Gold Path Journal

Hi. This is a continuation of my old journal as I dropped House of Medici after 6 months for Ecstasy of Gold. The plan is to run Ecstasy of Gold as my one main sub.

Listening Schedule

Three times a week with full 15 minute loops. Masked with AKG K240 Studio headphones.

  • Sunday Mid afternoon
  • Tuesday Morning
  • Thursday Morning + Ascension Chamber ZPv2 in Evening Full Loop


ZPv2 Custom

Ordered around March 2023. It is a light custom.

I was not sure for the category. There is a custom in my current stack but I treat it more like a booster. EOG is the focus here so I put my journal in Major Programs.


Sunday Day 22 Of Experimental Cycle of EOG Stage 1, AscMogul, Stark, Custom

EOG Stage 1 since March 28, 2023. EOG is my first multistager.

Stark + Custom listening day. I sense that Stark ZPv2 has influenced me to be a bit more outgoing. A slight productivity increase and taking action. There are a few times where I have to stop myself from getting overly chatty with coworkers in my online work.

I did take a bit of a break from journaling often here for productivity type purposes.

Monday May 15, 2023

Rest day. At my work I did not receive notification from colleagues about a lack of student customers for the first two hours of my shift. I was confused and felt disappointed. Later I found out that my colleague boss had an emergency in taking care of her son. The boss assistant forgot again to contact me.

Sometimes I get these nudges to consider this or that. Over the last five days or so I was researching a lot on different public transit routes to get to the main city in my area for work related purposes.

I have been also researching which martial arts to take up. It was about a few years ago I did my fitness kickboxing. This time I am looking into BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing or Judo. The thing with Judo is that the schedules of the local Judo gyms don’t align with my availability.

Tuesday May 16, 2023 - Day 24 Of Experimental Cycle of EOG Stage 1, AscMogul, Stark, Custom

Listening Day, EOG Stage 1 + Ascended Mogul.

Washout period starts now. I am thinking another cycle of EOG stage 1. This would be cycle 3 with EOG St1.

The new mid May releases may change some things. Let’s see.

Thursday May 18, 2023 - Day 26 of Experimental Stack

Washout day 2. No major bloom nor recon.

The new genesis title looks very interesting. I’ll have to reread the sales page and objectives multiple times. Maybe replace the custom for it.

I did sent a support ticket about this stack idea of EOG, Quantum Limitless + Primal a few days ago. This idea may go out the window hah.

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Sunday May 21, 2023 - Day 29 of Experimental Stack

Initially I was not sure whether to do a 4 day washout or six day for the cycle. I made the late decision to do a 4 day washout and continue this experimental stack of four for one more ZP cycle (21 days). Today I did Stark Zpv2 + Custom late evening this time instead of morning.

The new programming sub looks pretty tempting too along with genesis. If I do get back into the programming stuff with Python & R I would ask myself what to focus on as a niche within data analytics, data science. I do like data dashboards and I also like time based data. A lot of thinking to do.

There is also new releases soon that can influence future stack decisions.

Monday May 22, 2023 - Day 30

Rest day. Felt a bit more energetic than usual.

Tuesday May 23, 2023 - Day 31 Of Experimental Cycle of EOG Stage 1, AscMogul, Stark, Custom

EOG Stage 1 (Cycle 3) + Ascended Mogul full 15 minute loops.

With current financial events I do not want to get into great detail here. I’ll just say I will watch certain things closely in financial markets and this crypto Ledger stuff.

I think I believe a bit in family manifestations. My parents came into contact with some lotto number picker specialist guy. They tried this guy’s lotto number picks for a Pick 4 lotto game. Pick 4 is where you pick a 4 digit number and try to match as many digits as you can.

My parents won $1250. This occurred a few weeks ago with the payout received today. What is more coincidental is that a family friend of my parents try this too from this lotto specialist guy and won $1250 too. I think this is from the RICH + Mind’s Eye Custom.

Wednesday May 24, 2023 - Day 32

Rest day. No listening of subs.

I looked at the latest module pack. You Are Not Alone and Safety Net modules look interesting. Treasure Finder stands out the most for me. I do like looking for investment gems/treasure when it comes to stocks and cryptos. Genesis is higher on my future buy list than a custom at this time for me. The next two releases can change things.

Received reply from support. Genesis is stackable with any stage of EOG. :+1:

I did overlook the Mimisbrunnr module at first. That looks like a super useful module.

Friday May 26, 2023 - Day 34

Rest day 1 of 2 for the week, no subs

Saturday May 27, 2023 - Day 35

Rest day 2 of 2 for the week.

Due to low enrollment for the summer months of July & August. I won’t have as much work for my online job. I am a bit sad but I also look it as more free time. Free time for a vacation, learning, new hobbies, etc. I am looking into what to do over this upcoming time period.

My plan for a future stack is EOG + Genesis + Custom or ROM. Let’s see what new stuff is released later today.

Sunday May 28, 2023 - Day 36

EOG Stage 1 (Cycle 3) + AM loops

One of my side hustle math tutoring clients is interested for more tutoring sessions over the summer. He wants summer tutoring sessions for his daughter to prepare for grade 12 IB mathematics (advanced version of regular high school mathematics).

The new Khan title looks interesting. It is a maybe title in the future. Plus I am kind of new to multi stagers.

Monday May 29, 2023 - Day 37

Rest day from subs.

