Improvement Guru looking to MAXIMIZE

Hey there, gentlemen.

I generally don’t like to call myself a “guru” but you get this label once you have a self improvement brand.
I am not gonna share it (yet), maybe at some point, but it’s about masculinity and mindset, so just the right topics.

However, I mostly share my journey from being a complete loser (women, money, confidence, etc) to “making it back.” I am NOT EVEN CLOSE to where I want to be in my life and I am big fan of affirmations (or was until I found subclub), NLP, and now subs.

Why am I here?

My mindset isn’t too bad now, including my confidence and success. But I still struggle with the following things (self-judgment as you know might be wrong sometimes):

  • Since I was that loser type of guy and made some WEIRD mistakes with people (esp. women) in the past, I certainly need to work through traumas and limiting beliefs from the past, still.
  • Imo the reason why I am NOT seeing the success I should (money-wise) is due to my subconscious. I truly think that this IS what drives or kills success and wealth, so this is something I need to work on.
  • I always have a hard time focusing on one thing, although I am getting better. I think that is because my subconscious is still fighting the new programming I gave myself over the years.
  • While I consciously am confident, I think underneath there are questions. Even writing this might be enough evidence of that.
  • Sex-life is pretty good and plenty with my wife, but still not what I want, and I am looking to be the unquestioned leader at home.

So, while through reading and working on myself I built quite a mindset, I still want to start ANEW with the subs and build from the ground up.

I got the following recommendation from a friend who spent like $1k on subs:
First month for now:

  • Khan ST1
  • Rebirth
  • Mogul
  • StarkQ

Now I have read through A LOT of stuff here on the site, but I am still not sure if this set up is good.

Is it good to run this loop at once? One after another?

Or would it be better to do Khan-Rebirth 2x and then Mogul Stark?

Also, I do this while at work with speakers Ultrasonic. I sadly cannot do this while I sleep because we have a baby at home which sometimes sleeps between us and I read that children should not be exposed to Ultrasonic.

So, hello again and let me know if you guys have any recommendations.


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Have you purchased all of those titles? If anything I would recommend starting with Dragon Reborn.

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Hello and welcome.

You could go with Khan, Mogul and Rebirth and later on supplant Mogul with Stark.

Start with one loop a day each. Two days off for every five days of exposure.

Thanks for the recommendation.
But isn’t this for a later stage? At least the product description said you should start with something like ascension first …

No, not purchased yet, but I am looking to find the right products to start with.

Is Mogul followed by Stark not a good way to start?

If you wanted to stack it with Khan too it could be too much for you or your progress would be much slower. It would be better to let Mogul do its job first, removing limiting beliefs on money and helping you find the right path and then amplify it by replacing it with Stark.


Alright thank you!

I will go 30 days per Khan stage now, and after those 30 I maybe add Stark back in. We’ll see.

Also, I use cheap Logitech USB Speakers (stereo) to do this. Is that enough or do they need to be more highend?
If I use my phone instead, does it matter which one it is? It’s a HUAWEI P30 Lite, but I noticed by using Frequensee that the mic does NOT pic up Ultrasonic. The Samsung from my wife did. Could be an issue?

Ultrasonic is generally better than masked, right?

Also will add The Legacy before workouts.

Khan seems like exactly what you want.

I think your friend’s recommended stack is pretty good.

I might recommend the following:

  1. Swap out Mogul for Ascended Mogul.
  2. Give your mind a 1 to 3 month adaptation period with Ascended Mogul. (AM hits all of your desired areas, and will gently introduce your mind to the transformation processes associated with subliminals.)
  3. Bring in Rebirth after about a month or so.
  4. Once you’ve adapted to AM and feel ready, buckle your seatbelt and start Khan stage 1. (Others here have more experience with Khan. I haven’t run that program. But one thing is known, it’s powerful. )

I would hold off on Stark until you’ve allowed Khan to really progress for a while. You may have already read this but layering in too many different programs (especially dense, content-rich programs), generally leads to slower results. In some cases, these slower results are justified because of the person’s goals. But in your case, Khan seems to really hit most of what you want right now.

If you really want the innovation, intelligence, and creativity-enhancement associated with Stark, then after you’ve allowed Khan to do it’s thing for some time, consider layering in Limitless or Beyond Limitless Ultima. These are somewhat lighter and more pinpointed. (In fact, have a look at the Ultima line of products in general before you do any of the above. They work very quickly and some of them may directly address what you want right now. Just off the top of my head, using Khan as your main program and then layering in Libertine, Diamond, or Beyond Limitless, could be a very good alternative plan.)


