Hypnotic / Writing Subs


Here we are.

Maybe we could start with a list of modules that fit or are kinda interesting for writing subs?

While building the Ultima for weeks I swapped an awful lot of modules in and out, so here are some ideas, thoughts, questions that came up during the process.

Cores: Ultimate Artist, Quantum Limitless, Renaissance Man, Mind’s Eye would all probably fit, depending on the project but none of them nailed it for me. I really like Renaissance Man, but it seems a bit broad for just writing. QL I’ll probably use in the writing/hypnosis custom. Ultimate Artist would be a good bet, but than I would rather go with Ultimate Writer. Which bring me to the…

Essentials: Ultimate Writer, Sacred Words, Story Teller, Song of Joy. These I love and would probably include them in every new writing sub.

For Inspiration: Starfilled Night & Vortexdive Crucible (they sound just perfect for an author, finding stories and beauty everywhere and a bit of necessary darkness in yourself), Awakened Perception, Eagle Eye, All-Seeing, The Wonder (for a different perspective), Empath, Wanderer (for world building).

For an Edge: True Sell, Entranced (love this for hypnosis of course, but, I guess, writing captivating stories isn’t that far off), Dragon Tongue (I think, it clicks well with Song of Joy), Temptation.

For Text Structure: The Lines, The Streams, Mastermind

Steadiness & Productivity: Productivity Unleashed, Machine: Action, Single Point (to concentrate on the actual writing), Current Invoker (to get into writing flow), Organization Perfected.

Noteworthy: Eventide (I know several authors permanently talking about their stories and characters, and later complaining about “stolen ideas” even though their stuff hasn’t been published. Not a good constellation for anyone.), Chiron (for writing educational stuff), Mystery.

Writing Erotica/Erotic Hypnosis: Long-Range Seduction, Panther, Focused Arousal.

Hypnosis: Entranced, Voicemaster, Trancendental Connection, Direct Influencing Aura.

Writer’s Fame: The Spotlight, Gloryseeker, Sex Manifestation, Furious Ascent.


Excellent suggestions and ideas on the modules, Mithras. Love all your suggestions and why you chose them.

Regarding Renaissance Man, I must admit that I was the most creative using the main store version of RM. It truly did unlock my creativity. But I was very directionless on it so in case I ever use its Core in a custom, am sure to put in Productivity Unleashed and/or Machine: Action.

Like you, I had also considered putting in seduction modules for erotica and erotic hypnosis. Not only help with the subject matter and “entrance” the readers but to also encourage Writer Groupies :grin:. Hey, we writers need some hardcore fun too. Why should rockstars have all the fun haha. So your “questionable” choices should be indulged in without any questions asked!. Also, Sex Manifestation for those who want to live the Hank Moody Californication lifestyle.

I would also encourage the use of The Spotlight and Gloryseeker modules to encourage purchasjng frenzy on Amazon and other social media websites and to add to the fame aspect which is sure to encourage spending and appreciation for our craft.

Last but not the least, I would also add Wanderer in your Inspirational section for those who want to, as the description says “Experience the freedom of exploring other cultures, methods and ideas” especially in Travel writing or Epics or any time we want to integrate fresh ideas to what we write.


I bought RM a while back but didn‘t use it for long. I was working too much with no time for creative endeavors. Maybe it would work as the main core for the hypnosis/writing custom as it touches on several disciplines (writing, voice acting, audio engineering).

Love the Wanderer! Great suggestion.

All suggestions are edited into the list.

Are you going for an Ultima custom or Q?

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Excellent idea

Good to have a comprehensive list :+1:

Although I do want to, I need to give my current stack some more time. Related to writing, am running UA Qv2 and eagerly waiting for its ZP version.

Must admit that am not writing anything right now but all in due time.

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Well. Let’s see how it goes.
Just ordered a hypnotic writer Q custom:


  • Quantum Limitless St4
  • Renaissance Man


  • Entranced
  • Voice Master
  • Transcendental Connection


  • Dragon Tongue
  • Ultimate Writer
  • Story Teller
  • Sacred Words
  • Song of Joy


  • Fortune’s Favorite
  • Eagle Eye
  • The Merger of Worlds


  • Starfilled Nights
  • Vortexdive Crucible

The Edge:

  • Panther
  • Edge of Danger
  • Temptation

Change of Perception:

  • The Single Point
  • Khronos Key

it is interesting.



Runner-ups were Direct Influencing Aura, Whispered Power, Ethereal Presence, Tyrant & The Commander.


The writing custom looks great. Are you planning to stack it with a wealth title? Like RICH or Mogul? Need to generate money too.

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After the washout I’ll probably stack it with RICH ZP and WANTED ZP. I suspect the hypnosis aspects should also work well with the latter.

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Earlier this year, I was putting together modules for a Hypnosis Ultima. Gradually, the list got long enough that it has evolved into a Hypnosis custom.

These are the modules as they currently stand. I have not yet put them in order of priority. This is the order in which they were on the list.

