Explore feat HOM - A ZPv2 Journal

Entry For Wed Feb 1, 2023 Day 30 of HOM, RICH, ROM Stack

Rest day. Yesterday/Tuesday was new cycle starting with HOM & RICH listening day.

In this start of a new ZP cycle, I do have a mix of manifestation & conscious guidance when it comes to new finance/crypto related information. Whatever version of Informaticon is in these titles (HOM, ROM, Asc. Mogul) is quite effective and works well with me.

I find that some of the smaller Youtube channels and twitter accounts do link to some insightful finance/crypto resources.

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Sun Feb 5, 2023 Day 34 of HOM, RICH, ROM Stack

HOM & RICH listening day.

There is still accumulation of finance/crypto resources, learning. To be a bit more detailed, documents from well known banks and FIs.

I did encounter some recon today. Felt like a headache of sorts. Maybe it was from the ROM loop from Thursday. After a short meditation of around 8-10 minutes (no music) the recon went away.

A theory from me. I do think there are some sort of result enhancers or maybe a version of Rebirth in ROM. Not official and just my opinion.

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Fri Feb 10, 2023 Day 39 of HOM, RICH, ROM Stack

Rest day today. HOM & RICH listening day was yesterday.

More future stack ideas developed for me over the last few days. I could do Custom + 2 main store titles. Should I use EOG + 2 titles? There is HOM, AM, Stark idea, there is AM, Stark, EOG idea. I need to give it time based on any news in terms of website updates here and financial markets news.

Speaking of financial markets news, crypto went down a little from the Kraken crypto exchange news. It is a buy the dip chance but I am not sure.

Sunday Feb 12, 2023 Day 41 of HOM, RICH, ROM Stack

Listening day of ROM only.

In the last journal entry/post I mentioned about a buy the dip chance in crypto. It was a good thing I did not buy as prices went down over the last 48 hours. I was thinking it was not a good buy entry instead of me trying to time a bottom. HOM result.

I have to come to the realization to not use HOM Core if I were to use a custom. The major store version of HOM ZPv2 has been good so far. This is month five. I do not want to ruin this streak.

I have revisited some old Linkin Park songs. There is also a new song out.


Tuesday Feb 14, 2023 Day 43 of HOM, RICH, ROM Stack

HOM + RICH ZPv2 listening day.

There was some light recon today but it faded away shortly.

I am still looking into future stacks and playing around with custom drafts again today and the last few days. One custom draft had AM + RICH and I had some other drafts as a manifestation booster custom. I will wait a bit as there is an upcoming module pack.

Entry For Thurs Feb 16, 2023 Day 45 of HOM, RICH, ROM Stack

Relevation of Mind loop. Nothing big to report here.

Entry For Friday Feb 17, 2023 Day 46 of HOM, RICH, ROM Stack

Rest day.

I am appreciating rest days more. On this day I felt the eyes being more awake. This is similar to when I ran CHOSEN a while back. I thought I was being weird back then when I mentioned in a journal post about feeling around the eyes. Then the new module pack came out a few days ago where one of the modules mentioned about some modules/subs affect the eyes (the eyes of Zenith module).

I am reconsidering some lighter titles and even stacks that I have used in the past. I ask myself what do I need, which subs would be of great benefit given my situation.

This second cycle is concluding soon. I may do another cycle of Relevation of Mind. This second cycle of ROM is slightly more noticeable.

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Part 1 of 2

Entry For Sunday Feb 19, 2023 Day 48 of HOM, RICH, ROM Stack

Listening day with HOM + RICH (15 min each).

Entry For Monday Feb 20, 2023 Day 49 of HOM, RICH, ROM Stack

Rest day today.

After reading the testimonial post from IronClaws (I was not sure to tag IronClaws or not) in the Relevation of Mind main thread, I did get inspired to read related books on manifestation and the subconscious mind. Started with the book by Joseph Murphy - The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. I will work my way to that Andrew Kap book which is at a nice discounted price for Amazon Kindle in my area.

Part 2 of 2

Custom Drafts Again

AM + RICH Cores 20 Modules Custom Draft



RICH + Mind's Eye Cores Custom Draft


With the second one I could run this along House of Medici main title and Ascended Mogul main title. I’ll give it more time. I may change some modules again after reading those books.


February 22 to February 27, 2023 - Washout Period (6 days)

This washout period was good for the most part. I did have a family conflict around day 6 of the washout. It is resolved now (Mar 3, 2023).

Relevation of Mind (pre Hotfix version) is quite strong. I can handle the sub and I definitely do not think it is a first sub for a new SubClub user.


Monday Feb 27, 2023 to Friday Mar 3, 2023 (today)

I took an extended washout period as I was unsure of what stack to do earlier this week. Tuesday Feb 28 I ordered a custom based on RICH + Mind’s Eye Cores. Once the custom arrives I start a new stack.
This stack may have HOM or not, not sure.

Over the last two weeks my finance & crypto information news sources have been interesting. There are some things that make you think could this be possible? If so that would be crazy.

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Part 1 of 2

Saturday Mar 4, 2023 Entry

For some reason I had an idea to reconsider Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). In the past I did not think much of ETFs. This time around there are some ETFs out there that pay out dividends and there are ETFs that are for a bear market (short/sell position).


Sunday Mar 5, 2023

Played House of Medici ZPv2 + Sanguine today. I have decided to end my extended 2 week washout period. The stack is HOM, Custom + Sanguine. At times I had thoughts of discontinuing HOM for AM/Stark. Custom should arrive soon either on Monday or Tuesday. If later, then I can adjust my listening plans.

Sanguine is temporary unless I change plans or something. The first week or two is the toughest for me in a new stack so I play Sanguine for recon reduction.

I continued looking into ETFs. Currently planning out how much funds to put into them. There is also the option putting more into crypto.

Part 2 of 2

Here is the custom I ordered last week.

RICH + Mind's Eye Custom

I could call this RICH Booster or something. Not sure

About half of the modules are re-used. Gorgeous Manifestor seems out a lot place. I put it in for abundance.

I nearly went with a HOM + RICH custom. I thought it’d be better to play HOM on the side as a main title.



Oh my custom arrived in the email. About 10 minutes since the last post lol. Thank you very much. :smiley: :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Wednesday Mar 8, 2023 Day 4 of House of Medici, Custom + Sanguine

Small updates.

On Mar 7 I played the Custom one loop (full 15 min) + Sanguine (15 min). I am trying this experimental listening pattern of HOM + Sanguine and Custom + Sanguine on the other listening day.

Today is a rest day. I feel okay. Custom does not feel too heavy.

From Monday my colleague and I discussed about the possibility of another hour of work in the work week in terms of business hours. This is to meet customer demands and increase availability on a Saturday. Today it is official. I get another hour of work per week.

Tuesday Mar 14, 2023 Entry

HOM ZPv2 + Sanguine listening day in the evening instead of the usual morning. I was in the city and went into work in-person instead of working online.


Wednesday Mar 15, 2023 Day 11 of House of Medici, Custom + Sanguine

Rest day today. I do like HOM for finance purposes and research. Sometimes I do wonder if I follow the financial markets and bit too much. Prior to SubClub I’d follow finance news a lot. Stuff like Max Keiser (I don’t follow Max anymore) and the like. I could scale it back by removing HOM after about 6 months in the next cycle for Ascended Mogul or something. This could be stack switching recon though.


Thursday Mar 16, 2023 Entry Day 12 of House of Medici, Custom + Sanguine

Custom + Sanguine Listening day.

I did experience a dream Thursday evening. When it comes to dreams I do not get them often plus I don’t remember them that well. In this dream I was in a lecture for a statistics course. Then I remember that the professor randomly challenged me to a chess match on the spot. I have played chess in the past when I was younger and this challenge was just out of nowhere. That is all I remember.

I do not know what this dream means. Maybe anything can happen.

Friday Mar 17, 2023 Entry Day 13 of House of Medici, Custom + Sanguine

Rest day. Day off work.

Most of the day today was spent following a lot of financial markets & banking news updates.

Monday Mar 27, 2023

Day 6 of 6 of washout to end this short cycle of HOM, Custom + Sanguine

Tuesday Mar 28, 2023

New cycle starting with Ecstasy of Gold Stage 1. EOG stage 1 listening day full 15 minutes. No issues encountered. I did start to visualize a future of abundance.

Wednesday Mar 29, 2023

Rest day. Recovering from an annoying cough and cold from the last 10 ten days. I am 98% okay.

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Thursday Mar 30, 2023 - Day 3 of EOG, Ascended Mogul + Custom

This new stack is -House of Medici + EOG and -Sanguine + Ascended Mogul. I am scaling back on the finance & investing stuff by dropping House of Medici after 6 months in ZP & ZPv2.

The title of the journal could be updated. Maybe a moderator can remove out the feat HOM part of the title.

This PEPE crypto memecoin is out of control over the last several days. I won’t FOMO in and buy.

Friday May 5

An update post.

March 28 to April 23 Cycle One of EOG St1, Ascended Mogul + Custom (ME & RICH Cores)

Stage one of EOG was actually not so bad. I thought the healing part would be difficult. There was one instance where I realized that my upbringing has major influenced me to be risk averse. Saving is important but too much saving is not good. Sometimes money needs to be spent in order to make more money or to improve the quality of life.

My side gig tutoring has resumed. I thought I would lose this as I dropped HOM.

I still watch the financial markets. It is just I am not as obsessed and do a few occasional swing trades/long term investments in certain stocks/cryptos.


Cycle Two - Added Stark to the Stack, Making it Four (Experimental)

Apr 23 to today May 5 (near end of cycle)

I did not want to journal too much plus I wanted to take a break from the forum.

This experiment was something I wanted to try. It turned out to be okay so far. I’ve had Stark in custom cores but not really tried Stark from the main store. This routine is not for everyone & I will self monitor.


  • Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursday as listening days. Other days off.
  • EOG St1 + Ascended Mogul on one day.
  • Stark ZPv2 & Custom ZPv2 (RICH + MEye custom is actually light) on another listening day
  • Ascension Chamber Thursday evenings.

I did get some of sort of trailer effect. This part of the sales page did occur. Be bombarded with opportunities that will take you and all that you stand for to the next level – be it people, texts, situations, books or even simply a connection you never made before in your mind. It came in the form of more side gig tutoring opportunities. Five hours per week for $220 CAD for a side gig is nice. This is shopping money or investing funds.

There is still a bit for me to go. I got to upgrade my part time job to full time.

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New journal is here as I don’t use HOM anymore.

I may return to it after using EOG. Not sure. Let’s see.