I prefer the masked. Ultrasonic gives me weird headaches even at low volume.

My tip is to start with masked until you get results, then you can try ultrasonic and compare.

I would just start out with Khan as a main. I think rebirth could be a really good supplement, but I don’t know if it is necessary. I wouldn’t add Mogul or Stark until you’ve been on Khan St. 4 for a while.

Good luck.

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Daytime play is probably a good idea anyway. But for overnight plays, you can always use headphones with a masked track.

Oh, and if you’re on iOS, check out the app AudioShare. It allows background play of audio while you’re using other apps. Only app I’ve found so far that has that functionality. So, you can be watching a YouTube video or playing other music on your phone while the subliminal is playing. (Unfortunately, it won’t work while you’re talking on the phone. That will pause the AudioShare track until the phone call is ended.)

What I have noticed is that there are so many great things I would love to put them all in!
But I know this does nothing :wink:

You gave me two options now, AM or the Ultima stacking with Khan.

I like the idea of setting up the mind for this whole thing properly with AM first. Generally, my mind has always been very open to new ideas. Like virtually sucking them up, but maybe that is only my conscious mind speaking :thinking:

Libertine I can always throw in before “engaging” right?

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Khan stage 1 or as someone else has said DR.

Khan stage 1 i suggest running it at least for 2 months. As one of the creators explained it will “destroy then rebuild your house from the foundations upwards”. Once thats done you can run any other major sub you want.

Khan sounds like all you need.

Be warned, ST1 will empty you out, make you feel like shit and question everything. It makes starting ST2 all the sweeter.

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yup. I’m not the biggest expert on Ultimas, but, from what I understand, Ultima tracks are both lighter and faster-acting than major programs. The file sizes alone seem to establish this. (They’re lighter because they were originally designed to bring about immediate, temporary ‘state changes’, rather than to work on deeper, more permanent ‘trait/personality changes’.)

hmmm…I haven’t actually thought extensively about this, but, you know, I’m thinking that going with an Ultima track might be an excellent idea for someone just starting out with subliminals. (bolding that so others can notice and respond to it.)

@RVconsultant @SaintSovereign
Are there any reasons that that would not be true?

When it comes to new subliminal users, might Ultimas be the new top choice? Replacing Ascension and Mogul?

If my idea here is accurate @AlexSQ, then a third beginning path to meet your goals might be to 1) run Commander Ultima and Diamond Ultima, 2) (thereby getting pretty immediate effects and also acclimating your mind to subliminals) and then to 3) introduce Khan and use Commander and Diamond as your boosters as you work your way through Khan.

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Hello brother, as far as I know masked will always be the superior way to listen.

It’s also got a lot less complications, such as the speaker and whether it’s got the quality to do right with the program

Even earphones are enough to get the messages through

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I feel the benefit would be that you can have it run 9 hours “in the background” without noticing.

but I am not there yet anyway, so I’ll start with masked for now.

Thank you!

I am definitely starting my morning now with Beyond Limitless Ultima, then AM.
This should be enough for the first month.

After that, I’ll introduce Khan ST1 into the mix.

Also using Libertine and Legacy when needed.

Thanks for the input! Great community over here!


Bro! Don’t start playing 9 hours a day! Start with 1 loop a day. 2 loops are also fine. Then gradually increase by 1 loop every week. At a maximum, between 3 or 4 loops per title (per day) would do the trick



I have noticed. I am responding. But the response you truly want would be from @SaintSovereign or @Fire

You already have some good tips here.

I have my favorite program right now as Dragon Reborn. Please read about it, but please don’t buy it because I think you are new to Subliminal Club. Please heed the warnings on Dragon Reborn.

Welcome to Subliminal Club.


Yes, an Ultima is definitely a great place for a beginner to start, but do NOT listen to BLU for 9 hours in a day, haha. Try 1-3 loops first, then expand. Make sure you’re actively working on a project or something afterward. Reason being, we get so many people claiming BLU “didn’t work.” I asked them what they were working on and they’ll reply “nothing,” but they “didn’t feel anything.”

What does improved cognition and productivity “feel like” if you’re not working? Since they have no frame of reference, how could they know if it worked?