Hello, new girl here

Hello everyone, I’m new to the forum.

I have some beginner questions. I bought Libertine and Love Bomb last night and listened to both subliminals for 15 minutes. Following the listening instructions, I plan to listen to subliminals every other day.

I’ve been in the subliminal / morphic fields / energetically programmed audios world for a long time, I just didn’t know about the subliminal club until now. I have my playlists with some energetically programmed audios (some of them were purchased and not cheap), some NFTs and mandalas and I don’t want to stop using all of that.

Is that a problem?


Do not mix [mod edit: competing products] with SC products. They can lead to long term ill health.

The founders i believe warned members several times not to use [mod edit: competing products]. These products are dangerous. Please only use SC products.


Please also stop using mandalas they may conflict with the SC products.

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I was going to write a rather lengthy response to this post but then I realized that it probably goes against the Campfire Policy which you can find here: PLEASE READ: Official Campfire Policy.

You may recognize me from said creator’s forum as I used to moderate it back in the day. I have quite strong opinions about said creator. But I won’t mention them here or in PM. I would recomend that you do not use those products in combination SubClub, but it is of course up to you.

I understand it may not be realistic to abandon interests/products that intrigue you to use SubClub. I personally combine quite a bit. But that goes against the official recommendations. I also would never use said creator.

I’ll ping @SaintSovereign here just . . . because. I think he wants to see this thread. I’ve explained it all to him before. If he deems this post or thread to go against the policy, feel free to remove it.

By the way – welcome!


Could you maybe PM me and explain in more details? :slight_smile:


I wish. But that’s for the forum moderators to decide. Oh Lord, now I’ll be getting messages. I won’t answer them unless the forum moderators tell me it’s okay.

I don’t mean to be rude, but I am very careful these days – or at least try to be – about following the rules. I do not like drama or arguments. But then there’s of course a part of me that wants to tell you everything. :slight_smile:

We’ll see! In the meantime, if you have any questions about SubClub – this forum is very friendly. It’s relatively sensitive to talk about other creators here, so you were off to a somewhat bad start. But I assure you we’re friendly here. And you are most welcome!


OK thank you. :slight_smile: I think I’ll stick with the [mod edit: competing products] content for now because I’ve been there for a long time, I’m sad that SC can’t be combined.

Let’s say that I know who is the said creator, but are you sure you moderated that forum?

I did. I also owned the largest Facebook group dedicated to discussions about it. When I left I gave that group away to my friends VJ and AkiraFudo. I have no idea who owns it today as I am not on Facebook anymore. I gave away the group around the same time I left the forum. At around the same time, all the other moderators in that forum (gpo, uial, AkiraFudo, etc) were also removed. It was sad, but I can’t be accountable for what happens after I leave. I had my reasons for leaving. Anyway . . . I think I’ve already said too much, lol.

As you can tell, I have quite strong opinions about said creator, otherwise I wouldn’t be making these posts.


Fair enough. Don’t want to discuss further, might be relevant for a ban lol.

I dont know who creator is ? .

Other forums should not be advertised here paging @SaintSovereign @rvconsultant


Neither me nor @noaha mentioned forum name.


ok great because whoever creator is he is just a member here.

@noaha i respect you as a being a founder of your own community but please dont mention it here.


That creator is not a member here, lol.

I’m trying my best to follow the rules.
That’s all I can do.

I’d be happy to change my behavior if it is deemed inappropriate.
As of yet, no moderator has attended the thread and I even pinged Saint before you.

I did not mention any creator. I only talked about the forum very briefly as someone asked a question (understandable). That may have been a mistake and I acknowledge that.

However, again – no moderator or forum ambassador has attended the thread so we will see what happens.


Ok thanks @noaha i thought you were saying the Creator was here thanks.

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@RVconsultant can you please write an article about the dangers of [mod edit: competing products] products.

These questions come up time and time again. For newcomers we should have a “welcome pack” available.

@noaha - you may message @traumjager but please keep the messages strictly away from discussing other subliminal producers.

I know you will since you have already clearly said so in the posts here and have previous moderator experience. But am stating this just to follow the rules from my end too.

Personally I would say it is better for new users to use the forum for a while since it will encourage them to earn their messaging privileges lol.

Anyways, up to you of course. And nice to know that bit of your history. Very interesting!

Welcome to SubClub @traumjager.

I know you don’t want to throw away the money spent on other producers away by not using the products. So my advice to you is this:

Keep those products. But use only SC subliminals for a month or two and see how they are. That will help you make an objective analysis.

I did the same and then threw away all the other products I had since nothing came close to the audios over here.


@traumjager please edit your post to remove the name of “competitor products” so that we’re not specifically mentioning other creators. This is a SC rule, it stops bickering and keeps everyone focused on discussing results and struggles


Everyone here is right, you want to suspend your other subliminals and programs for a period of time to give subclub products a fair shake.

SC is quite different and threads a fine line in your subconscious. Mixing other products will destabilize that balance, and will lead to lesser results for you…

Not having tried sub club in it’s purity, it’ll be difficult for you to say whether or not sub club was actually helpful for you.

In Buddhist meditation they say try it our way for a month, in it’s purity, and see if you like it, in it’s purity, before adding more on


Also, you may want to try seductress, it’ll most likely give you the results you’re looking for while running Libertine

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