Ksub's Ascended Mogul Journal


After running Ascension Lite for a couple of weeks, I purchased Ascended Mogul. I ran it for a week, here is my journal. I’m not going to be posting or updating this weekly. I’ll do it monthly because I want to be sure that I have something tangible to report. Unless there is a major breakthrough.

I’m running the sub everyday with earphones (both masked and ultrasonic versions). I usually do about 10 loops a day. Only one time I ran it through the night. So far I had weird vivid dreams. Almost every night. Too personal to share here. But yes, I did have weird dreams. Looking at those dreams, I find it amazing that they were about situations that I was avoiding to address or that I thought I forgot about.
The other thing that I noticed is that the first two days, I needed a lot more food than I usually eat. And I experienced more fatigue too. There are also a few things as far as self image and self confidence and a refusal to be mistreated. But thinking about it, those things might also have been started by Ascension Lite. Right now, it’s subtle and fleeting so I’d rather not expound.

I purchased limit Destroyer and I’ll be adding Rebirth soon. When Regeneration comes out, I’ll make it my night sub. And that’s the stack I’ll be rolling with for at least 3 months : Asc Mogul + Regeneration + Limit Destroyer + Rebirth.

That’s it, people! One week into Asc. Mogul.
I’ll write again next month. Unless something major comes up.


Today, I’m feeling like sh.t. I’m in a state of emotional turmoil. I’m feeling scared about my future and my relationships, I feel like I want to cry. Self pity is pretty high here. All sorts of negative ideas are trying to flood my mind right now. This is day 10 of running Ascended Mogul. It was an easy ride so far. @SaintSovereign is Asc Mogul known to stir emotional turmoil and bring up insecurities? I seriously fell like crying thinking about all the things that I fucked up in my past because I didn’t know better. I’m also running Rebirth and Limit Destroyer too, by the way.


Yes, definitely. Not on the same level as Emperor, but yes. You are also running two stack modules designed specifically around helping you overcome your inner issues.

It is normal - work through those issues and then use them as fuel.


Must be Rebirth working on your past. You should feel way better in a couple days. :+1:


It’s been a month since my first entry of this journal.
I’m running Asc Mogul + Limit Destroyer + Rebirth.

February has been the most interesting month in my life as far as personal development is concerned. A number of things have changed. All of them are relationship situations.

  • I almost effortlessly let go of a few relationships that were just not making sense anymore. Relationships that I thought I would not let go of. I just decided that I do not need them anymore and ended them. I don’t even really miss them. I’m just focusing of those that make sense and are helping me grow.

  • I found the courage to make a major positive change in my marriage and relationship with family. This one was the hardest. I was in a situation that called for a change but that took more courage than I thought I had. I eventually found that internal courage to face the situation and my family life is in a way better place. Sometimes, I kind of wonder if this has anything to do with the subs. But then again before using the subs I was completely unable to face that specific situation. One of the hardest things I had to do in my life from a courage and emotional standpoint.

  • I decided to take myself to psychotheraphy. So far I’m happy I did. A good therapist can help you see and address things that are so close to you that you can’t see them. Following @SaintSovereign’s advice I discussed the use of subliminals with the therapist. He doesn’t have any problem with it.

  • I had a few very tough times with anxiety and panic attacks. I believe those episodes are behind me now. Right now, I have a quiet determination to go after my goals and make the rest of my life a success. I really mean QUIET determination. Not the bombastic chest-thumping attitude most people call self confidence. I know the challenges that have in front of me but I’m not scared.

  • Looking back on some the things that I did in my distant and not so distant past, I wonder : “Who is this dude who fucked up so bad”? I’m in disbelief that I did some of the things I did. Oh well, it’s behind me anyway.

Most of the changes or the situations that cleared last month were emotional or relationship based. But I feel that those things had to be resolved before I am able to build any solid future success (business-wise).
Now on the money/business side of things : Nothing to report. Zero!!! I guess that the Mogul component of Asc. Mogul hasn’t kicked in yet. Or maybe it did on an emotional level that I can’t see.

Overall in December and January, I was in a near depression state. Now in March, I’m feeling positive and tranquil like I haven’t felt in a long time. I might add Regeneration to my stack to get more healing.

I’ll update again in April. We’ll see if I made any progress on the business side of things.


Just a quick update here about a dream I had last night. Might not be related to the sub at all but then again it might be.
I was in a medieval city. The city was at war with a foreign army. Even though it was war time and people were worried, there wasn’t really a sense of panic in the city. Then the foreign invaded our city, our soldiers fought but were overpowered. The invaders quietly took control of the city and executed the soldiers and the dignitaries that couldn’t escape.
I was just wondering if this not a representation of Ascended Mogul (foreign army) taking over subconscious mind (the city) and my old beliefs trying to fight back. They lost the battle though. The interesting thing was this, the invaders weren’t brutal. They simply moved in and quietly took over.


I’m wrapping up my Ascended Mogul run. The stack that I ran for 5 months was Ascended Mogul + Rebirth + Limit Destroyer. Today is my last day running that stack. Tomorrow, I’ll start Emperor v3.

What have Ascended Mogul, Rebirth and Limit Destroyer done for me? On the emotional and maturity side, way more than any other products have done for me. On the money side, no results external results at all. Mainly because I took zero action. I know I have very deeply rooted faulty beliefs when it comes to making money. During the last few weeks, there has been a slight mental shift. I started managing money better, I started thinking about money in a neutral way instead of being in panic mode whenever I think of paying my bills. Just this week I paid off a couple of long standing debts that I was making all sorts of excuses not to pay. Just doing that took an internal change. Now my mindset about being a successful entrepreneur went from “It would be nice if I could make a couple of millions” to “I KNOW I can make millions”. And I’m feeling more and more eager to take action. Which is huge for me because for years, I’ve been struggling with a very bad case of procrastination and financial self-sabotage.

In a nutshell, the results I got from my stack have been nothing short of excellent.
Tomorrow, I’m moving on to Emperor and Regeneration. I’ll add Limitless shortly after.
I’ll run it until December 31st. Then I’ll see where I go from there.