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I’ll be listening to my customs tomorrow. I’m glad I took a short break from listening. During the break, I had a lot of clarity.

I realized the promotion I was going to put in for was something that deep down I didn’t want. Other people wanted it for me, but it wasn’t something I would be happy doing. At my last department, I got promoted and after a year I hated it. I felt taking this promotion would lead me down the same path of misery.

I also found out some good news this morning. I won the election for the union rep position I was nominated for. I searched my last journal to find the post. Here it is:

I won with 75% of the votes. This is an exciting move for me. I found out that there are a couple of conferences each year for the union reps to go to. Fully paid for by the union. Most of the guys on the union hate going to these things, so I will be taking full advantage of that. I don’t understand why these guys would say no to a free vacation.

With not taking the promotion I’m back on track with getting the home inspection certification. I reactivated my account and am picking up where I left off.

For this journal I’ll also be running the blog I started in my last journal. It’s not a priority but I enjoy writing, so I’ll keep it going.

Major goals are:

  • Get my home inspection certification
  • Start an LLC
  • Post weekly on the blog

Here is what I’ll be listening to:

The Wayfinder QV2
  1. StarkQ Core
  2. Mogul Q Core
  3. Quantum Limitless ST4 Q Core
  4. R.I.C.H. Ultima Core
  5. Wealth Limit Destroyer
  6. Financial Success Reality Shifter
  7. Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
  8. Instant Business Tactician
  9. The Way of ROI
  10. True Sell
  11. Leader of Men
  12. Informaticon
  13. Productivity Unleashed
  14. Machine Action
  15. Furious Ascent
  16. Natural Winner
  17. Carpe Diem Ascended
  18. Yggdrasil
  19. Current Invoker
  20. DEUS
Best Selling Author QV2
  1. Ascended Mogul Q Core
  2. Renaissance Man Q Core
  3. Ultimate Artist Q Core
  4. Ultimate Writer
  5. Chiron
  6. Story Teller
  7. Lifeblood Fable
  8. Sacred Words
  9. Overdrive
  10. DEUS

And I’ll occasionally listen to my custom Ultima whenever I need a boost.

Mega R.I.C.H. Ultima
  1. R.I.C.H. Ultima Core
  2. Secret Source
  3. Limit Destroyer Ultima Core
  4. Furious Ascent
  5. Limitless Executive Ultima Core
  6. Natural Winner

Starting tomorrow I’m going back to the 1 on 1 off schedule and will do that for three months and finish with a washout. Here is the date to start the washout as a personal reminder: 27 Nov 21


Congrats on the promotion, @jayvee!!!

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Haha, thanks, the union rep isn’t a promotion but I’ll get to help people at work and get some free vacations out of it.

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Wayfinder x1
Best Selling Author x1

Last night I saw Storyteller start to take effect. We had a birthday party at work for one of the guys. His family was there along with everyone on shift. I started telling stories. During each story, I noticed how engaged everyone was. My tonality changed with the story and I moved my body a lot more. It was awesome to hold a room like that, have people laughing, and be completely drawn into the story I was telling.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that for the last couple of days I’ve been incredibly persuasive. I can’t say it’s True Sell yet because today is my first day listening to it, but it could be from Sacred Words in the writing custom. If I’m already more persuasive from Sacred Words I can’t wait to see what True Sell has in store for me.

I haven’t had a chance to get much done today. I had to wake up at 0430 this morning to cover dispatch for 6 hours. So, most of today was me sitting zombified in dispatch. This afternoon I took a nap and I’m planning on working on the blog and doing a few sections of the home inspection course. As always, I’ll report more of what I notice over the next couple of weeks.

Another thing I noticed was there is no recon. I had already listened to the Stark custom for close to 3 months before the washout, so I think I’m used to the four cores in it since those are all the same. The writing custom is smooth as butter as it has been since day 1.


Mega R.I.C.H. Ultima x1

Today I can feel the influence coming from The Way of ROI. I listened to my ultima this morning for a boost and got to work. I bought a planner for the blog and mapped out all the content I’ll be pushing out for the next month. I set Monday as my writing day, Wednesday as the editing day, and Friday as the publishing day. Each week follows the same theme I set for the month. I think this boost in energy and organization is also coming from having Productivity Unleashed and Machine Action in the same custom.

For me, a planner like this is vital because if I don’t have a plan my ADD kicks in and I end up all over the place. The modules I chose for the reforged Stark custom were an absolute win.

