Good sub, stack or custom for a career oriented guy



I have been lurking at Sublimunal club products and I joined the forum to ask for some advices.

I used Ascended Mogul Q for a little while and it helped manifesting some money out of the blue and new career options. I am now working as a project manager in a large independent construction company in my country. I need advices to fasttrack my progresses.

So what I need on short term is:
Nail it on my career
Progress through corporate politics
fuck bitches :blush: and secure a woman to have kids on alpha 2.0 type

Later I would like to work in dealmaking for myself once I got enough network. and make money through dealmaking still in construction/real estate, making like 3-4 times what I am making now. I would quit white collar jobs but I would still work with a network of people (investors, bankers, politicians, project managers) in my line of business doing things that I like.

I am not really an Emperor I think, neither a StarkQ, just a guy who like money and enjoy life. I literally burn money a lot traveling, and fucking random women, but I feel that it would be good to have a system to have more money coming. I want to progress in my career because I love what I do and I want to work on the bigger picture and also to get more money, and I am not at all interested in one man-businesses type or entrepreneurship.

Which subs do you think would help?

other thing I have an option to fast track from my project manager position to head of department or VP (If I validate some school, business stuff), if this happen what would you recommend as complementary subs?

Thanks a lot for your help!


Sounds like House of Medici is also what you need.


Welcome @dashiellhammett.

Khan + Medici should be perfect for you. :+1:t2:


When does one add the HOM to Khan ?
Stage 1 ?
Stage 2 ?
Stage 3 ?


From the start. :slight_smile:

More precisely, one should stack HOM when one is willing to ACT on HOM’s goals. :wink:


I would be done with Khan first and then move to HOM.


thanks Simon I thought about Khan.
I also considered Ascended Mogul + Primal Seduction + Power Can Corrupt + House of Medici as a custom.
but yeah Khan may do, there is a progression going through the different stages, and the copywriting sounds cool.

While it is a subliminal based on power and sexuality, it includes parts of the latest version of Mogul – because every Khan has to take care of his newly conquered empire.

I will see how Khan stage 1 works for a month.
Is Power Can corrupt redundant with House of Medici?


Did you think about stacking Khan 1 with Elixir? Elixir is a healing sub and the main goal of Khan 1 is to get rid of rubbish in your head and heal you.


Thanks Voytek,

Well, I havent think about running healing subs. I read Elixir sales pages and it says it helps with limiting beliefs. I will give Stage 1 a go alone first then adjust.



For climbing the ladder in your job, PCC would be better.
For building a network of people and dealmaking, Medici is a way more complete choice.

I don’t recommend unnecessarily stacking because that way it’s easy to rationalize stacking half the subclub store. :smile:


Sure, sounds pretty plausible to me. There’s also Limit Destroyer if you don’t feel you need healing but want to focus on destroying your limits.


I may run PCC at some point or once a week depending on the dynamic in the company.

So I went with Khan.

I didnt notice anything breaking me down but maybe me telling myself to man up for my relationships with my brother and not being such a wuss.

Interestingly, I tackled my day to day slightly faster than on AM. I got $300 coming as extra today, it was kind of expected but I forgot this money stream. This money gave me the idea to put all in right away in paying for my project management certification (I have started the process but never went on). What is more noticeable was that this small money event motivated me to resume a couple of side projects I had planned and had put on hold: find freelancers, designed the job requests on upwrok/fiver. AM did not motivate me to do them.

An old accointance got in touch out of the blue, the discussion went quickly on new money streams. He wanted to diversify his income. So I put him up to date with my side projects coached him a little. in my mind this was a time investment: explaining him what was possible, so later in a couple of month maybe he would remember that I know how to make the job and start something with me / fund a side venture.

I felt a little more conscious of my sexual power in interactions with women, in a way like “wow I am powerful” (not sexy but sexually powerful), dont misuse it. If is somehow presumptuous but I feel slightly internally arrogant like “people are running around but I am there, so powerful, I own it”.

Curious to see how it works with women thought :slight_smile:


Khan is a beast with woman :sunglasses: