Into The Unknown - (Friday's Diary)

Welcome to my StarkQ-Terminus journal,

where I will both test the sub and the limits of my mind :smile:

This journal will be updated much more regularly than my Billionaire Playboy journal, and everyone is welcome to comment, ask questions and have discussions here.


Geez… What’s next? Some user named “Vision” starting a Mind’s Eye journal? :smiling_imp::smirk:


After the initial Day 1, with listening to one loop only, plus 3 loops of normal StarkQ, where I felt extreme energy after total tiredness, horniness and a craving for sugar, today was rather normal.

I listened to three loops in total and did not get any reconciliation effects. Yet, I noticed a definite increase in hunger but nothing as extreme as yesterday.

The only thing that is standing out to my right now is that my dreams differ. Normally, I do have vivid dreams which deal with one problem or challenge I have in life. Today, was very different. My dreams dealt with a total of three very different problems, where I was confronting people and gained some deep insight in doing so. Also, there is a dream figure that represents my “bully”. He appeared today but instead of fighting or him ignoring me like normally (e.g. on EQ), we had a pretty decent conversation and he wanted to befriend me realizing that I am a pretty cool guy.


Dreams are very different indeed.

First of all, I slept so deep today that I felt like I was awakening from the dead. Yet, I still managed to get up very quickly.

Then New Beginnings was working on ALL my sexual insecurities in ONE dream. Fear of hot women, fear of PE, fear of (dating) ugly women… all happening in one dream scene and in addition to this, I was silmutationsly relearning and discussing the medicine stuff I was learning yesterday. I think you can imagine that the atmosphere was rather weird haha.


Feeling very tired and drained again, after two loops.

Have had amazing focus, concentration and desire to study. Also, completed my ANKI-cards faster than usual.

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Run 2 loops only today and experienced another great surge of energy and urge to move. I went outside and started running. Never experienced that kind of an effect by running a subliminal.

I am noticing how much smarter I am becoming as I could compare my level of competence as I was having some group discussions with colleagues today. The goal of these is to learn a new medicine topic/case and then explain concepts to the others, compare if you have the same results and discuss if not. Normally I am rather “shy” at these as I don’t like to present my thoughts and findings as I don’t want to come around as the “nerd guy”. Today was different… I asked questions and did not let loose when they did not get answered by first try (which is even more uncommon for me). I opened a whole discussion with this and got as feedback that is was a pleasure to follow the depth and the pattern of my thoughts.

Also, I am definitely noticing a difference in “being likeable” by others between Khan and StarkQ, where it is much stronger.


Day 3:

In my dreams, I became lucid for a short amount of time. I was running down the stairs when I got aware of the fact that I am dreaming. I noticed how my dream begins to fade and I quickly relaxed myself and to continue the dream. This process happened twice until I finally got back to full dreaming again.
The problem is my dreams became so realistically vivid since StarkQ-T, it is actually hard to distinguish it from reality. Like today in my dream, I was just talking with a good friend of mine or got thrown into “drama class” back to school just before a performance and had to improvise my text as I just got thrown throwing into drama class. That’s the difference. Instead of me experiencing a totally different story, where I am a prince or a solider or whatever, I am me, my conscious stays where I know that I just have been jet flying and now am back to school, just my surroundings differ.

Also, all these dreams somehow deal with “traumas”. So I conclude that Terminus made the New Beginnings scripting far more potent. I am experiencing healing not only in my dreams but also when I am awake thoughts of past memories and problems occur (which always happened on Khan St1 e.g.). I quickly find solutions and find myself to have gained new insights. So no wonder SaintSovereign is relucted to release Blue Skies when even StarkQ with rather little healing modules included is so fucking potent. I think Khan St1 or Regeneration will become immensely powerful when updated to Terminus.


When you say you are noticing a huge difference in being likeable and its more powerful then Khan can you please elaborate on this its interesting.

