Into The Unknown - (Friday's Diary)


Well, you definitely need some degree of open-mindedness to believe in manifestations, or even listen to subliminal audios in the first place. Just because something may seem “lunacy” to you, does not make it so for others. I’m gonna leave it at that, not trying to take over this journal.


Good words @TarMac. And no need to worry, discussions and such questions are welcomed in this thread.

@IcyDreaming we are not talking about a simple audio file here but about subliminials. Subs certainly have the power to increase your manifestation abilities or - if you don’t want to go on that route - increase you pattern recognition ability. And this is not even 1/16 of the things a subliminal can do. Just read some of the amazing reviews and journals here on the forum.


Day 9:

I am slowly beginning to think that Terminus is not really working for me. It is difficult to tell if this is really the case as I am getting wild dreams, but this is only thing so far. I am also not taking less action so that can’t be the cause.


When I listen to Terminus, it feels GREAT. Also, I noticed that while I listen, my memory and ability to recall learned material is better. But just a few hours later, the tiredness hits me and everything is shit. SO maybe it is better to run Terminus in the evening right before going to bed… This might be a solution.


If your interested in how, the answer lies in quantum physics. and you dont need to be a technical whiz to understand its implications


StarkQ vs StarkQ:Terminus

This visualization shows the difference in my studying: The darker the color, the better (meaning I studied more / finished all my medicine cards for that day).


This clearly shows that I was studying more on normal StarkQ then since switching to Terminus. :confused:


Ever heard of Magic and Alchemy? Subliminal’s are in fact just that, taking a more Technological approach. Seeing repetitive numbers are a way for your unconscious to communicate with you, and many times this is a sign that your subconscious is being effectively geared towards manifestation.


Terminus is very potent and powerful, I actually had a similar feeling two days ago. I was running a few loops of Terminus and it didn’t seem to be altering much in the present moment, whilst I was listening, immediately I thought something was wrong because this wasn’t the case in the beginning.

I honestly think this is just a stone brick wall we’re facing, Terminus is a little bit over the top. Eventually your unconscious won’t be allowing anymore scripting to be absorbed when it reaches it’s limits. Since then I’ve been running Stark Q and adding a loop of Terminus every now and then. Hope it helps!


Is it possible due to reconciliation? Also how effective were your studies while on Terminus (comprehension, memory)?


But that’s assuming your subconscious has the ability to manipulate space outside of yourself. Which it does not.

And magic? Yeah I believe in that. That’s real. In exchange for your soul however.


@Hermit, @IcyDreaming

Please don’t keep pushing this side discussion on someone’s journal,
when he didn’t even ask our opinion on his beliefs.

If he’s seeing numbers, he will report as such. What any of us thinks about it, is irrelevant.

This section is not a place for uninvited debates.
We want people to keep reporting their honest journeys. Not to censor their thoughts.

Start a new topic in the lounge if you care about discussing concepts.


I switched to StarkQ again and will no longer listen to Terminus. It did not work, me either stonewalling the subliminal or me not able to comprehend it anymore. Either way, since switching to normal StarkQ again, it is even more apparent that it certainly did not work for me.

Anyways, thank you for letting me test this beast and I am now happy to return to StarkQ as the normal version just works wonderfully for me.



With my productivity being back to my normal StarkQ level prior to Terminus, I decided to give Terminus another try. This time I will stack it with Quantum Limitless Stage 3 to maybe counteract the reconciliation that will arise.

Another thing I decided to do is to WORK alongside with my subconscious. The moment I feel reconciliation, I STOP listening. The last time, I tried to just push through with enough exposure but that just made the matter worse on Terminus.


Listened to one loop yesterday in the evening and woke up with an intense desire to study. Hardly have been so relentless in my morning studies and finished it as quickly as never. Comprehension and memory seems to be a little bit better.

Later today I listened to one loop again. 30 mins in I felt immense reconciliation. Now I am again questioning my life, my social circles (especially my friends and why they are not as loyal I want them to be)… Feeling of frustration, tiredness, being fed up with life…

It has been only two loops in total and Stark Terminus really hits deep again - I feel like the reconciliation is even worse than on the first round


This is how I felt, literally every emotion. Tired, anger, frustration, annoyance. I’m feel like I can put it down to too much exposure to the sub and that clearly one loop is enough thanks to both mine and your experience.

I’ve had to take a break from subs for the past two days, I may add them in tomorrow and Friday and then rest again for two days if I’m continuing to use Stark Q T.

I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling the same way. Definitely too much exposure.

My boyfriend has been feeling the same, he knows about my subliminal useage and he’s okay with me using them whenever I want so he has been feeling the same reconciliation too.


I am seeing the first profound results with Terminus.

My productivity is again going down 10X BUT I am noticing huge results in my charisma and my social persona. When talking with my grandpa and mother today, I was smooth, well-articulated, and could sell them on very new solutions to a problem.

If I remember correctly, the last time running Terminus I stumbled upon a website that opened my eyes to problems of the current political situation. Today, I just happened to find the website again and researched ideas on how to change that. I find it very interesting that Terminus is dragging me towards a political reflection and involvement. This might be very beneficial for a scholarship at Harvard. Let’s see.


Overslept today like yesterday but + instead of 30 mins, 3 hours… There is a lot of processing that needs to be done as it seems.


Upper atmosphere:


A lot of people are texting me from nowhere and asking if I am well etc. Also some girls I used to “date”

This guy just texted me if I could elaborate my thinking again looool. This was 18 days ago. I really must have made an impact

EDIT: Even my first ever gf texted me. Haven’t had contact with her for 5 years lol


Even though it is written STACKED in the title of the thread, I haven’t really listened to QL St3 till now.

My productivity is still bad but it seems to better than the last time running Terminus. I now know what to expect in terms of reconciliation and can, therefore, counteract better.