On the home inspection front, some good progress is being made. I’m currently working on the roof inspection course. I’m learning some good stuff. Roofs are something I try to avoid going on, I’ll likely follow the course recommendations and do the inspection from a distance or use a drone to see everything.



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The Way of ROI is stronger than I thought. Each day I notice that I approach tasks by analyzing the benefits of doing the tasks. Instead of saying I need to do x, y, and z; I’ll look at my day like okay what is the one thing I need to do that will benefit me the most.

This morning I saw True Sell come forward. We had our final checkout at the house we were renting. Each time the landlord would mention something I was able to reframe what she said in a way that took the blame away from us and put the responsibility on the landlord. After we finished my wife mentioned how well I worded the sentences when I was speaking with the landlord. Because of my smooth words we are getting most of our deposit back. $1600 :moneybag:

Major strides are being made on the home inspection certification. I’m a couple sections away from finishing the roof inspection course.

I’ve been taking the Sales and Persuasion Masterclass by Daniel Pink. So far so good, he presents some stuff I haven’t seen before in sales courses. I tried a couple of the techniques to get my kids to go to sleep. It worked. If I can get my toddlers to sleep, that’s a sign that I’m becoming a true salesman. :joy:


How about the negotiation one by Chris Voss?

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I’ve watched some of that one. I read the Chris Voss book a year ago and enjoyed it. Have you gone through the course?

Edit: I also think I should go through that course. Especially with being a union representative now. I’ll need to work on my negotiation skills.

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:+1: Right on!

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Didn’t do anything productive yesterday. I woke up at 3am and couldn’t go back to sleep. It was also my first day at work, so needless to say I was not a model employee. The only thing I listened to was the Dreams supercharger before bed. It helped me relax and get to sleep easily. I’ll try it again tonight.

The guys I worked with yesterday are into self-help. We chatted about subliminals for a bit. They were very receptive to it. While chatting one of the guys recommended a book called The Rational Male, another recommended The Ego is the Enemy. I picked both of them up.

I’ve been stressed lately because we packed on some debt from moving. To combat the debt we stopped using the credit card and are aggressively paying it down. I also picked up an extra shift each week for the next month. With the extra shifts we will have the card paid off in 5 to 6 weeks. I’m using the extra time at work to work on my home inspection certification.


All I will say about this one is “the truth will set you free but first it will piss you off” :grin:


The guy who talked to me about it told me it is pretty intense. But the insights he told me he gained from the book were all true, so I figured it would be worth the read. I read the introduction and first chapter during my lunch break. So far it’s good, I’m glad that the author doesn’t call himself a PUA, and is writing the book from a psychological perspective. The PUA community tends to be misogynistic and generally leads to the incel (I deserve sex because I’m a man) mentality. From what I’ve read so far, the author takes a different approach to give men a better perspective of gender relations and self-improvement, instead of giving tips and tricks on how to talk to women.


I got in a good workout this afternoon. I had fallen off of working out which led to some weight gain, plus I haven’t been eating the best. One of the guys at work last night helped me reframe the weight gain slump I was in. He told me to forget about the initial amount that I lost and stop focusing on the weight I gained back. He said to only focus on my weight now and asked me what did I do to lose the weight before. It was such a great reframe for me. Staying in the past was keeping me from making strides and improving the present and future.

I also read another chapter from The Rational Male. The chapter was great and discussed power in relationships. He used a lot of PUA lingo but seems to be knocking on the community. There was a line about how learning pick-up routines through rote memorization won’t fix the bad habits that most men have, which I totally agree with. The talk about power dynamics in long-term relationships was interesting as well. It made me think about when I was dating my wife. Before we got married she told me I was one of the first men in her life to stand up to her and tell her no. Really good book, I also like the way the guy writes, he holds nothing back.


Absolutely! Rollo writes from an evolutionary psychology perspective. Neither sugar coating nor exaggerating why sexual dynamics work.

PUAs do work on some of these principles but they don’t understand the underlying mechanisms of what is going on and hence end up failing in the end.

Interestingly the PUA community is what led Rollo to think about this stuff and write the Rational Male series in the first place because he was trying to figure out why PUA worked very well sometimes and didn’t work the other times.

Good stuff.


I’ve noticed some changes over the last couple of days. The first thing is I’ve been incredibly quick-witted. I’m not sure if this is from Stark directly or one of the sales modules but I have been on fire. I’m not sure who on the forum is in public service jobs, but they can be brutal. There is usually non-stop trash-talking, most of the time in good fun. Of course, sometimes the trash-talking can go a little too far, but good communication usually fixes that.