Hypnosis Custom Modules
Hypnosis Custom Modules
Pragya Understanding and wisdom are essential parts of any individual that desires to advance on his path. By adding this to your subliminal, you will expand and develop the physical capacity of your brain to assimilate subliminal instructions at a more accurate, faster pace, while developing these qualities in yourself.
Emperor’s Voice Your voice is an integral part of your identity and how others perceive you. A deeper, more dominant, more confident voice is an essential tool for any area of life. This also applies for women – a more bubbly, confident voice for women can be the difference between a new job or failure, or even a new relationship or nothing. Emperor’s Voice will work on your pronunciation, the physical attributes of your voice, the emotion you carry in your voice, and other such details that together cause you to become noticed whenever you speak.
Transcendental Connection Creating deep, meaningful relationships is one of life’s delights. Use Transcendental Connection to create such a relationship, be it short term or, especially so, long term. A relationship of any type that both of you will benefit from and be filled with positivity in, or simply use Transcendental Connection to take your relationship to the next level.
The Oath A module for the medical workers who fight to save lives, helping you to be more efficient in your healing profession no matter what field you are specializing in.
All-Seeing Developing your perception and your senses will help you see things others miss. Not only will you be able to easily read others intentions, thoughts and behaviors, you will also develop more and more all your senses, helping you enjoy your life even more and thrive in it. If you have spiritual goals, All-Seeing will also help you in developing your spiritual senses.
Chiron Not all people have the gift of teaching – but now you will. Named after the legendary teacher Chiron who according to myth taught heroes such as Heracles, Achilles and Asclepius, you will become able to tap into what made Chiron such an incredible teacher. You will become a master at transferring the core concepts of your knowledge and doing so in the most understandable way to your students. You will learn how to better get through to your students and make them listen, as well as make them truly learn.
Dragon Tongue Improving your speech and wit is an inescapable part of becoming a powerful individual, and while all our majors contain modules for mastering wit, it is an excellent idea to focus further on your Dragon Tongue. You will become better and better at reframing situations into being advantageous for you, as well as improve more and more in debates and public speaking. Being witty and funny in your very own way will easily become natural.
Mercy Protocol Becoming able to empathize with others on a deep, soul level is an advantage you can make incredible use of. Mercy Protocol will help you tap into your deepest, innermost levels of kindness and empathy whenever needed, and you will become able to comfort those dear to you better and better.
Polyglot While Limitless is an incredible subliminal to help you with learning everything you desire, for those that desire an even more focused approach to learning languages, Polyglot will be perfect. Polyglot will help you constantly improve any language of your choosing. You will notice you are starting to truly understand what makes your chosen language (or languages!) work and how to study it on a deeper level.
Arcane Mastery Similar in function to some aspects of Alchemist, Arcane Mastery amplifies any spiritual practices you might be performing no matter the tradition or style, while guiding you to do the correct ones, doing them properly, and further developing your skill in them.
Awakened Perception Develop your spiritual senses to the highest degree. If you ever desired to be able to glean information from the subtlest parts of reality, Awakened Perception is the module you require. Now you will be able to learn more about the beyond – to discover and explore it. Remember to take action in developing your senses, and your skills will steadily and quickly improve.
Eagle Eye Eagle Eye is the module all who study human body language and patterns yearn for. Studying, recognizing, learning and intuiting all aspects of human behavior, especially body language, movement and NLP is the heart of Eagle Eye. Use it if you desire to easily be able to know what each movement of another person means, as well as to rapidly develop your knowledge of human behavior and put it into practice effortlessly.
Empath Some people are natural born empaths, while some recognize the potential benefits being an empath gives. Empath is designed to protect you from overwhelming yourself with the emotions of others while boosting your ability to detect and discern emotions and thoughts, helping you to take your empathic abilities to the next level.
Song of Joy Humor is an integral part of our lives – develop your brand of humor utilizing the Song of Joy module. Your humor will become able to infuse fun and joy into any interaction, any event, situation or even the weirdest circumstance, elating the states of others and making them love being around you. Furthermore, you will develop your skill of humor and all its associated intricacies such as comedic timing, giving you a true grasp over this priceless ability.
Story Teller Tell incredibly engaging and fascinating stories while talking to others and sharpen your story telling ability through the Story Teller module. Story Teller will help you develop your storytelling and find new tricks to make your stories even more loved by the people around you.
Way of Understanding Grow your ability to understand others and their lives – Way of Understanding will help you see clearer the motivations, beliefs, emotions, thoughts and desires of the people around you, and help you be understanding of it. Furthermore, Way of Understanding will help you understand your own motivations, beliefs, emotions, thoughts and desires as well as the why’s behind each one of them.
Wisdom Personified Wisdom – a mix of knowledge, experience and good judgment. Through Wisdom Personified you’ll utilize all the knowledge and experience you have, including the ones you forgot you had, while being guided to rapidly develop and find new ones. Of course, you’ll also be guided towards good judgement in any situation – even in those situations where the answer might go against the norm or seem unusual. Combine Wisdom Personified with The Lines to develop judgment through deep forethought, with Informaticon for even greater guidance towards new wisdom and with Information Releaser to dig out the deepest wisdoms hidden within your subconscious mind.
Entranced There are some people who seem to entrance others. Every movement of their bodies hypnotizes, their eyes an enthralling gaze that must be met, their voice tantalizing and the words seem to hit something incredibly deep within. Entranced is a module designed to make you a truly hypnotic individual. Combine Entranced with the Temptation module for an incredible combination – while they are being irresistibly drawn to you, they do not even notice the hypnotizing effect your very existence has on them. Entranced can also be used if you desire to develop your hypnotic abilities to the levels of true masters, where hypnosis is a part of who you are.
Whispered Power Some have no desire to raise their voices. Some are simply soft-spoken – and others often perceive this as weakness. And yet, some of the most powerful individuals have had soft voices that could stun a whole room into silence and eager listening. Whispered Power is a module designed to help you have a similar effect – if you are a soft-spoken individual, your voice will have a profound quality to it that others have to take note of. The impact of each one of your words will become stronger and stronger – without the need to speak loudly. Whispered Power is ideal for those with soft voices or who desire to make their words more impactful overall – keep in mind taking action, such as vocal exercises, are still recommended. Combine it with Emperor’s Voice which helps create an overall confident and authoritative voice, or Voice Master if you want a more specific type of voice. In either case, Whispered Power will add a unique quality to your voice that amplifies everything you say. Finally, due to the intense energetic effects of Whispered Power, you can use this module if you want to add additional power and great authority to any spiritual practices that have a spoken component to them such as mantras, magic and prayer.

