Jayvee - Starktasmic QV2 & Mega R.I.C.H Ultima

I finally decided to buy my first custom. I put a lot of thought into this and made sure the entire subliminal is focused on wealth creation, business, and taking action. I’ll be using this journal to track my progress. Most likely I’ll do weekly updates, that way I can focus on taking action during the week. I’m going to take a break from subliminal use for a couple of weeks to do a full washout before I start listening to this custom.

Here are the modules I put in the custom:

  1. StarkQ Core
  2. Mogul Q Core
  3. Quantum Limitless ST4 Q Core
  4. RICH Core
  5. Wealth Limit Destroyer
  6. Financial Success Reality Shifter
  7. Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
  8. Instant Business Tactician
  9. Leader of Men
  10. Informaticon
  11. Productivity Unleashed
  12. Furious Ascent
  13. Natural Winner
  14. Carpe Diem Ascended
  15. Yggdrasil

I’m happy with the progress I’ve made from the major programs and am looking forward to the results I’ll get from this custom. I’ll give some background on my goals with this. I’m starting a home inspection business, I realized how well this type of business would fit with my current skill set because I’ve got a few years of experience as a fire inspector. I’m enrolled in a certification course and will be starting an LLC as soon as I get my certification. Once I start making a profit, my goal is to save up for rental properties and grow an empire of rental properties.


Add secrets of Akasha, Marketweaver, and positive being attractor to get extra creative with the business strategy


I already placed the order. I’ll add those in on the next one.

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That will be the perfect time to add those, sweet.

Best of luck in the home inspection market!


I’ve listened to the custom twice this week. I planned to take a long break. But I ended up getting my custom the same day I placed the order, even though I didn’t ask for it to be rushed. Thank you to the Subliminal Club staff for getting the order to me so quickly. I knew I wouldn’t be able to wait two weeks to listen to it after getting it the day I ordered.

On Tuesday I listened to the custom and after about 20 minutes I had this feeling that I liked what I was listening to. That lasted for the rest of the time playing it. Once I was done I went about my day and didn’t notice much of a difference until about five hours later. At the five-hour mark, I felt an incredible sense of focus. Which for me is out of the norm, I’ve had ADD my whole life and my mind is always all over the place. It was nice to have that kind of clarity, I hope that is a constant as the script integrates more.

This happened while we were out for lunch. After getting home I read a chapter from my home inspection textbook. The effects of intense focus lasted for another day and started to fade yesterday evening.

Today I listened to the track this morning. I woke up at 530, put on my headphones, and went back to bed while playing the tape. The intense focus didn’t come back but I found myself talking with everyone. In the morning we went and did some training. My manager gave us an on-the-spot training exercise. I ended up taking charge of the drill and solved problems that were happening on the fly. The managers that were with us even commented on it after. They said, “way to step up and take charge when things got chaotic.” I wasn’t trying to take charge, everything seemed to happen naturally like I knew the solutions as problems came up.

We are currently buying a house, so once work settled down I called one of the insurance companies for my area. I ended up talking to the agent for like 45 minutes. I had her cracking up on the phone, she told me her life story and told me a bunch of drama about things going on around the town. I don’t talk on the phone with anyone this much. I’m guessing that is Stark starting to kick in because I haven’t been very social since COVID started.


I had an idea for an Ultima come up after reading my home inspection textbook. Since the business will be run and operated by me at the beginning, growing it effectively will require excellent customer service and satisfaction. An Ultima that is based on positivity and likability would help give me an edge compared to my competitors. Here is what I’m thinking:

  1. R.I.C.H Core
  2. Secret Source
  3. Sanguine Core
  4. Dragon Tongue
  5. Love Bomb Core
  6. Productivity Unleashed

Not sure about the last one, but the rest cover my goals. Does it have to be six modules? I’ll see how things go once I get the business going, but this is my initial idea for it.


I’ve been thinking about my own life satisfaction today. It’s not that I need to grow wealth, this is more of a want. This week, for example, I had an excellent time at work, I enjoyed what we did, and I worked extremely hard. I still worked towards the home inspection certification, but I don’t have that rush to get it done. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m happy with what I have, my income, and my job, so the motivation and drive to work on a side business just isn’t really there.

I have talked about wanting to start a business for years but always seem to avoid it, as if somehow I always push it to the side. I got heavily involved in the pick-up/self-help community in my early 20’s so it’s ingrained in me that I always need to be growing. But do I really? I think that mindset has done more harm than good because no matter how much I achieve, how many awards I win, how gigantic the accomplishment is, I never think it’s good enough.

Has anyone here experienced any moments of mental clarity like this? How did you work through it?


Damn this looks good

I did the furious ascent natural winner combo you’re in for a great time


I’m looking forward to it. :grinning:

How did the results of those modules manifest for you?

Listened to my third loop this week upon waking up this morning. I’ve been in a bloom/lite recon state this week. Today’s loop hit me stronger than the previous two times I listened. As I write this I’m feeling anxious and I keep thinking about healing subs. I knew this would happen because it is a pretty hefty custom. I’ve been looking at the pages for Regeneration and Dragon Reborn. I know I don’t need them and it’s recon, but the feelings are strong.