Tuesday May 30, 2023 - Day 38 Of EOG, Stark, AM, Custom

Stark + Custom loops

It is very likely (90% sure) that Genesis is in the stack after the upcoming washout. This would be minus Stark, minus AscMogul and +Genesis. Looking back I somewhat regret not having the Furious Ascent module in this custom or in the previous custom. I think Genesis would do the trick.

So far I have EOG + Genesis + ???. I am thinking of a third. It is either:

  • Mind’s Eye (H)
  • ROM (H)
  • Inner Circle
  • Primal
  • Or Maybe LBFH

(H) means I have a copy of the main store title.

Wednesday May 31, 2023 - Day 39 Of EOG, Stark, AM, Custom Experimental Stack

Rest day.

I got an update from my main work. Summer work hours is reduced to Mondays only in July and August. With the free time I have to think of something.

Thursday June 1, 2023 - Day 40

EOG Stage 1 and AM 15 min each with Ascension Chamber 7 min in evening.

I did encounter some recon on this day. There was a situation at work that did hinder my productivity that could have been avoided in three different ways. It was mostly from miscommunication from my boss and a customer.

Friday June 2, 2023 - Day 41

Rest day. Washout day.

Side hustle math tutoring sessions were smooth. No issues encountered.

Over the last few weeks I have been taking driving lessons review classes. In the last two days I have been binge watching a lot of Youtube driving education videos. Around 1-2 hours worth.

I have decided to start my washout early and this cycle. This cycle is more of a two-thirds ZP cycle. The FOMO feeling for Genesis is quite real for me. I have read the forum reviews, testimonials, the sales pages multiple times and have considered the support answer I received too.

Monday June 5, 2023 - Day 44 Of Experimental Stack

Washout day 4.

I think no customs for now. Minus Custom and +Genesis. This custom is not my best build. The idea of a light manifestation custom with Mind’s Eye + RICH cores seemed nice in theory but did not work that well. Gorgeous Manifestor module is out of place and did not work in this build. Cashflow Catalyst was something I noticed that worked for me. Going to run main store titles for a bit. Maybe until the new module pack or next year.

One stack idea I also have is EOG, quantum limitless + Genesis. I wonder if this is too much given that I am fairly new to multistagers.

Wednesday June 7, 2023 - Day 46 Of Experimental Stack

Washout day 6.

This washout period had no bloom nor any recon.

No more of this experimental stack. AM & Stark are titles I’ve used a bit in the past as custom cores so I am familiar with them. If I did four titles with new stuff or Artisan titles then I would not do well. I don’t think four titles is sustainable in the long term even with a three listening days a week schedule.

I think I have a EOG Stage 1 result. Over the last several weeks I have been planning a vacation. I have also been thinking about the utility of money. Stuff like what to do when rich, how to spend/invest money, researching at how much things and trips cost and so on. One more cycle of EOG Stage 1 should be okay. That would reach around 3 months on Stage 1 and then to Stage 2 EOG.

Thursday June 8, 2023

Genesis ZP first loop, 15 minutes, low volume.

It is early days with Genesis ZP. No recon. A little bit of a clearer mind feeling.

Stack is Genesis ZP, EOG Stage 1 + ???. The question marks is that I have not decided on the third title. I will figure it out somehow by Sunday as Friday & Saturday are rest days in the 3 days a week listening schedule.

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Saturday Evening June 10, 2023

Rest day 2 of 2 for the week. EOG Stage 1 + Genesis + ??? Day 3 stack.

Thursday evening I did have a bit of difficulty falling asleep for about 20 minutes. Slept at around 12:20 AM. Woke up at 7:30 or 8AM feeling pretty energized & refreshed. Perhaps recon and/or processing.

Friday was better in terms of less recon. Some kid randomly said hi to me. Aura from Genesis?

As I type this I have not chosen my third sub. I don’t think Genesis is light. ROM was a choice for my third. It is either Mind’s Eye, Inner Circle or Primal.

Sunday Evening June 11, 2023

Day 4 Of EOG Stage 1, Genesis + Inner Circle

EOG Stage 1 15 min loop in early morning with IC full loop in evening.

I had a hard time choosing the third title. It was either Primal or IC. Mind’s Eye as third if I wanted a safe choice. The attraction parts of Primal does look nice and would be interesting to test as I am scheduled to go to work in Toronto at least once a week.

I think there is more utility in IC for me. I could use mentors & friends. Having GNS + IC could be interesting and something to explore.

Tuesday June 13, 2023

Day 6 of Stack, Genesis Loop 2 (15 min)

Nothing too big to report. Maybe me waking up early at around 8AM even though I slept at around 12:30AM for the last few days.

Next cycle plan is EOG Stage 1 after about 3 months (4 ZP cycles) to EOG Stage 2.

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Thursday June 15, 2023

EOG Stage 1 + Inner Circle listening day. Ascension Chamber in evening.

Saturday June 17, 2023

Day 10, rest day 2 of 2 for week.

On Friday a former friend wanted to reach out to me on Linkedin. It was around 6 or 7 years ago since we talked. We drifted apart and I wanted to do my own thing. Not sure if I want to reconnect. With the reasoning I do not wish to disclose here.

With Genesis, I think I get a bit of a energy boost. I want to see if this improved sleep is a trend.

Sunday June 18, 2023 Entry

Day 11 of EOG St1, Genesis, Inner Circle

Genesis loop today. No issues encountered.

A side math tutoring client would like to do some math summer lessons for his daughter. It is for preparing for Gr12 IB Math. It is side money and I am grateful to have this client since last October I think. I ran House of Medici at that time and he came back when I ran Ascended Mogul ZPv2.