Into The Unknown - (Friday's Diary)


This mainly happens as a result of practicing the 4-fold breath technique, the longer you do it the more altered your state of consciousness will be. Besides you’re awakening, experiences like these are going to become quiet common for you over the next couple months.

The day science starts to focusing on the non-physical phenomena they will finally understand science itself. Keep practicing and your well being as well as the effectiveness of subliminal’s will steadily increase.


Yeah I’m sure there is a relationship between my subconscious and reality… considering my subconscious EXISTS in reality.

But to say it has psychic powers to manifest things such as “angel numbers”…

Boy, no.


Maybe we shouldn’t look at them like psychic powers, it’s just the influence consciousness has in the universe, maybe consciousness is a fundamental feature of our universe and the reason our reality exists and is the way it is. Not telling you that you should believe that, but it’s fascinating when you look into theories like morphic resonance. idk about angel numbers but synchronicities are common for me.


Correlation does not equal causation


You’re entitled to your opinion – it doesn’t matter to me either way. However, do not ever refer to me as “boy” again. This a civil forum. Everyone here is required to treat everyone else with complete respect.


i think my subconscious is very stubborn thats why I am able to handle a large number of loops with terminus and its the first subliminal that has dug down really deeply and helping to uproot some deep issues.


I was suspecting something similar for myself. Don’t know for sure, but I wondered.


“When I was a little kid, I was really scared of the dark. But then I came to understand, dark just means the absence of photons in the visible wavelength - 400 to 700 nanometers. Then, I thought, well it’s really silly to be afraid of a lack of photons. Then I wasn’t afraid of the dark anymore after that.” - Elon Musk


@friday - okay, that scientific explanation of the dark was excellent. I had my own case of being in the night or when the lights were switched off when I was a child and it was quite difficult to overcome. With this way of explaining it, it does make the even little fear of dark I have now, vanish.


That fear of the dark thing is funny. I always assumed kids were afraid of what was in the dark, not darkness itself. At least that’s what happened with me. I remember leaving my basement as a kid, turning off that last light switch, then running up the stairs. Always thought something was gonna grab me from behind



I am (aware), therefore I am


Doing a subliminal washout until buying and running my custom Q

I already feel my brain thanking me for it


Interestingly, the dreams continue to be extremely insightful. Now they evolve about the past day or future day, always looking at certain situations from a different emotional/physical/spiritual angle.

Since two weeks ago I am also experiencing more “bad” dreams, where I wake up in shock. This is especially noticeable when I take power naps, and also continues when doing the washout.


Today had a dream where my tooth were getting checked from a dentist and I was there with my mum. We were investigating them in a 3D-life-size model where one could stand/walk in. But the details probably don’t really matter.

Today, the first thing my mom tells me that the inside of her teeth fell out or is broken (something like that)

Also, had a dream about the guy representing my “bully” in my dreams. I know him for long in real life, we had been good friends as we were younger but then went on very different paths. But while I liked him back then he was never a good friend of me, betraying me and stuff like that. Right now, we are studying medicine together but mostly don’t talk with each other and I try to not be near him.

In my dream we met in a situation where we just had to talk, and so we chatted for a second and it was okay. I did not feel any bad feelings towards him but just chatted like I would do if we really meet right now and then left. After waking up, I realized that Attachment Destroyer is probably the most useful healing module for me, even more than Februus. Because I am mostly healed but there are just things I am holding on. There is no reason for it. Just need to let it go


In the last days, I made some realizations and plans for the future by following my intuition, thinking, meditating and studying themes and symbols of my dreams

#1 Continuing studying medicine - I believe it is not the right time for me to drop out. Furthermore, when the world will begin to shift, people like me will be needed to lead the scientific community in a different direction. The world-leading doctors, scientists, and logical-based thinkers are probably the ones who will struggle the most with the changes that are yet to come - as this would need their insight that 90% of what they believe in, got taught, and even teach all those years is (partly or mostly) wrong. Having people inside this community, and not outside individuals, who lead and change their minds and show them the new way, will be an extremely important factor in helping the new changes to manifest.

#2 Leading a team of 10-20 of fellow students to create the best elaboration of the content we are learning. This includes people, who pre-write, go to the lectures and seminars, summarise, make and attach pictures (maybe even memes), add more useful information/ new scientific findings and create Anki cards. It will be hard to make it work at first because all the people involved must operate like clockwork, but I believe it can work. The benefits would be amazing, spending 10x less time on learning for college and knowing 10x more.

#3 Using the free time with the help of #2 to becoming a magician and going my path of spiritual growth. This can be also summarised as going full Hermit-mode.

For now, I will continue my subliminal washout and then listen to Quantum Limitless Stage 4 for a month. After a month, or maybe earlier I will stack it with Khan Stage 4 to see if I am satisfied with results I am getting or need Stark in my custom. After that, the missing 50 modules will probably be added already and maybe more cores and modules, or even some new stacking modules, and I will have read some reviews and get a better picture to what to put in my custom/customs.

But all of this is not set in stone yet. There are always new insights coming in and I am only beginning my spiritual journey.


Now, this is interesting. The same thing happens to me, I thought I was the only one. I’ll sleep all night and have no problem, but take a mid day power nap and have nightmares and wake up with reconciliation and a headache.


I told you guys that there’s a clearing and purging going on in 4-D, the Astral. Globally a massive amount of people have reported ‘bad’ dreams in the past week or so.

Trust me it is a good thing. I bet you won’t be having any nightmares after today. Because the following has just hit us! There’s no doubt in my mind that you guys can feel this energy.


I will add some excerpts from the conversation with Hermit again

And from today:

It is actually getting scary at this point.

MY DREAMS COME TRUE. Or like half of it.
I reported it yesterday and the week/weeks before.
At this point, there is actually no possibility that it is all a COINCIDENCE.

I dreamt about talking with my neighbor Ralf. I haven’t seen him for weeks and we normally just meet when we invite him or when you are lucky you have an 11% chance when you walk around his house that you see him.
So today, 2 hours after waking up and recalling my dreams, I was walking upstairs when I suddenly see him walking the dog through a tiny angle in the window. I could not believe my fucking eyes. I checked again, and yes there he was. He normally never walks around our area, and maybe if he does and I just never saw him, there is like a 0,0000001% chance that he does so at the exact moment, when I walk upstairs and see him through a tiny angle in the window (where I only see an around 2m^2 area) at the day, where I fucking dreamt about him (never have ever before) AND taking into account that this is not a single case, but as you know yesterday, before the days… there are multiple examples and they tend to occur more frequently every day.

I am not listening to Mind’s Eye nor any subs for the last past 10 days or more (this was before starting Ultima) for that matter. Also, I am not sure if this some clairvoyant ability, or just heightened sense of manifestation but it seems more the former tbh. It is just unbelievable. I am also noticing a pattern as I dream about many people in my dreams but only one (or sometimes one topic of the dream) also happens the next dream: It is always the person at the beginning of the first dream I can recall. Just some very strange stuff.


I really resonated with Dr. Strange - really surprised that it never intrigued me before to watch it.

But it also shook my decision to study medicine again - when I continue studying I am exceptionally likely to end up being a surgeon - maybe even a neurosurgeon like Dr. Strange. But my greatest asset is not my hands, it is my mind.

This is true for me as for Dr. Strange. He did not live his full potential while being a surgeon.