I’m going to take the next two days off. My goal is to follow the general advice I’ve been seeing lately on the forum. Do 3 more loops next week, then take a week off.

Here is a meme show you guys what I’m like at this moment:


Nice build. I particularly like the Quantum Limitless ST4 Core.

Also like that you used 15 modules rather than the max 20.

Shows focus.


Quantum Limitless ST4 is in there because of you. Thank you for recommending it when I asked you about it a while back. I appreciate your input.

My main reason for going with 15 was because I felt that the ones I chose were all I needed. I read through all the modules on wealth and results enhancement. Adding any more than what I chose seemed redundant. Once I had every area I wanted to work on covered, I called it good.


Both of these give a strong to forget your comfort zone almost effortlessly in pursuit of greater things, if there’s even a 10% change of you getting something that you previously woulda thought “not worth the effort” will now be something you’d jump to try and get the W in, unphased if it doesn’t work out

basically to be more deep with this, it destroyed a lot of my former rationalizations and excuses and buffers rooted in fear of failure, relating to things I KNOW I WANT, even if the chance of failure is high
and ive been surprised to find that success rate is closer to like 75% when i shoot for these things.

great combo


i did, if you set a goal to appease any entity but yourself your soul is going to resist it hard.

now, think about yourself as your mental point of origin and not ANY SINGLE PERSON ELSE.

your wants would be different, something with a mancave, your favorite PC, perhaps a nice cinema room? a certain type of car, a certain type of wardrobe, and finally a certain sense of peace and OBJECTIVE ACHIEVEMENT. add in physical health like hitting the gym after a long day of work, going to the beach to on weekends to be stared at by hotties.

if you’re thinking about these wants before thinking about what is set in stone for you as a “man” of today’s society (it always involves women and being gigachad.) you’d aim for the stars.

when you’re thinking about nobody but yourself as the star of your movie…You’d go for a business tomorrow.


I agree with everything you said. Looking at my situation from the outside, I am very comfortable. I have a high-paying job with good benefits, because of this job I’m able to provide an excellent life for my wife and kids. The fear of stepping away is bringing up these thoughts. If I was on my own, I could walk away from it with no issue, but the fact I have others relying on me is what keeps me where I am at.

I know I am capable of starting and growing a successful business, but my own fear is the reason I keep holding myself back.


these subs are a cheatcode

if it werent for subs id give u reasonable advice to just do what youre doing and not risk but with these subs it seems like you’d be able to go for it due to the manifestation technology with the right program or custom


because well…if you weren’t mentioning it so much it wouldnt have been a strong innate primal protector need to want to own your own business to provide more, you woulda been like “Im happy fuck it lemme buy diamond to fuck my wife harder”

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On my second rest day. I bought Regeneration last night at the peak of my recon. Today I’m like why did I buy this? I like following the 1 day on 1 day off format. I like how I get a bloom/recon response on the off days. It’s a refreshing change from the total overwhelming zombified feeling I was getting when listening five days a week.

An interesting coincidence happened that I think is a result of the custom. I was nominated for a union rep position. I usually avoid political stuff at work, but it sounds challenging and fun. Another thing that happened was I was told to put in for the upcoming promotion. Word of my performance during the training exercise reached upper management. I think it’s interesting because the union position helps my fellow workers and the position my boss told me to apply for is management, which removes me from the union. Both positions contradict each other.

I think Ascended Mogul finally integrated. I haven’t listened to it for about a week and a half. This week I actually enjoyed work. Which is NOT normal for me. I’m the type of person that always has a good attitude but I would much rather be home. Even my wife was like are you okay, you never enjoy being at work? I already believed that these subliminals work, but this is a deep identity level change.

Processing day today. Definitely was in a bloom state for most of the day. I know I’ve been on a emotional rollercoaster since starting this custom (anyone reading this journal can see that) but it’s worth it. I decided to not let my fear get the best of me. I’m enrolled in a certification program to start my home inspection business but have yet to start it. I’ve been using reading the textbook as an excuse to postpone starting. Today I changed that, I buckled down and started the course. I’m not going to let my fear stop me from starting a business. That was my reason for getting this custom and I plan on making my goals a reality.

I know I’m making good progress at work. But like @Yazooneh said. What would I do if I was the star of my own movie? I would start my own business and live the life of my dreams. I know I provide a great life for my wife and kids but I want to give them more than comfort.

I already told @raphael about his help with getting regeneration in his journal but I wanted to say something here. His journal on Regeneration and Elixir was the reason I bought it, anyone curious about those programs I highly suggest you read it. I don’t plan on listening to it anytime soon but my wife is interested in it. Which is a miracle because I’ve been trying to sell her on subliminals for the last few months and that journal is what finally sold her on them.


The Elixir + Regeneration stack was the only time I was able to stick to a stack. This comment inspires me to do more of that.


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