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With pleasure :wink:

The two subliminals have different goals. Khan tries to force you to become the alpha man in almost any situation, to dominate the group and to lead because you are the alpha

StarkQ also forces to step up and become a leader but by being the coolest, most fun and charismatic person around. People want to be lead by you because they like you, they can connect with you. Not because they are intimidated by you.

Same goal, different paths to achieving it.


hey firday, interesting journal, exciting to read haha! yeah I defintely think khan st1 terminus would be kick ass. Imagine khan st1 Blue Skies lol.

thumbs up! Keep going!

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Day 4:

I am taking a rest day today as reconciliation is hitting hard. I am very tired and I got asked if I am “sad” twice. Without my daily power naps, I would be a physical wreck already.
Also, yesterday has been the first day of me procrastinating to study since like 15 days ago. Partly because I had some (business) appointments outside (which I will report about in my main StarkQ journal when I find the time) but mostly because of reconciliation and just pure exhaustion. I listened 3x to ultrasonic and 1x to masked, which might have been a little overkill looking back hehe but I can now easily take rest days for the next 3 days straight.

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Taking the rest day showed me already how many minor mistakes I was making in the last two/three days. Little writing mistakes in my medicine studies, understandings gaps or even looking at wrong files and mixing them up…

While this would be absolutely amazing, I don’t want to imagine how new people will react to that. On the first week of me running Khan St1, I was so emotional… I even shouted at my parents, cried and that kind of stuff. Terminus is really a whole new level on its own and it combined with Blue Skies without extra support scripting, might be too intense.

Day 5:

On my rest days, my dreams got even more intense. Yesterday I was dreaming about my college crush and high school crush, both amazingly beautiful girls with whom I did not connect because I still feared their beauty… :roll_eyes: In my dreams, I especially talked with my high school crush looking her deep into her eyes. It felt so real and I felt relaxed, self-confident and just in control of this whole conversation. We talked a bit and I could see her thinking that I am actually pretty sexy…
In my next dream I just saw my college crush undressing in front of me, nothing spectacular :smile:

After that, I woke up and later that day found a very old friend of mine on Instagram. He went on a different path back then, where I chose to study… He now looks like a total pimp (while we actually have the same style right now). After seeing this, I shortly fell in an excisional crisis, questioning my life and my 11+ hour study sessions when I could live my life right now like he does. This quarantine is really killing me… Long story short, after that I deleted some of my childlike pictures on Instagram and replied to the girls I still haven’t answered for like 7 days.


Day 7: :roll_eyes:

Was taking three rest days which was very more than necessary. Only after the third day my productivity went back to normal (maybe even slightly higher). Now I just listened to two loops of Terminus (masked) and I instantly feel extremely tired again… Will stop and cut it back down to one loop tomorrow but my desire to switching back to normal StarkQ where I got extremely powerful results with little to no reconciliation or adverse effects is rising by the hour…

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Try and switch back to see if it makes any difference. For me personally Stark Terminus doesn’t make me that much more tired, and I’m running at least 3 loops a day. The first few loops we’re a hit, but now they’re fine and smooth.

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Time will tell, but I will certainly stick with Terminus for now.

The tiredness is getting better so I am optimistic. But I do respond very differently to Terminus than to any other subliminal I have ever tried.

Just had a surge of confidence and immense self-love. I am not sure what they put in Stark’s scripting but I must be careful that I don’t become narcissistic.


Day 8: I got an amazingly clear mind after the first loop today. The tiredness seems to fade. Also, I suddenly see angel numbers everywhere. So this is a strong indication that subliminal is doing something besides insightful dreams and extreme tiredness.

Also, I have the theory that masked Subliminals may work better for me


Bro I don’t think “angel numbers” or any numbers for that fact have anything to do with you listening to an audio.

I used to be skeptical of this too, until I began running Khan last year, and all subsequent Subliminal Club audios. It’s a sign of manifestations effected by the audios. Soon after reading this, I got a late night text from my boss about an emergency repair for a client. I ask him which unit, and he texted back 222. I’m running StarkQ-T at the moment, btw.


Na bruh, no matter how you look at it. An “audio file” cannot alter or manifest something outside its reach. That’s lunacy.