Hey there! New member of the Club!

You guys seem like a cool bunch so I figured I’d join the forum. :smile:

I jumped on the recent Libertine+Love Bomb offer and is working the LB right now, since I figured that so many things right now in my personal, professional and spiritual development has stagnated or plateaued because a lack of perceived or experienced Love, or more specifically, self worth.

When your notion of self worth has taken a beating for a prolonged time, you need to build that shit up again… so, to that end I am currently doing a 1x stack of LB Ultima with Libertine, Emperor and Executive, to really push through the reinvention of myself and to shift myself into confident action mode and get going again.

I just started the LB yesterday, but I swear by god my spouse started to treat me more lovingly the same day. Am I crazy, or is it just that powerful? :open_mouth:

Anyway, glad to be here. My impression of SC is that they have by far the most potent subs out there - so why would I want to spend my time or money on anything less? :smile:


Welcome to the club bro!

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You’re damn right! And welcome on board! :slight_smile:

You’re running three Ultimas and one very powerful Q program right now so just be careful not to get overwhelmed.

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Thanks! And yeah, I was just trying to figure that stuff out, reading through the manual and stuff, for once! :smile:
I’ll probably do the LB as main and cycle the other ones during the weekdays, and to check in with myself what’s going on inside :v:

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Welcome @Athax :smiley:

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Thanks mate! :smiley:

Thanks! Glad to be here! :grin:

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Welcome! You picked a very interesting stack, if you stick to it I have no doubt you will have some remarkable changes in your life. I look forward to hearing more about your journey :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the welcoming!






Emperor never really kicked my ass like I’ve read stories about and heard tell of on here in the months I ran it as my first Subliminal, but I just decided to switch because I didn’t feel I was in a place to take full advantage of its scripting.

You, on the other hand, may very well do great with it with the details in your opening! Best of luck and welcome!

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Thanks! Yeah we’ll see how it goes. Something ought to change, right? :laughing:

Thanks you! Yeah I hope I am in a place where Emperor will help kick my subconscious limiting beliefs where it hurts! I’ve been struggling with that with other sub brands, so I am really looking forward to see how this works out! :grin:

So what are you up to now, mate? :slight_smile:

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Hey-a, thanks for asking!

I’ve been running a stack of LB x2, Emperor x2, Executive Ultima, and Aura Q. 5 days a week, for about 2 months now, give or take.

Yeah the LB definitely have helped! Alas, I’m not so sure about executive and emperor. I just posted about that here, and I fear my ADD brain has just given me reconciliation instead :sweat_smile:

I’ve been reading a bit about Dragon Reborn, so I think I’m gonna jump on that and just heal my shit before I try to move forward with any kind of productivity subs. I want to do Alchemist and Renaissance Man further down the line, but I need a stable emotional and mental foundation first…! And yes, I am blaming YOU for spending the money on DR! :rofl:

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To me, running DR and the Alchemist is just the natural order of running subs since we all need healing to some point and the Alchemist develops our inner strength (stillness, calmness, inner peace, energies).

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Yes, that’s where I’ll get to, eventually. Do you have any thoughts of which one I should start with? It seems like DR is great for burning of deadwood, and Alchemist is for creating mindspace.

Off that bat, should start with emotional healing with the DR first, and then progress to the spiritual development and inner strength of Alchemist after that?


Or maybe you just meant that literally, DR -> Alchemist ? :sweat_smile:

First, we need some room so running DR would be best. Then you could choose between the Alchemist and QL. QL improves the whole system (the brain-hardware) whilst the Alchemists is more about energies, mind states and concentration (software). I was thinking about QL myself but my spiritual path prevailed. I’ll be running QL in one or two years.