Into The Unknown - (Friday's Diary)


Not gonna credit the person who recommended you to watch it? :smirk:


I’ve not had a dream in 3-5 days…


My dreams went totally nuts after running Ultima B yesterday. I’m not sure if it is due to Ultima B or not, but the dreams went crazy last night.

Only ran 1 loop of it, so I guess we’ll see tomorrow, so far I didn’t experience any dream like relation to Ultima A.


Now I am looking forward to sleeping I cant :unamused:


Can you explain the pictures and what they mean?






I really should name the thread: “Little pieces from the conversation I am having with Hermit”, so the following is another piece of it. I am sure this will help some of you to make better decisions with choosing your modules for your custom, even when you disagree, it will probably provoke some thinking:

"While you subliminal sounds amazing and is aligned with your divine mission, it is also extremely dense and compact, especially when you still wanna stack it with another dense custom. Your cores alone would be considered very dense a few weeks ago.

That’s why I decided to go a different route today. I am not sure if I will keep at it but there was something that was bugging me with my custom. I felt a lot of the modules, are cool, interesting maybe even needed or essential but give me little extra benefits for the buck. So I determined my biggest sticking point I want to resolve (PE and building the sex life I want) and build my sub with that focus and with your mindset: Using subs to eliminate your most negative traits, the things that are holding you back, and enhance the skills you still can and want to improve. But the first comes before the latter.

So I came up with that:

When I was running Khan or QL I had amazing results. So every module I add from there, I see as a bonus, not as an essential.
The added modules for Khan focus to enhance the most important skills for me or resolve the things I struggle with.

PE: Pretty obvious, and it fucked me up for far too long.
Temptation: Love that module’s description. Will help me to build even more sexual tension with the girls in my seduction process and generate a Johnny Depp aura I have been striving for.
Lion IV: I am sometimes feeling nervous (different from fear) before events or unfamiliar situations. This module will resolve that pretty quickly and will work on much more.
(Panther): If I have one sticking point to my seduction, I would say it is approaching and the first 30 secs in the interaction with the girl. This module might get thrown out because I can remember on Stage 4 that this wasn’t as big of a “problem” than on e.g. Emperor, Stark, etc but added focus on it would still help immensely.
(Invincible Presence): This is the only module that states that it will work on your confidence that’s why it is in. I do believe, having delusional confidence like on Emperor will help me with taking “risky” action, push my comfort zone, and thereby help with resolving traumas by gaining new reference experiences.

Productivity Unleashed and Carpe Diem are pretty obvious. Both I see as so incredibly essential that I want to focus a lot on those.

Now the healing modules:
Attachment Destroyer: I am mostly healed but still have some things that I am attached too. From all the healing modules, this will probably help the most with the things I am already aware of, and will, therefore, work much more focused. Other modules like I AM or Februus are great but they might be too general for me. I don’t need to break down my whole personality again. Though I still thinking to maybe add I AM. I will need to meditate on that longer.
Negativity Displacer: I actually wanted to kick this module out yesterday, but I today realized how beneficial it is (based on the description). This is the only healing module that will help with the EXECUTION. All other modules will break you down while you do your normal living but this will help at the moment you need it the most when you go beyond your comfort zone.
(Gratitude Embodiment): Important module, to manifest more and also enjoy your life. This will work great with Carpe Diem and immensely help when you experience setbacks. I first wanted to include Joy the Vivre for it but decided that Gratitude and Carpe Diem will do the job just as fine and have extra benefits.
((Yggdrasil)): Well not so sure about that because I want to not include more than 12 modules in my custom for now. Still, it is an extremely valueable module so I will meditate more on the choices.

Also, having a “not so dense” (it still incredibly dense with the cores) sub will get me extremely fast and reliable results in the area that need it the most. I will only pay 30$ for the subliminal and thereby can just run it for 3-6 months to try things out and then add more modules when I feel I need them or when new modules (like Godfather and Libertine) get released. So instead of now stacking QL Stage 4 and Khan Stage 4 to see how they interact with each other, I can just run my custom, get rid of the things I need to, pay close to nothing and still have most or all of the benefits I would get from my 21 module custom."




Just downloaded the app “Waking up” to take my meditation game to the next level. I have been lacking with it in the last days. Why this app?
It is not the first time I used the app and I remember the incredible insights I gained by mediating on the pieces of knowledge Sam Harris was sharing on the app.