That’s a great list. I love Polyglot! Never thought about it that way, but it would be perfect to develop the personal hypnotic language for a client.

From the chosen modules I gather it’s more for therapeutic hypnosis custom?

Which cores would you include?

It’s overall difficult to whittle down the list of fitting modules as hypnosis is such a multidisciplinary endeavor.

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You’re exactly right.

I have no idea, as yet, when I will be able to introduce this title. But I strongly suspect that by the time I’m ready to do so, our beloved innovators will have created even more amazing modules for me to consider.

That is an excellent question. I’d originally thought to run it in tandem with my Alchemist/QL/Mind’s Eye Custom. So I was not thinking of including those very naturally-fitting cores.

I’ll let it steep and percolate and then we’ll see. There are so many interesting possibilities. What core comes to your mind?

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I tested it myself a few days ago, True Social works wonders for writing.


For what type(s) of writing?


That interesting. Strictly for personal correspondence?

Probably. Really looking forward to ZP customs!

I would distinguish between basics (which work for any hypnosis sub) like QL, Ultimate Artist, Renaissance Man & cores for specific paths. Chosen, when released would be fantastic for therapeutic hypnosis, Wanted for erotic, Mind’s Eye or Sage for meditation and dream journeys, The Commander for classic stage acts and Khan maybe for Hypnodommes.


Academic writing. Letter of motivation etc.

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Thank you.

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Yes, Chosen is really at the forefront of my mind to use as the core for this. But, I did not experience very striking interpersonal effects in my actual running of it.

On the other hand, I had a dramatic intrapersonal manifestation. So I’m still not quite sure how it works for me.

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Could you elaborate? Would the direction of manifestation work well in the context of hypnosis/writing/creative work? I’m contemplating Chosen for a future ZP custom.

@Lion RM was a great suggestion for the custom! I ran the first loop. (with some proper recon, 11 hours sleep, anger issues, sugar cravings, thirsty all the time, etc.)

So far I get a certain clarity of mind (probably QLSt4 & maybe The Single Point), much longer days (Khronos Key) and a plan for success (financially, creative and time management) which I would attribute to RM. It really brings everything together in a very productive and synergetic way.

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The effects felt ambiguous to me.

Hard for me to label extremely clearly.

I was listening to CHOSEN when I spontaneously did a 5.5 day fast. I’d only been thinking about doing one. Granted I’d been thinking pretty hard. Then one day, I just walked 20 miles and started my fast.

Then the next day, I went out to a medical supplies store and bought a small meter for measuring blood glucose and circulating ketone bodies. And the fast just went on from there. And by the end of my fast, my GKI (Glucose Ketone Index) was firmly in the therapeutic zone <1.

That’s part of what I consider as the “ZP Effect”: you think of making a change and then, without a lot of dramatic fanfare or stressing out, the change is just happening.

Same thing happened with my work.

I was going to do some 2-person hypnosis practice sessions. We were presenting simple requests to each other. For my session, I was asking to be guided into a state of more easily working on this deadline-task that I really did not want to do. I wrote out my request and e-mailed it to her. But by the time a day had gone by, I was already working on the task and no longer desired any help with it. (Finally completed that task yesterday. It was a long one. But it’s done now.)

I haven’t been listening to CHOSEN since mid-December. So, my time with that program only went from 11 November to 13 December.

As far as the stated focuses of the program, I didn’t really notice that much. I sort of use that style of leadership anyway, I think. It’s already my natural inclination to work to facilitate, support, and understand people. The last two months were extremely busy, and I didn’t really pay close attention to leadership dynamics. It’s not the most important thing in the world to me at the moment, I think.

And that, as they say, is that.