there was 2 hours and 47 mins.

I am writing this entry right now because just a few minutes ago, I got a thought that bubbled up (the only way to describe it) that “I’m reading far too many journals right now”

Also, I was reading, I found myself seeing the great results @Joa93 had with Regeneration and found myself thinking “I want that one too!”

I think the thing of reading so many journals is probably a “distraction” mechanism my SubC mind was putting up similar to what Saint mentioned (which I referenced in a reply above).

Same with the Regeneration thing. I’m committing to sticking with Emperor daily for sure, and I’ll do Rebirth if/as it seems like a good addition on any given day.

I think the thing that surprised me the most so far today is feeling awake enough after less than 4 hours to not go back to sleep!

Dreams that I had during that amount of sleep were mostly non-descript…I met a friend somewhere and we talked about basic stuff like weather and so on. He and I don’t talk IRL anymore sadly. He was there with his daughter. She’s soon to be 23, but I knew my friend well before she was even born yet. So I’ve known her her whole life. She’s freakin gorgeous now and if I were single, I can’t promise I wouldn’t try to hook up with her.

I don’t feel bad or guilty or any of that for thinking that about her but wonder if I SHOULD. But I don’t. haha

EDITED: Forgot the dream report!