Greetings, I'm New Here


I’m a 44 year old male.

I discovered manifesting last year, and I now follow Neville Goddard’s teachings. I believe that I manifested finding this forum.

I began learning about self development in 2012, and I bought some books, but I never finished reading any of them.
I’ve been working to become a winning sports bettor since September of 2013, but I’m still not a winner.
My sex life has been quite barren. I bought Zan Perrion’s dating course, but I haven’t finished it.
I need to lose weight and get in shape too.
I’m also unemployed, collecting unemployment insurance, LoL.
I’ve definitely seen self improvement since 2012, but I’m hoping that these subliminals will speed up the process.

I made the decision to start with Ascension, as I noticed that the forum generally recommends this as a great starting point.
I plan to run Ascension alone for at least 30 days.
Then I was thinking about adding Mogul, as it is recommended to go well with Ascension.

I appreciate any and all advice on which direction I should take.
Thanks for having me here in the forum!


Looks great! As with anyone it’s recommended that you keep a private journal offline or one here in the forum, also remember to take action toward your goals. Good luck and welcome :slight_smile:


Hey and welcome on board! :slight_smile:

I would stick to your plan and reevaluate after 30 days and decide if I wanted to add Mogul or switch to Ascended Mogul.

How many loops do you run per day?


30 days is a good baseline to run anything, but my personal recommendation is that you run AscensionQ for 2-3 months to really build that foundation.

For me, I noticed Emperor was really useful for passive fat burning. I wouldn’t recommend running it at your beginning stage, but just food for thought.



Welcome. It is indeed time to shine. :smile:

Most SC products go well with each other.

Add Mind’s Eye after 30 days. It will be more fitting with applying Neville.

Mogul/AscMogul may or may not be great for Sports Betting. They are productivity oriented – would be better choices if you are open to manifesting a dream job, starting a business, etc.



Hey man, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Ascension is a great first choice; that said, you’ll get the most of any sub by sticking with it. These are heavy duty subs. See you around mate.

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I believe that I manifested this outcome of encountering a new forum member who is following Goddard’s teachings :wink:

This is a great start. It’s your @Time2Shine.


Welcome! Great call starting with ascension. I think that for most of us here, low self confidence and self image was the root of the problem that brought us here. That one addresses that very quickly without much else to slow it down.
I will reiterate what a few others have said. I’d suggest sticking with it alone for at least three months. Six would be better to make sure that you get the changes you are looking for, and that they are solid.

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Welcome here @Time2Shine.

Ascension or Ascended Mogul is a great place to start. Ascension will work slightly faster than Ascended Mogul because it is a smaller script. However both of them are a great place to start. Do yourself a favor, run the the sub for more than 30 before you switch. I ran Ascended Mogul for 4 months before switching to Emperor.

After building the foundations with Ascension or Ascended Mogul, Emperor or Khan could be a great fit for you, depending or what your priorities are.


Emperor will make you more disciplined.

Khan will make you more socially dominant (and also sexually, but emperor is also sexually dominant).

They are a little bit different, for example, Emperor will help you adhere to your diet… With Khan not so much, you will more enjoy life. But when meeting woman or meeting groups of people, Khan will shine because you will be able to meet people and chat with everyone… Emperor will probably make you not want to socialise like crazy.

So, for you I would say after running Ascencion for like 2-3 months, jump on emperor to build the discipline to finish your reading and replace your life in a direction that you prefer… And then if you want to meet woman, Khan would be waiting for you! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the welcome.

I am following the instructions in the manual, so twice a day so far, for the first two days.

Is listening to Ascended Mogul different than listening to Ascension, and then Mogul after?

Thanks for the advice on Ascension, and regarding Emporer. I’ll keep this all in mind.

Just how effective was this fat burning?

Minds Eye… I’ll check that out. Thanks.

Thanks for the advice.

How long have you been using SC products?

Thanks for the greeting and advice.

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Haha, perhaps you did.

Thanks for the encouragement!

I’m glad to hear that Ascension will fix self confidence issues.

Thanks for the advice on 3 to 6 months.

Did you start with Ascension, also?

I’m curious, what prompted you to decide that 4 months was long enough? Did you feel you were no longer receiving benefits?

So many choices, LoL. Thanks for the advice.

Thanks for the explanations on Emperor and Khan.

Libertine sounds appealing to me. I suppose that comes after Emperor and Khan?

Thanks for the advice!

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You can run libertine at the same time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It is in Ultima format, which is more geared toward generating fast results, but the changes are usually less profound… Usually, because it was discovered recently that when you run the ultima for a long period of time you start having an acceleration of results which eventually developp in your capacity to “act on the ultima”'s script!

We advise to start with Q, 1 loop because subs are heavy to process, if you add ultima while you are just starting, it might be heavy :sweat_smile: which would stall your results (nothing wrong with overloading a little bit, but you need to know your limit and learn how to use subs.

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I ran it for 4 or 5 months. It seemed like a good time for me. I think I should I stuck with it longer though. But everyone is different.

Here is my journal about that.

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