Explore feat HOM - A ZPv2 Journal


As I am taking a break from customs, I am moving into a stack with ZPv2 main store titles. Here is a new journal by me.

Emperor: House of Medici is my main sub in a stack. I use HOM mainly for keeping up with finance/economics news, long term investing in stocks/cryptos.

My listening days are Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. This three days a week schedule has been suggested by RVConsultant a while back and has served me well.

I do full 15 minute masked loops with low volume. Headphones: AKG K240 Studio.

Stack Started on Jan 3, 2023

  • HOM (Been using this since late October 2022)
  • RICH
  • The Relevation of Mind

Some Initial Results/Observations - Jan 3, 2023 (Day 1) to Jan 12, 2023 (Day 10) Of Stack

During this period I have played 2 loops of ROM so far.

Started HOM with RICH on Day 1. A few extended family members were free and came to visit the next day. I received $100 as a gift from one of them. Very nice start.

So far I find ROM to be smooth. Not much recon encountered as I do feel mostly calm while running this. My initial thought is that ROM is less dense and easier to run than House of Medici sub. More time needed to experience things.

I was exploring an idea of writing a short math educational book. After a few days of hard thinking I decided that the time & effort would be too much.

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) is on my crypto radar. I overlooked it in the past. There is a bit of reading material to go through from their website.


There were a few more offline journal results that I forgot to put here. (Follow up to previous post)

I had two instances where I saw Saint’s avatar profile picture. First instance was in Youtube comments of a video I was listening to on my phone. The second instance was from a website for one of the content creators I support. In the second instance the circle is not exactly the same as it is slightly rotated to Saint’s profile pic.

For some reason, I got into exploring odds, likelihoods of winning a prize of a couple of raffle lotteries in my region. I am aware that lottos are stacked against the player but I wanted to compute/estimate probabilities of winning a prize from a regular draw and a calendar raffle draw. There was one raffle lottery with the cost and odds is much worse than the other two I liked.

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Day 13 - HOM, RICH, ROM ZPv2 Stack

ROM listening day (3rd ROM loop so far) with Sunday’s Ascension Chamber loop (7 min)

A few hours after I did my AsCh loop I did feel somewhat sleepy. It was for a short period (several minutes) then the feeling went away.

Saturday/yesterday evening, I decided to check out this free crypto course from Jerry Banfield. I felt a need to check it out even though I could’ve played video games or something. I have heard of Jerry Banfield before but never really explored his content. I thought I try it the short course out and skim through it.

This short crypto course is okay. I am not a fan of his advice of dollar cost averaging. I am more of buy the dip kind of guy. He does not really favour selling early because of what if the price goes even higher. Some of his crypto picks are good and few are not my cup of tea and there are a few picks that are risky.

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Wed January 18, 2023 - Day 16 with HOM, RICH, ROM ZPv2 Stack

Rest day today. Yesterday was Emperor: House of Medici (HOM) + RICH listening day.

I do notice that as of late (around last 3 weeks) I have been finding a lot of finance/crypto reading materials that is opening up my mind about financial markets, economics, crypto, etc. These reading items are mostly free. There is a lot of good & informative content out there. There is also some not so useful content. You have to dig deep.

I don’t find recon issues with HOM + RICH ZPv2. From the ROM + Ascension Chamber combo from Sunday I did experience random sneaky recon for a few hours on Monday.


Fri January 20, 2023 - Day 18 with HOM, RICH, ROM ZPv2 Stack

Rest day today.

I wanted to make a journal entry yesterday but I was not sure. Here it is.

Played ROM loop yesterday/Thursday in the morning. A few hours later I did feel somewhat sleepy. It went away shortly.

Work that Thursday afternoon was busy. I am okay with the busyness. It is the unexpected tech issues that made things harder than it should. Lack of communication and support was not helpful either. I nearly got angry but chose to stay calm and not waste energy. It’s all good as I feel okay today/Friday.

Sunday January 22, 2023 - Day 20 with HOM, RICH, ROM ZPv2 Stack

HOM, RICH with Sunday Ascension Chamber FLAC loop.

Nothing too big to report other than continued crypto research and following finance stuff. Washout period is soon.

Entry for Tuesday January 24, 2023 - Day 22

Relevation of Mind loop today. Starting washout now for 6 days.

Thursday January 26, 2023 - Day 24 of Stack

Washout day 2 of 6.

I have been thinking of this more & more lately about myself. More risk taking needed with investments and maybe even subs & stack. I do ask myself what type of risk and how much more risk.

Entry For Sunday January 29, 2023 - Day 27 with HOM, RICH, ROM ZPv2 Stack

Washout day 5 of 6.

Small update: I put a few hundred into crypto.

For some reason I was developing custom drafts again. I had a future stack plan of HOM, RICH and EOG but some ideas formed. Three custom drafts were made today.

  1. Full 20 module custom with HOM + RICH cores
  2. Around 16 modules custom with RICH + Inner Circle Cores for a manifestation type custom
  3. About 14 modules with RICH, Mind’s Eye & Inner Circle Cores (a bit risky)

I’m off to sleep as I type this. I can share the drafts another time.

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