Well, this past week I have been able to slam the burns back like it’s no one’s business. I’ve also been telling good jokes and stories which is likely from Storyteller. The speed at which I’m coming up with the jokes and responses is something new, and I like it.

The second thing I noticed was that I can connect with people on a deep level, especially when I’m one on one with a person. I looked at the sales pages for the different cores I have and I think this is coming from Renaissance Man.

As a newly rising Renaissance Man, you will see your ability to connect with others increasing massively owing to this intensity. You will become able to feel what others feel and sense their thinking.

The other night I was sitting outside with one of the guys. During our talk, I found myself naturally asking questions to help him dive deeper into the issues he is having. He was having trouble finding the words to express what he wanted to tell me. I was able to pick up where he was going and help him find the words.

Today I sat down with one of the top-level managers at work. We discussed why I didn’t want the promotion. I was honest with him and explained that the shift I’m currently on is such a positive and constructive environment for growth and happiness that I don’t want to give that up. I explained what my last department was like, how toxic it was, and how his fire department is the exact opposite. I finished it off by telling him it’s the happiest I’ve been at work in 13 years.

I was able to express myself to him without fear. I was honest and it felt great. He was genuinely happy that I was honest with him and glad to hear such nice words about the department.


Dreams Supercharger
Last night was the third night in a row I’ve listened to the Dreams supercharger. I only remember one dream in particular. In the dream, I was trying to contact people I cut off in the past. I kept trying to contact these people over and over again. Each time I was met with no response. As the dream went on I felt depressed and sad that these people were ignoring me. The dream finished with me remembering why I cut these people off in the first place. I realized that all these people brought me nothing but pain, so why should I waste time trying to contact them.

The dream reminded me of my personal power. After getting out of the military I started hanging out with some really toxic people. I finally cut them off and my life started to get a whole lot better. The way I cut them off was rather harsh. At the time I thought I was being self-destructive, now I realize that it was self-preservation. Interesting dream, I’ll keep listening to the supercharger and see what other insights I gain.


Yesterday I listened to the Generating Abundance meditation by Joe Dispenza. During the visualization parts, I imagined myself paying off my credit card and paying off my mortgage early. The meditation was highly relaxing and I had no issues with the visualization part.

Today I listened to the Stark custom early this morning. I woke up at 4 am and could not get back to sleep. To make the most of being up I listened to the custom and read for a bit.

Around mid-morning, I felt incredibly tired. There was a lot I wanted to get done with the home inspection course. I laid down and listened to my ultima. Laying down and playing the ultima definitely helped. I have some energy now.

I finished a huge part of the roof inspection course. Tomorrow I’ll complete the course. I need to inspect my own roof, write a report, and take the final test. All easy stuff. I’m on track to finish the certification requirements in the next six weeks.

The stress I was feeling about the credit card early this week is gone. In the last two weeks, we’ve managed to pay off a quarter of the debt. We will likely have the card paid off well before the six-week mark as I expected. Especially with all the overtime I have scheduled right now.

I read another chapter of The Rational Male. It’s still good but the part I’m on about plate spinning doesn’t apply to my situation at all. I can see the benefits of what the author is discussing for a single man, but I have no use for that. I’m not surprised by this. The guy who recommended the book is married as well and told me that a lot of the book won’t apply to my situation.


I finished the inspection of my roof to complete that part of the course. Unfortunately, I did not pass the certification test. After finding out my score I got a list of everything I missed. I’ll go through the course to review all the areas I missed and give it another shot.


I passed the certification test for roof inspections!

I went through and redid all the quizzes for the course multiple times. Then I made a word document and put all the quiz questions with the correct answer. Took a couple of hours. I just went and took the test and passed it with a 93%.

Most of the courses follow the same structure so I’ll do that for every course from now on. I have electrical inspections next, which I know nothing about. To help with this I ordered an actual textbook to complement the course. I’ll read through that, write down all the quiz questions, and hopefully be over-prepared for the certification exam.

Today has been a good day for me. I feel like Stark and Carpe Diem Ascended are in full effect. Everywhere we went today I’ve been chatty. We went to the dump a couple of times and I was chatting with all the workers there. After the dump, we went to the grocery store and I started talking with the workers and had them laughing. I’m spreading good vibes everywhere.